Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Black and white gym shot highlighting weightsPhysical activity ain’t just a term used by fitness enthusiasts to describe anything that gets your heart rate up. It’s not just about lifting your butt off the couch and heading to the gym – training is about being a MAN!

Yep, you heard that right – we men REQUIRE working out to be physically and emotionally fit. Oh, and your mental state is bound to improve as well – talk about pure greatness here!

Physical exercises = more testosterone!

Why? How? What? Yep, that’s right folks! Doing strenuous physical activity has been proven to stimulate a hormonal response. For a beginner though, ANY physical activity would be good.

Don’t believe me? Smart people in white coats have figured it out already – big T does receive a boost, immediately following a heavy workout. Convinced now? Thought so! Give yourself a well-deserved pat on your back and keep reading.

To make a long story short, I’d like to ask you one simple question. Do you want another tested and proven method of increasing your testosterone in a natural manner? Then, by all means, start working out!

But what if you have no access to a gym?

Unless you live somewhere in the Sahara desert or Amazonia, chances are there will be a gym in close proximity to your home. Come on, I challenge you – give it a quick google search, and I’m sure you’ll find a place to train in your town/city/whatever it is.

Besides, you are ABSOLUTELY capable of doing an excellent workout at home. Get yourself a pull-up bar, an adequately-weighted kettlebell, some pumping music and you’re ready to go!

Don’t be shy – no one’s watching you at home (besides your wife or whoever you’re living with). You can do silly facial expressions while training, grunt, moan – the lot! Just make sure you don’t have any combative neighbors… for your personal safety.

Okay now, go, start working out TODAY! Make it happen and thank me later.

Yours truly,

Founder of Testosterone Nerd

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