Pharmafreak Test Freak Review – The #1 Selling Test Booster?

Can this one really make you a 'Test Freak'?

Pharmafreak Test Freak box and product bottle

Product: Test Freak
Price: 49.99$
Cheapest place to buy: Amazon
Servings per container: 30 (120 capsules)
Guarantee: N/A

If you are an avid gym goer, someone looking for certain testosterone boosters online or just a MAN that craves more natural testosterone levels – chances are you’ve come across Test Freak. Oh, you want to tell me this is not the case for you?

Buckle up and chill, I’m here to bring down the curtain on this particular supplement. This review will be examining the various aspects and parts of it – be it positive or negative. And of course, as the tradition goes here at Testosterone Nerd, there will be a section about my PERSONAL impression of the product.

As with just about every other product (not just supplement) out there, Test Freak claims that it does this and does that in terms of giving your natural T production a kick.

What Exactly Is Pharma Freak Though?

Test Freak is a testosterone boosting supplement relying on natural ingredients (no steroids or anything banned) and its purpose is to naturally increase your primary male hormone production. It’s manufactured by Pharmafreak and they’ve been part of the supplement industry since 2008, so they’re relatively new compared BSN or MuscleTech for example.

Talk about a WEIRD name for a supplement company focused on more hardcore and supposedly athlete-targeted ones though. Pharma probably refers to pharmacy or pharmaceuticals and freak should impose the possible effects of their products. Nonetheless, kudos for being different at the very least!

And this is the main idea behind this test booster:

  • Boost your free T levels
  • Optimize your muscle strength and size
  • Enhance your libido and performance (in the bedroom)

Magnificent, astonishing, formidable… I’m pretty much sold on this testosterone booster just by the thought of achieving one or any of these. However, ‘not so fast cowboy’ is the voice of reason here – the real credibility behind Test Freak is yet to be unveiled.

But hey, before digging any deeper, we have to check who is and who isn’t fit (or freaky, to fit the theme) for this one:

Who Can Benefit From Test Freak?

Every single man who’d like to get more oomph out of their strength, muscle and libido gains! In fact, here’s a short list of some of the potential candidates for Test Freak:

  • Gym rats
  • Folks with low testosterone
  • Guys with libido problems
  • Men looking to pack on more meat (muscles, not fat)

If you are familiar with most (if not ALL) testosterone boosters on the market, this will be pretty standard in your eyes. I can’t blame you buddy – truth being told, every product from this category aims to do exactly the same. That is, to boost your test in a natural manner.

Test Freak has no desires to separate itself from the pack and this is actually a good thing. Besides, it’s free of any harmful chemicals or synthetic stuff and that’s always good. Nonetheless, we’ll check what the cons of this supplement are in a moment.

But don’t you think it’d be a GREAT idea to share my experience with Test Freak and what my personal thoughts about it are!? Buckle up!



My Personal Experience With Test Freak

Kicking it off by keeping it real – right off the bat I should inform you that Test Freak DID NOT turn me into the Terminator, neither did it help me win any bodybuilding tournament or something along those lines. Before you make a conclusion, just for your info – no testosterone booster will do that for you!

Unless you inject artificial testosterone into your rear end, nothing phenomenal will happen. Supplements can only do so much, HOWEVER – some are hands down awesome and pretty good at what they do, others… not so much! I hate needles so I even wrote a post about treating low t without them.

Back to the freaky test booster now! I was taking the stuff as recommended by the manufacturer – 4 caps per day, nothing fancy here. This means it lasted me exactly 30 days so it’s all good in this regard. Capsules are generally dead easy to consume (swallow sounds too… yeah, you know what) so no worries here as well.

As unfortunate as it is, there’s not a lot that I can report about (because I didn’t feel or experience anything special), but nonetheless:

  • Improved stamina
  • More energy
  • Feeling mentally sharp
  • Slightly more strength

No, nothing in the realm of muscle gains or enhanced libido. It’s a shame though because I felt that this could be a potentially strong point of Test Freak. Heck, even some placebo would’ve been nice!

And to anyone who knows my opinion on Tribulus Terrestris, which is included in the formula of this product, would INSTANTLY realize that yes, it’s a shame they actually decided to include it. You can even read about my opinion on Tribulus in an article that I’ve written about it.

Speaking of formulations and ingredient profiles, why don’t we dive into depths of Test Freaks’ core, eh?


Pharmafreak Test Freak - Hybrid Vitamin/Mineral Supplement and Testosterone Booster - 120 Capsules

As obvious as it gets, the formula of Test Freak is one of those modern proprietary blends which I (amongst thousands of other guys) dislike, to say it gently! But I have to give credit to the fellows at Pharmafreak for providing exact amounts of certain ingredients on the list.

Some transparency is better than NO transparency, right? Let’s break down each and every part of their formulation now, shall we?

1) Rapid Release Free Testosterone Amplifier

  • Fenugreek

Yeah, I know there are two types of fenugreek listed under this initial section of the supplement facts, but they’re both essentially the same thing – good ol’ fenugreek! The total sum of the seed extract from this fabulous plant is a gargantuan 1100 mg!

That’s massive, especially when it’s a common sight to see doses of 100-200 mg being thrown around from other manufacturers. Fenugreek itself has nothing to do with Greece, but that doesn’t make it any less badass when talking about boosting testosterone and libido!

2) Methyl Gallate Ester Testosterone Matrix

  • Tribulus Terrestris

The fancy labeling and titles for the different parts of the proprietary blend continue full force! Whoever came up with that matrix or whatever it is, must be a rather creative person.

As for Tribulus… I will keep saying it – I personally do NOT think it increases your natural testosterone production. Please, DO NOTE that a personal favorite of mine (TestoGen) also contains Trib as one of the ingredients. yet I totally adore it.

Like it or not, it’s part of the formula for this test booster so we’ll have to brace ourselves! Academic works suggest that only animals (monkeys even) could benefit from TT’s pro-androgen activities (1).

Unless you are a baboon or a chimpanzee, keep reading!

3) Zinc-Test Support Complex

  • Zinc

Ah, the great ZMA takes part in the not-so-breathtaking formula of Test Freak so far. Exciting! Zinc is one of the three components of ZMA and there’s no need to tell you how good of a natural T booster Zinc is. Seriously, Zinc is of great importance for your masculinity.

In a nutshell, Zinc is more than welcome and it’s neatly dosed here.

  • Magnesium

Mag is a superstar mineral, mainly because it’s needed by an awful lot of enzymes, in order for them to function as intended. It’s also a MUST for your system to metabolize proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

And men with insufficient amounts of T can actually profit from more Magnesium, according to relevant scientific data (2).

  • Vitamin B6

The last part of the ZMA puzzle. B6 is CRUCIAL for your body and it’s vast volume of functions. It regulates your primary male hormone (big T) and assists in its creation – how cool, eh!?

Even better, it’s water-soluble. What does that mean you might ask? The excess of Vitamin B6 is excreted in your urine.

4) DHT Control Complex

  • Saw Palmetto

This palm-like tree is on the rise from what I see – it’s included in some other test booster as well as multis for men. Perhaps that’s due to the fact that Saw Palmetto is vastly used to treat BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia.

It’s worth mentioning that Native Americans are known to have used this plant to cure reproductive issues in males. Does that mean it can assist in suppressing the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, as the title of this proprietary complex suggests?

Yes, I’m looking at you Pharmafreak – spit it out!

  • Stinging Nettle Extract

This part of their formulation receives the Popeye stamp of approval! No, really – stinging nettle is some powerful stuff. You can never go wrong by consuming in the form of soup, some sort of dish or even… raw?

Nettle is a potent anti-inflammatory soldier, prostate defender and it’s even allegedly related to freeing (free T) more bound testosterone (total T), by working as a team with SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin).

5) Anti-Aromatase Complex

  • Hesperidin

Hesperidin is a lavish term for bioflavonoid, found in citrus fruits. What does that have to do with blocking the aromatase enzyme activity? We can speculate all day, all night – but only the people behind this formula know for sure.

Yes, hesperidin is known to safeguard us from things like cancer and heart-related issues, also to smooth the way for the creation of Vit C. Still, where’s the ‘anti-testosterone to estrogen conversion’ relation?

  • Apigenin

The weirdness continues full force, this time with another… flavonoid! This one is found in veggies such as parsley, celery, and artichokes – just for your personal information.

It’s heavily linked to cancer prevention which is stunning. Where does it leave us though, in terms of its implications in a testosterone booster? Only Lord knows (and Pharmafreak).

  • Resveratrol

Mixing it up here – this one is a stilbenoid! Guess what though – once again, we have an anti-cancer agent in this ingredient profile! They should’ve called it Anti-Cancer and Tumor Complex, without a shadow of a doubt!

Now, resveratrol is found in red wine to give you a prime example, and it’s linked to improved endurance and cardiovascular health (amongst other things) – it’s definitely not garbage. It’s just that I cannot possibly see why this one is listed under the ‘Anti-Aromatase Complex’.

Alright folks, fasten your seatbelts because we’re entering The Good and The Bad zone!

Test Freak – The Good

Thumbs up vector image in green color

Starting with the positive side of the coin, rather than the negative, this is where yours truly will be highlighting the nice chunk of Test Freak.

It should be noted that reviews about it and the general reputation of this supplement are rather extreme. People either LOVE it or they straight HATE it. But let me share with you what I personally like about it:

  • Completely natural – nothing banned or illegal inside
  • One bottle will last you exactly 30 days, no less
  • International shipping from a reputable source (like Amazon)
  • Comes in capsulated form – easy to consume
  • Reasonable price

The black and yellow theme of Test Freak (and other products of Pharmafreak) is super neat, one has to admit that! It definitely adds up to the whole image of the product and that coolness value pumps you up and makes you want to start taking it right away.

And of course, the 120 caps per bottle provide you with enough supply for one month, which is something that I always value in supplements of this category. There are NUMEROUS test boosters that employ certain marketing techniques and when you take them at the full dose you end up regretting it, because hey – most will last you 20 days tops!

Enough with the positives now, the ride’s getting bumpy as we are heading towards a grim frontier!

The Bad

Thumbs down vector image in red color

I’ve tried to warm you up for this section plentiful times already in this review. However, now’s the moment when the atrocities (not literally) of Test Freak hit you in the face like a sledgehammer (shout out to MC Hammer!).

Without further ado, the good, the bad and ugly of Test Freak:

  • Dubious Ingredients (lacking key players like D-AA)
  • Proprietary blends – ingredient profile not fully transparent
  • Contains Tribulus Terrestris – not optimal for ANY test booster
  • Doesn’t really turn you into a test freak
  • No money-back guarantee

Once again for all you naysayers or people who are 100% butthurt – this is my OWN intake! These are the negative aspects of Test Freak through MY lens. If you feel that some points are unfair, unjust or irrelevant I suggest you make your own review of this product and post it online.

You can clearly see that there are not an awful lot of flaws in the case of Test Freak, but some are pretty major in my book. The formula element especially – I’m quite dazzled by the fact that they did include Tribulus and not D-Aspartic Acid for instance.

Anyway, the final judgment for Test Freak approaches rapidly. It’s time for my concluding…


Wooden judges' gavel on pure white background

As much as I don’t want to be too hard on this supplement, my reviews are always as honest as possible and to put it short – this T booster just doesn’t deliver what it promises to.

However, while Test Freak might NOT turn you into a testosterone-infused freakshow, it may very well give you the needed push in the right direction. Nothing extraordinary in terms of visual difference before and after taking or any nonsense – this is not an anabolic steroid.

But as a whole, I have to admit that I was left wanting more. I felt like this one could deliver more, it should deliver more. With the cool name, black & yellow theme and overall package, Test Freak HAD the potential but it never really realized it (from my personal view).

Would you be happier after using it? Give it a try and see for yourself. And don’t forget to drop a comment down below in order to share your opinion about it – did it enhance your masculinity or it was too a flop from your standpoint?

Cool overall package, but I expected more
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  1. Excellent review of this product. You communicate very clearly and honestly. I feel that this review is not a sponsored review like some reviews I have read.

    Like you say you put honesty first in reviews. I think you should research Super Male Vitality and do a review on that.

    I am glad I read this review and I look forward to reading more reviews form you in the future.

    • Hi Alexander!

      I’m grateful that my transparent approach to reviews gets noticed. I appreciated that!

      You did mention sponsored reviews. To be perfectly honest with you, a sponsored review could still be 100% objective. That’s up to the reviewer and if he’s a decent person or merely a sales representative.

      Hmm, this Super Male Vitality booster that you mentioned seems interesting, ingredient-wise. The only thing I dislike at first glance is the inclusion of Tribulus. I might give it a try one day, but unfortunately, I can’t promise you anything specific – only Lord knows.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  2. Hey there nice review. It seems like a really good product but the Dubious Ingredients in the cons sections left me with the foot behind…
    Also do you think that if I buy it and it’s too much testosterone for me, my body will transform the testosterone in estrogen? I am really trying to loose my moobs and more estrogen is not a really good thing to have 🙂
    Thank you !

    • Hey there, Antonio.

      Ah, DO note that this review is MY personal opinion and my experience with Test Freak. We’re all different, so if you have any doubts, feel free to try it yourself and compare results.

      And no, just no. You’ll never increase your testosterone so much that you would start worrying about test to estrogen conversion. Sure, the body always seeks equilibrium and it wants to balance its hormones out, but only if you go to the dark side (you know what I mean) you can start to panic about your natural T production shutting down, gynecomastia (man boobs) and so on.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  3. Good article, Simon.

    This is something you see all the time when it comes to medical research. They carry out an experiment, which may or may not have any real-world value, it then gets picked up my the media – who couldn’t care less about the research and just want a juicy headline. Then the public gets in on the act and it turns into a bad case of Chinese whispers.

    Anyway, thanks for looking into this and I can now cross Tribulus-based products off my list!

    best, al


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