5 Foods That Lower Testosterone

Or 5 ways to avoid emasculation!

Common fast food chain menu with soda

The never-ending struggle for optimal testosterone levels in our bodies is time-consuming and tiresome, isn’t it? What if your everyday nutrition is pulling you down to the fiery pits of femininity? LISTEN UP folks, I’m taking you on a short trip to 5 foods that lower testosterone and you’ll most definitely fall in love with the info that I’m about to share with you.

Note that this article is more in-depth and much more science-based than its twin article about the five anti-testosterone foods. These awful and horrible foods are:

  • Soy
  • Fast food
  • Flaxseed
  • Licorice
  • Mint

If you’re even remotely interested in keeping your testosterone levels in an optimal condition than my honest advice would be to just try to avoid these foods as much as possible!

Does Nutrition Matters For Your Testosterone Production And Levels?

Absolutely! Choosing the right foods can have a positive impact on your alpha male status. On the contrary, eating crap that’s proven to lower your T will hurt your manliness. And if you’re wondering whether or not you have low T, head over to my low testosterone and symptoms article for reference.

Assuming you’re now back after going through my aforementioned low T plus symptoms piece of writing, it’s time to get your ‘you know what’. Unless you are a true masochist or there’s just something terribly wrong with you buddy, you absolutely HAVE to avoid anything, even slightly related to low testosterone!

Hopefully, you have more respect for your male androgen situation now, so without further ado let’s dive right into the murky waters of our (tasty in some occasions) arch enemies!

The Top 5 Nasty Foods That Want To Hijack Your Virility

As yours truly mentioned earlier, this post here is going to be concentrating on research-based data, so from now expect a bit more… content which comes with glasses and a fancy laboratory coat to suit the scientific route that we’re going to take!

Now I want you to SIT tight and read carefully because I’ve got some surprises up my sleeves!

1. Soy (and anything containing soy)

Lots of soy beans in green basketTwo words: soy=emasculating. I’m positive that many of you could and SHOULD be familiar with soy’s pro-estrogen nature. There’s the good old scientific back to why it’d be a wise idea to leave soy aside.

Making it simple, soy’s truck loaded with isoflavones. The way they work in our bodies is as phytoestrogens. As the name suggests, a HUGE red light starts to flash – estrogens… but they’re the female hormone, right? You bet my friend!

So our “beloved” soy obviously has the ability to mimic estrogen’s influence on our hormonal health, in this case, more estrogen=limp libido, low T, more fat etc. It all sounds so horrible already, so to make things worse for our antagonist here, it’s time for proof!

  • Hypogonadism and erectile dysfunction directly related to consuming soy stuff (1). This one is rather ugly, especially since the test subject was a bloody 19-year-old. The worst part is not only that his testosterone levels plummeted to the ground, but apparently, he completely lost his desire to chase p…. females!
  • Conclusive evidence that soy (soy protein in this case) DOES lower testosterone levels (2). Once again, guys who were used in this study were young studs so this is even worse because imagine the scenario for older folks.
  • Another bonus associated with soy consumption is that you can say goodbye to your sperm count (3)! Researchers here found out that an increase in soy consumption equals a decrease in sperm concentrations.

Any of you vegans or vegetarians out there – proceed with eating soy at your own risk! I personally want to keep my T levels as optimal as possible, so I’ll do my best to stay away from the plague that soy is!

2) Junk or fast food

Junk food being fried in a panYes we’re all guilty of consuming it every now and then (some are surviving on junk food only), yes it’s tasty, yes it’s stuffed with boatloads of salt, unhealthy fats, sugars etc. But still, guys, if we leave other health-related hazards, is fast food bad for our manhood and if so, how?

It wouldn’t be a surprise if such nutrition does indeed hinder our ability to be our best as men, manly men. For this purpose and the scientific approach of this piece of writing, I’m BOUND to deliver you some crucial data about your male hormonal health under enemy fire by fast food.

  • There’s a massive research case including thousands of people delivers imperative information that pretty much connects eating from fast food chains with more exposure to phthalates (4). These are nasty chemicals known to crap on our hormonal balance and in this case, they’re focusing on DHEP and DNiP which are both used to make plastics more flexible (go figure what they put in those damn burgers).

If you’re not familiar with fancy terminology as this, you might excuse yourself for being ignorant or not-so-intelligent so that you can continue to go berserk on those delicious supersized cheeseburgers.

Hold ON though, sit tight – now you’ll see why phthalates are a curse for our virility. And why such widely-used chemicals are making our life more convenient and at the same time annihilating our endocrine system!

  • Multiple types of phthalates are directly linked to an average decrease of 20% of testosterone in men (5). Rather unpleasant if you ask me and guess what? This directly relates to the astonishing creation of mankind called quick food (sorry, wanted to disrupt the basic name of this junk) and you consuming such synthetic crap through it.

Awful chemical compounds, somehow found their way into your system by you not being able to control yourself and going out for a dinner in KFC…

3. Flaxseeds, flaxseed oil etc.

Flax seeds stored in a glass boxOkay, okay, stop pointing that gun at me already! Yes, flaxseeds are generally a healthy source of nutrition, namely their omega 3 powers. They’re also good on fiber, decent on protein and overall not a bad idea at all… if your a WOMAN that is!

Here’s the catch fellows – anything stuffed with flaxseed is bound to have lignans (flaxseed’s best friends with lignans) which in turn means problems for us men. Lignans imitate estrogen’s properties in our bodies and you can now see where this is going, right? Yep, if you are serious about more natural testosterone, you better steer clear of flaxseed products bro!

Let me show you exactly why:

  • Some smart danish folks decided to give test subjects 30g/day of flaxseed for an average duration of 34 days (6). They did conclude that flaxseed’s been naughty and eventually decreased these guys’ both total and free T levels – around the 20% mark!

What do you think guys, still fancy those seeds, eh? I’ll personally continue to stick with fish oil as always. Besides I’ve never been a huge fan of seeds, although pumpkin seeds do ROCK!

4. Licorice

Various forms and shapes of licorice candyCandies used to be fun when we were kids, that’s for sure! However now that we’re full grown men, it’s time to take a stand and differentiate ourselves from bad practices!

From chewing gums to teas and even tobacco, licorice might be a bit tricky to completely avoid but trust me – it would be WELL worth it after you read why. The main problem with licorice is Glycyrrhizic acid (damn, talk about a funky name), it’s chock-full of this type of acid!

This primary compound of licorice is the real villain at hand, with very profound testosterone-decreasing abilities. Now, time to show you what I’m talking about:

  • Some Italian researchers have found how brutalizing licorice can be for men’s primary male hormone (7). Men who volunteered were given around 7g/day of candy in tablet form with UGLY consequences! After just 4 days, their total T dropped down rather significantly, from more than 700ng/dl to less than 500!

Of course, such aftermath ain’t irreversible – you can regain you lost manliness but only if you stop consuming bloody licorice!

5. Mint

The leaves of peppermint or mentha piperitaEvery single time when I decide to have some peppermint tea, for example, I always seem to end up feeling relaxed. Actually, too relaxed for my liking! When you have naturally more testosterone in you, it’s normal to be more uplifting, energetic and overall the exact opposite of lethargic and sluggish.

That’s a logical start, taking into account that minty stuff made it into this list, hmm? Well, don’t bother your brains with too much thinking, just read what I have to say about spearmint, peppermint etc. and why it may be a wise move to avoid them!

  • Spearmint tea consumed twice a day for 5 days total – significantly less free testosterone, while an increase in estradiol (steroid, an estrogen) was observed (8). Yeah, these were WOMEN they used as test bunnies. Although these “ladies” were fighting with elevated androgen levels and increased the growth of facial hair so… this sounds relevant to me!
  • Take two on the same study, this time for a whole month and what you see is more unpleasant results (for us men that is) (9). This time around, these Turkish scientists found a decline not only in free testosterone, but total testosterone went down in a major way too!

I can already hear the angry crowds spitting fireballs at me for showcasing studies with women as test subjects. But folks, listen up! These so-called “women” probably had more beard than you could ever achieve even without shaving for weeks because they were diagnosed with hirsutism (what I described already).

So it’s probably safe to assume that they were manly enough to qualify for the next Agent 007 MALE lead role. This speaks volumes and more than enough validation for neglecting mint for the greater good – more natural testosterone!

Remember – Nutrition Does Metter For Your Alpha Male Status!

Seriously, if you’re trying to live a fulfilling and joyful life, having optimal testosterone levels (preferably somewhere in the upper portion of the normal range), then not giving in to the temptation of fast food especially, would be your best bet.

What does relevant scientific data suggest, related to the aforementioned foods? That they are far from ideal for us men and we’d be better off without them. Now, I know that it’s inconvenient and probably socially awkward to avoid anything that contains soy (which is an awful lot of products), flaxseeds, licorice etc., but at the very least – limit how much you’re consuming these foods!

And if you’ve been munching on soy products or fast food for years and your worried about your masculinity, head over my ‘low testosterone symptoms‘ article that highlights what having low T looks (or feels) like.


As always, take everything in moderation. I’m guilty myself for slipping sometimes and consuming KFC or McD’s so we have to cut us some slack already! That’s NOT to encourage any of you indulging in evil practices, such as “accidentally” stopping at the drive-through.

If you folks do manage to avoid the listed foods as much as humanly possible – kudos to you! You’re bound to experience a pleasant rise in your natural testosterone production.

Anything bothering you in relation to this article? Go spit it out in the comment section below. Off you go now… and don’t forget your anti-androgen foods shield with you – these 5 foods that lower testosterone will stalk you!





  1. This is perfect for those people who have realized that they have low testosterone level. This might affect their manliness and thus it is important that they should know what causes such a thing.

    Your information on the things that are commonly devoured by men is totally on point as these can be available at anywhere and thus tempt the men to have some. Your list of the foods that can lower the level of testosterone in men is totally helpful! Thanks!

    • Hello and welcome.

      First, thank you for the kind words – I really do hope you found this article of mine useful!

      Second, you’re right that most men don’t even realize that the some foods that they consume on a regular basis might be causing problems when it comes to their masculinity. And yeah, the temptation is immense, especially when you combine two words – cheap and tasty. However, we are to WAGE WAR on these nasty, manhood-sucking leeches at any cost if we are to optimize our testosterone in a natural manner!

      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  2. It is so interesting to learn the differences of foods that women need versus men! This is very important information not only for men, but for the women who feed them meals at home.

    I now wonder if my marriage could have worked had my husband been on a diet watchful and wary of these foods you teach about in your articles.

    I have many reasons to be very picky about my diet, including keeping diabetes type 2 at bay and Celiac. Thanks for some good info on what might be good for me that is not good for men!

    • Hi, dear representative of the female species.

      I had a blast reading your comment, especially the marriage concern. If things don’t work well, I doubt that just adjusting one’s diet plan would suffice. That is, if your man had normal testosterone levels of course!

      And what’s bad for us might NOT necessarily be good for you women. What I mean is that McDs or KFC, for example, is just as bad for both genders, so in this regard, you should choose wisely.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  3. Superb post on the 5 most surprising foods that can actually wreck havoc to our testosterone. I truly don’t expect flaxseed and mint in the list. I really hope you can f expand this list to more item and give a guide to us men on what to eat and what to avoid =)

    By the way, does chia seed also falls under this list? I hope not since I’ve done huge stock of it in my home…..

    • Hello there.

      I don’t think anyone expects good old flaxseed to be included but hey, this is how it is! Perhaps I’ll expand this list in the future because there are other great foods for our virility as well.

      Chia seed is one of them actually, so good question from you! They’ve got a fabulous profile and are directly linked to igniting testosterone production. You’ve got a huge stock of these in your house? High five!

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  4. Thank you for this interesting article. I was a little surprised to learn that soy should be avoided. I think fast food is really a problem in our society for many reasons. Now you have given me one more legitimate argument to present to my husband to get him to stop hitting the drive-thru. Really great info!!
    Thank you,

    • Welcome aboard!

      Soy might sound surprising to some but men should AVOID it at all costs. Show this article to your hubby or simply show him this site and tell him to read everything there is to read here.

      Off you go now – stop him from hitting that drive-through!

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  5. An excellent article, it is easy to read, not too long or too short, nice subheadings. But the foremost you gave me excellent information for foods lowering testosterone levels, I had no clue for certain healthy foods can lower testosterone levels. Also you provided excellent studies that follow your statements. Thank you

    • Hey!

      Size matters, eh? Even for article length!

      There are shockers included in this post but overall it’s dead easy to avoid these testosterone-sucking vampires. Scientific data just solidifies my (sometimes wild) claims, as you noted.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  6. Hi Simon!

    I could expect that from the many varieties of junk food, but the soy thing really surprised me.

    It’s really interesting how food can alter in so many ways our testosterone levels, so it’s definitely a must to watch what we eat if we want to keep our manliness untouched!

    Thanks for the tips! Very helpful!

    • Hello and welcome on board!

      Soy is generally a shocker, no doubt. Its name suggests something so harmless, yet our masculinity will be begging for its life after you start consuming soy products!

      So in conclusion – keep an eye out for these horrible foods and thank me later.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  7. Thanks for the warning signal. You are absolutely right that first of all, you need to quit bad habits and it is much easier than to gain new good ones. Actually, I was more or less familiar with your list of testosterone-lowering products except for my favorite licorice candies. It is so hard to quit those sweeties.

    • Hi and welcome!

      It’s all about motivation and self-discipline in my view. When you’re determined to throw your low T into the recycle bin or you simply have an insatiable urge to boost your manhood naturally – good habits can be easy to obtain.

      Licorice candy is a silent enemy, something that certainly goes BELOW the radar for most men. Especially when your girl buys them when you go to the movies, ah…

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  8. haha you’re funny, I like your writing. After reading about that young kid and the Soy incident… I will now stay far FAR AWAY! Also, Ive had Sunsflower seed from time to time, are they included in this list also? Last question, could staying away from these food reduce gyno? I would like to see a post dealing with what you can do to get rid of gyno.

    • Yo and welcome aboard!

      What’s the whole story behind the kid and soy lol? Nonetheless, RUN away from soy products bro!

      Sunflower seeds should do no harm in general, but DO keep in mind that they are high in PUFAs (polyunsaturated fatty acids) and these are… let’s just say they’re not optimal for your masculinity.

      Gyno you say. Well, anything that doesn’t mimic estrogen would suffice. This means EXCLUDING the foods listed here, no doubt. But yeah, I should cover gynecomastia in detail, somewhere in the future.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  9. I was reading your article about 5 foods that lower testosterone with great interest because my dad (63 years old) thinks he might be suffering from low testosterone.

    One food I know he is eating quite often are flax seeds. That’s because the doctor of my mum told her to eat flax seeds, and they put them into a vegetable smoothie that they both drink.

    I guess it’s time to separate their portions so that only my mum will get the flax seeds.

    Can you address me some other good articles you have written that could be helpful for my dad (he can’t read English…)? He is interested only from natural ways to improve testosterone.
    Thank you!

    • Welcome on board Maria!

      If your dad is unsure whether his testosterone is low or not, make him read my thematic article about low T and symptoms. Sure, after the age of 30 our T levels start to decline (it’s only natural) but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s doomed to have low levels of his primary male hormone.

      The flax seed craze is awesome if what you want is the feminization of men. Otherwise, ditch it and opt for something like fish oil instead.

      What articles do I recommend for your father? Every, single, one, period. In fact, translate the whole website for him (lol) if he’s that interested.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  10. Hey Simon, this was interesting to read for sure.

    I was wondering whether or not you knew how nicotine effects testosterone. We all know that smoking is bad for your health but do you know if nicotine ingested through vaping kills or hurts test in any way?

    It’s a tough habit to kick but I’m sure it would be beneficial especially if t levels go back up after quitting since it effects so many different processes in the body and brain.


    • Hi, Dom!

      Kudos for bringing this subject up – I totally have to cover tobacco/smoking in depth.

      Turns out that the topic of the testosterone-lowering effects of nicotine is a controversial one. I came across this study which points out to the fact that smoking can screw your fertility rates. In other words, your chances of having an offspring decrease when you puff and huff on a regular basis!

      Still, there’s no conclusive data that it lowers T levels in men. In fact, this same study cites another one, where the test subjects who actually smoked, had HIGHER testosterone concentrations in their blood then the no-smokers. Go figure! Has to do with more testosterone = increased risk-taking in us guys.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  11. Hi Simon,
    Thank you sooo much for writing this post. I had no clue that these foods are bad for my husband ( and for me indirectly too!). Must keep him super healthy, therefore I’ll make sure he doesn’t touch any of them from now on.
    Well, actually, I’ll make him read everything on this website, I’m sure it’s going to benefit us.
    I knew there was something wrong with the soy..
    Thanks, and keep writing.

    • Hello dear Alma!

      By all means – bring your husband to Testosterone Nerd! He can feel free to read every single piece of writing here and enjoy the truckloads of free information.

      Oh, and soy is a brutal testosterone killer. If there’s a single food that we men should avoid at all costs, it’s soy, hands down!

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd


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