Low Testosterone And Symptoms, Argh!

The guy below HAS to shave his "terrorist beard"

Man figuratively lifting some low testosterone problems

Halt! Gents, we’re standing in front of modern men’s ultimate curse and some interesting details about it – low testosterone and symptoms. These two words strike fear into every gentleman’s heart for a good reason – although older guys are more likely to fall victims to low T levels, younger folks are not safeguarded.

Low testosterone symptoms for men are the true manifestation of evil for us men and you know I’m right!

So my task at hand for this post would be to reveal some really valuable information concerning low testosterone and symptoms which could affect one’s physical, mental and emotional state. You have to be familiar with this saying (I’m twisting the true meaning, but you catch my drift anyway):

Wherever the head goes, the body will follow!

To kick things off, I would like to say a few words about this condition, most importantly what’s the range considered to be the norm when it comes down to testosterone levels in men. It’s generally agreed upon that the range between 300 – 1000 ng/dl is normal, so anything below 300 may be regarded as insufficient T in terms of The King of Hormones (testosterone).

To get a better understanding, I’ve written a helpful post related to the normal range of testosterone levels for us men.

If you’re too concerned about having low levels, there’s always the possibility of visiting a lab, so that you can roll your sleeves up and let the fine looking nurse (fingers crossed) draw some blood – although some symptoms are unmistakable.

It might not be too far-fetched to say that every fellow out there has suffered bouts of not-so-decent testosterone levels during his lifetime, but having in mind that it most likely returned to normal shortly after. I definitely believe that my T is plunging down after I experience failure of some sort.

A road sign illustrating despair

Some specific and relevant examples now!

(1) Receiving an embarrassing exam score;
(2) Screwing up that crucial job interview;
(3) Getting completely rejected by that hottie;
(4) Losing an arm-wrestling match in front of a crowd;
(5) Forgetting to pay your car tax in time (trust me, this sucks)… etc.

Sounds familiar eh? Some smart people actually did a research on this subject and their findings totally support my theory – here’s the proof.

That’s awesome indeed, but now we’ll focus entirely on guys who actually experience low testosterone on a daily basis, not sporadically. The king of hormones (you know who that might be) is our primary friend as men and it’s our responsibility to treat it with respect. We’ll ditch the analogy for a moment so that I can clarify what I mean – your condition may very well be the consequence of a poor lifestyle.

Yep, you got that right:

It’s commonly the result of neglecting your overall health!

Electronic scale measuring some white powder insideAs expected, this is excluding causes like diseases of the testes or pituitary gland since it affects a lesser portion of guys with low T. But seriously, when was the last time you got hammered? Or perhaps the (over)consumption of something (there’s a reason I picked this word and not “food”) packed with sugar, loaded with saturated fat and also processed? Maybe even disrupted sleep patterns combined with excessive stress?

Speaking of food, yours truly has created a valuable article directly related to this subject, more specifically the 5 most anti-testosterone foods out there! This is the right time to check them and does your best to avoid, avoid, avoid… you know the drill!

Fast paced urban life certainly has an impact, also everyone has a vice or two – especially being surrounded by all kinds of temptations on a daily basis just makes it hard not to slip every now and then. And yes I’m indirectly implying that folks living in rural regions are probably walking around with way higher T levels than us big city men!

All of this might sound obvious or even a cliche of a sort, however connecting the dots shouldn’t be rocket science and it’s rather clear how these factors could possibly have a negative impact on our manliness. Diet especially is a completely different topic altogether which deserves its own separate post – and it’s been honored to have one!

Having this information in mind, now I will stomp on a rather unpleasant myth. Hypogonadism ( a fancy scientific term for low T) is a condition that an awful lot of men just consider a perfectly natural part of the aging process… they couldn’t have been more wrong!

Being older DOES NOT automatically mean that you’re a sissy with low T!

It’s true that testosterone levels gradually decrease as we get older, but it’s only about 1 percent every year after we hit 30, so it would be foolish to solely blame your age for having below the norm values of the king of hormones. Actually, I’m pretty sure that there are some older men who walk around with twice or thrice the amount of T of many younger guys.

Doesn’t take a quantum physicist to realize that some gentlemen do carry bigger amounts of total testosterone than others, hence why even the supposedly plagued age difference cannot make such a big difference if one man’s body already possesses higher values of our favorite hormone.

Depressed man with low testosterone

Tonight we dine in… low testosterone!?

Think you’ve got what it TAKES to officially announce that your T is below the norm? Now I want you to imagine a crazed spartan screaming this! Alright, relax folks, relax… still, did you enjoy screaming your lungs out!

Anyways, talking about low T, an article of mine exploring the real possibilities of low testosterone treatment without needles was created to wrap up the natural approach to this unfortunate condition for many men out there.

Please focus now – when it comes down to low testosterone symptoms for men, these are some of the most common ones:

  • Did somebody say erectile dysfunctions? Oh damn – this, and also losing your desire to spend some private time with a female (had to put my professor glasses here);
  • Losing all kinds of gains (see what I did there?) – a rather unpleasant and most importantly unwanted decline in muscle strength, mass as well as an overall drop in endurance and stamina;
  • Finding it hard to bust a nut;
  • Carrying nastier, jiggly fat on your frame;
  • A reduction in the density and mass of bone tissue leading to more likeliness of fractures (osteoporosis);
  • Takes you longer to get that plane up in the air again – refractory period raised;
  • Man boobs or a.k.a. gynecomastia or simply gyno.

Just wanna point out that these not entirely and exclusively reserved for low testosterone, but you can be damn certain that if you associate yourself with a symptom or two from the list above – things don’t sound right and getting your T levels checked might be a wise move.

Having the aforementioned symptoms would most likely mean you’re riding the low T train

But after all, if you made your way to this post one would assume that you are concerned and in need of help so that you can reclaim your male mojo. Fear not dear friends, for I will be giving you my best and sincere advice on how to tackle this tricky subject with the positive mindset that it’s a totally reversible process.

In case you DO need to redeem your manliness, I have just the right tools (articles) for natural testosterone treatment! What’s been broken can be repaired, but only if you approach the problem at the right angle.

I feel that this is the perfect timing for a brilliant (and rather hilarious at the same time) quote from Conan the Barbarian  – here Arnold (Conan) is asked the simple question “what’s best in life?”:

“To crush your enemies, see them driven before you and to hear the lamentations of their women”

– Conan

Now, as a faithful Christian I’m in no way advocating violence but be honest with yourself here – these specific words coming out of this particularly manly character that is Conan, should at the very least excite you and possibly make you feel pumped.

Of course don’t get too excited because your testosterone levels will go through the roof and then what are we going to do? I’ll probably have to start tackling the “awful problem” of high T values, hm?

Back on a more serious note now. Low testosterone is without a doubt a curse and I would be glad to help anyone out there looking for different ways to cure that condition in a natural way, without harmful chemicals. In this age of increasing feminism and mass emasculation of men, it is of vital importance to help each other with ways to up the hormone that constitutes the word MALE!

Always be on the lookout!

Man with binoculars standing on a lookout
Cheers for the amazing view!

I don’t mean THAT lookout, you know – be on the lookout for hot ladies (it’s acceptable only if your single!), I’m talking about always staying alerted about ANY possible signs of low T. It can most definitely hit you out of the blue… in other words, it can catch you with your pants down, bro!

Make sure you’ve got your natural testosterone production optimized for that matter, either through T-enhancing supplements, innovative testosterone-friendly ‘liquid’ nutrition, by eating the RIGHT kind of foods and/or by making timely adjustments to your lifestyle!

I pray that this post was of assistance to you guys, keep an eye out because I’ll continue with my journey to the land of maximum T levels.

If anything in this post DID catch your attention or you just have something to say – don’t be shy and leave me a comment!

Yours truly,

Founder of Testosterone Nerd
E-mail: simon@testosteronerd.com












  1. This is some very helpful information about low testosterone for men. No doubt this condition negatively effects so many men. I’m glad to know this information so I can be aware of low testosterone and know what to do if this ever happens to me. You are on a good path to help people with this issue.

  2. I like to think I’m eating the right foods, getting the right amounts of sleep, and reducing stress all as you have suggested, but I’m still not 100% positive on where I’m at. I know you said a lab could tell me, but I’m in a location where access to a blood lab is not available. Is there any good home mail kits you would recommend? Thanks

    • Yo Howard.

      Seriously, if you feel like a MAN and want to copulate with almost every female out there – everything should be alright, hormone-wise!

      Now back to reality, if you’re so worried and have no access to a test lab, there are indeed blood test kits available online. I found a particular one that you might find useful – it’s called Blood Spot Test Kit. It’s pretty much a hormone and wellness test kit that you can do at home, so on paper it sounds about ideal for your case.

      Don’t hesitate to tell me if it did the trick if you finally made the decision to test your manliness.

      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  3. This is a great article even for women. I used to date a guy who had very low testosterone and one that had high testosterone (he was on steroids though), so I can recognize all of the symptoms that you listed here.

    The guy who had low T, was young too, only 29 at the time, so it took him a long time to go to the doctor to get checked out. I guess maybe part of him didn’t want to believe that he would be low at the age. Or even worse – he didn’t want to know why this was happening!

    The guy who was on roids – well he was crazy, plain and simple!! I’m sure part of that was his own doing and not just the testosterone, but it’s interesting to see how the hormone can affect men on both ends of the spectrum!


    • Welcome, Nicki.

      You are bringing a different perspective here – from a female standpoint. It’s nice to know that this post of mine is giving you insight on why your partners were behaving in certain ways.

      As for being crazy while juicing (steroids), it goes both ways. Crazy in terms of having too much testosterone coursing through your veins and just being crazy because… well you are a crazy person by default.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  4. Low Testosterone…. Another thing we have to look out for huh? You don’t hear about this often so thanks for bringing it up.

    Definitely sounds like there are many factors that can lead to low Testosterone and many symptoms that can allow you to misdiagnose yourself. So I guess we should go and have regular visits to our Dr. ‘s to get checked.

    Thanks again, because for example I self diagnosed myself with prediabetes. Went to the Dr. just in time!!! Caught it. Could’ve of been really ugly.

    So knowing what to look for is really important.

    • Welcome aboard.

      Low T is both under and over the radar for most guys – sounds confusing? Maybe because doctors tell you one thing, while other men (like yours truly) put forth a different perspective.

      Who you trust is entirely up to you, but remember that medical personnel is always pro-medications since pharmaceutical companies “support” them if you catch my drift.

      Still, getting blood drawn is the way to go when evaluating your manliness. Just don’t go crying in the corner if your testosterone happens to be on lower end of the spectrum. This is why Testosterone Nerd exists, after all!

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  5. Well researched article. Got me clicking some of your other links on this page…
    My main concern is age. I’m 64 and I suppose lower testosterone and aging are a fact of life. I tried one supplement – Weider MDrive, but did not experience any significant change other than slight headaches after taking it daily for a couple weeks. So it made me reluctant to try any of the others. Thanks to you, I am considering more options.

    I could explore your entire site eventually, but thought I’d ask you straight up to save time… any recommendations, Simon? Any particular reviews you think I should check out?


    • Yo and welcome!

      I’ve never heard of this MDrive product by Weider, to be honest. In the past, I’ve heard good feedback for their pre-workout supplements, but that’s pretty much it. From my personal experience – never judge a whole category by a single thing. Although exceptions exist, there are GREAT testosterone boosters out there worth giving a try.

      As for a particular product to keep an eye out for – TestoFuel is such T booster, hands down! My favorite so far and I DO have a lot of experience in trying all kinds of testosterone enhancing supplements.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  6. Interesting information, it’s true that age isn’t a factor for having low testosterone. It can sure affect guys in many ways.

    I have a son and several nephews along with my Dad of course so I understand some of the issues.

    It’s great to see there is help out there and for sure to be on the lookout for symptoms.

    It’s great the way you explain everything in detail with options and…adding some humor throughout.

    • Welcome Patsy!

      Yeah, I’m sure we all know older folks that are 10x times manlier than some of their younger counterparts. Even if testosterone production DOES decline (although not so significantly) after certain age (1%/year after 30 years of age), that’s not an excuse to jump into the anabolic steroids bandwagon.

      The beautiful thing is that symptoms exist so at least we have an early warning, otherwise it’d be ugly!

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  7. Hey Simon, first of all thanks for this great, interesting and very informative article on low testosterone. I really enjoyed reading it. I myself go to the gym very regularly and want to build some good muscle and therefore I would like to have some higher testosterone. Your article really broke this topic down.

    • Hey!

      Building a good physique takes time, dedication and most of all PATIENCE! Of course, having higher testosterone values would be of great assistance, but don’t neglect other factors such as rest and training itself.

      Glad you found my piece of writing valuable – feel free to share it so that more people would benefit.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  8. Hey Simon

    I loved this, what an awesome read and funny as all hell.

    Not only am I interested in this particular subject being a bodybuilder, but I found your blog completely captivating and funny. So much so, you can’t help but read from start to finish on every page.

    Well done and keep up great work.

    • Hi mr. Wayne!

      Glad you liked it buddy, appreciate it!

      I should focus more on bodybuilding-related stuff in the future. If I can help bodybuilders like you to acknowledge the benefits of resorting to natural substances (like supplements), then that’d be a win-win for everyone.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd


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