Things That Lower Testosterone Levels

Or simply things that screw you up big time!

Desperate man sitting with his head down

Whether you are fanatically obsessed with natural testosterone maximization (that’s a mouthful) or you are just an average Joe, there are things that lower testosterone levels and yes, they DO exist! I’m not a magician but I’d take a wild guess that you are one of those guys that would trade his liver for what these things might be?

This, my friend, puts you in the same category as loads and loads of other folks – cheers for that. We can successfully tackle the plague that low testosterone is only if we study our enemy. Of course, this ain’t done by wearing pink clothes and listening to One Direction.

Getting yourself familiar with the different aspects that can affect your masculinity in a rather unpleasant way is the way to go. And never forget about your nutrition fellows, knowing what to consume and what to avoid is essential for your macho side!

When it comes to being a man, there’s nothing more important than keeping our androgens active and on FIRE! Let’s roll, but first…

Do you actually know your testosterone levels?

Loads of question marks all piled up

Be honest with yourself here since I don’t have medium powers (for now) and there’s no reason no lie now, don’t you think? If you have around ZERO clues how much testosterone is flowing through your veins then perfect – this is why we’re starting here!

I’ve dedicated an entire article on what the normal T levels for us guys are and there’s no better time to check it then… well, NOW! Keep in mind that doctors are doctors and they always prefer prescription drugs above everything else, so hold on before jumping to conclusions.

First and foremost you’ll be wise to get yourself a blood test to determine where you stand on the testosterone scoreboard, so to speak. Then you either start panicking, go berserk or simply sit down with a nice cup of tea in front of your PC screen (or tablet, smartphone or whatever bloody device you’re on) and effortlessly keep on reading Testosterone Nerd!

Just to recap (in case you forgot or you didn’t even check my related article – shame on you then!), these are the possible ways to get your primary male hormone values tested:

  • Blood
  • Saliva
  • Urine

If you’re nuts you can possibly do them all three, at once! Nah, we’ll leave that for or other gruesome parts of the web. For now, focus on the blood-y option since it’s the most accurate to date. Saliva and urine are best utilized elsewhere… blah, anyway let’s JUST proceed!

Top things that decrease your testosterone!

No more mumbo jumbo nonsense, we’re going forward to the main point and we like it that way! I’m far from even trying to present every single element out in the whole universe that could potentially have a negative effect on your virility in order to preserve YOUR and MINE sanity!

I’m sure that your latest road rage accident (which saw you leave with your tail between your legs) took a chunk from your T levels, or maybe your last visit to your grandma… perhaps even working with a lot of women is feminizing you.

But without wasting our vital life force on the trillions of tiny pieces, we’re going to tackle the BIG antagonists as real MEN! Straight in your face, here it comes:

  • Alcohol

All kinds of different types of alcohol

Can you possibly e-mail me your shocked face expression after reading this? In case you didn’t even raise an eyebrow – congratulations guys, captain obvious to the rescue! Seriously though, booze is known to have an almost ONLY negative impact on human physiology, psychology and what not.

No shocker then if I inform you in a calm tone that liquor is far from the best thing for your manhood as shown in academic research. Evidence for the relationship between impaired testosterone production and alcohol has been studied for some time now and there’s no doubt about the connection.

Hey, even Indian researchers did some studies involving chronic alcoholics and oh my can you guess what they had found? Hypogonadism (not enough T production) is best friends with booze.

Conclusion? If you’re one of these people that simply CANNOT resist a night out every weekend, please stay safe and replace the whiskey (whiskey d!ck is a real b!tch) with juice or in a perfect world – pure water!

  • Excess FAT

Obese elderly man wearing a black hat

Obese guys, I’m sorry but the truth is harsh for you fellows. Everyone is trying to get lean these days, yet many fail and remain in the higher spectrum of body fat percentages. Why would that be a problem in terms of our masculinity you might ask?

Maybe because adipose tissue in greater amounts means that you’ll have more estrogen in you. As simple as that! The enzyme called aromatase (nothing aroma about it) becomes more active, the more lard you have on your frame. More of that enzyme translates to less testosterone because it DOES convert it to estrogen.

Even some supplements are including ingredients that they label is “aromatase inhibitors” in order to help bigger folks with their androgen profile. But I’d say the better option would always be to simply lose fat and get lean, period!

Not only that but you’ll be glad Academic works support that statement to know that the more visceral (internal fat, surrounding your organs) you’re carrying, the LESS primary male hormone you’ll be producing. and it actually makes sense, because obese people are obese everywhere – both inside and outside!

  • Foul nutrition

Different kinds of unhealthy foods and beverages

It’s not like you DID NOT possibly expect this to be a part of this list, right? Food either makes or breaks you – don’t you all agree? I know I do! And when it comes to elements that downplay our manhood, what enters our mouths (ladies are a different story) is VITAL!

Whether it’s soy products, flax seeds, licorice etc., such eatables will screw up your natural T production and you’ll start wearing pink clothes, going to One Direction concerts and Lord knows what else! My dedicated article named “5 foods that lower testosterone” will be your guide so make SURE you read it extensively.

Who doesn’t like eating, especially when we are bombarded with affordable, artificially-enhanced food that tastes amazing but the consequences to our mojo will be noticeable! Better think twice before you hit the drive-through next time mate.

Oh, there’s still hope, however – certain foods are actually super-friendly to our testosterone production and DO boost it! So not all is lost as you can see. You’d be wise to incorporate most if not ALL of these into your diet so that you start to feel like a MAN!

Not only that but some of these are mega tasty as well – take olive oil for example. You can do all KINDS of magic in the kitchen with it. Whether you add it to salads or seafood (fish etc.) it’ll always be an amazing addition and of course with the superb bonus of upping your manliness!

  • Screwed sleep patterns

Tired man having a nap at work

How I cherish sleep, oh how I adore the feeling when my head hits the pillow and I go lights out! EVERY single time I intentionally (or not) cannibalize some of my sleep, even if it’s only for a day or two, I end up being 100% miserable. Copy that? Good!

It has been (scientifically) shown that sleep and testosterone are related – make sure that you DO sleep more if you want to boost your androgen concentrations! Sleep duration is directly related to our optimal male hormone environment, so it’s in our best interest to make the most of our time spent in the bedroom (yeah I know what you’re thinking about!).

You know the saying that goes like this: “Less is more“, yeah? In the case of sleep, we can rearrange it into something along the lines of “MORE is MORE“! The uber cliche of 8 hours of sleep is the golden standard and what EACH and EVERYONE of us should go for, as a minimum of course!

  • Testicular Injury(ies)

Athlete laying on the floor in pain

Don’t tell me you’ve never been hit in the ballsack in your ENTIRE life! If you’re such an exception then I pray you stay that way – this is undoubtedly the worst pain a man can endure. I still remember playing soccer as a kid and getting whacked in my testicles with the ball – ouch, the pain is completely embedded into my memory!

Perhaps I’ll bore you to death if I suggest that damage to your gonads could impair their ability to produce our beautiful hormone – testosterone. Nevertheless, this is a conclusion that any human being with LOGIC can come up with! Voila.

Obviously, the severity of a given impact on your nuts will determine how bad the injury is and the possible outcome, but as a general rule of thumb testicular injuries DO affect the T production. Your gonads won’t operate so well when they’ve received a blow and this might very well lead to hypogonadism.

Hypogonadism is when your testicles don’t produce enough of our manly hormone or big T. In the case of an injury to the balls, we’re talking about PRIMARY hypogonadism, as this one originates from a problem with the testes, a.k.a. primary testicular failure. So please, protect your valuables AT ALL COSTS!

Recap – what have you learned?

After bombarding you with antagonists that minimize our masculinity, it’s time to make sure you’ve learned your lesson well! Keep in mind that some (or all) of these DO contribute to conditions such as low testosterone, but if you’re particularly interested in what the causes for this are – absolutely feel free to check my thematic article!

Straight to the point now, these are some of the main stuff that screws your T production:

  • Alcohol
  • Obesity
  • Food
  • Sleep
  • Testicular injuries

Would it be reasonable to push yourself and try to adjust each of these? Absolutely! Even though you might not be able to instantly reverse your damaged nut sack or how fat you are – don’t get discouraged. Good things take time to happen! Roll up your sleeves and get to work with the help of this website.

Your manhood as at your own hands

If you set realistic goals and try to become the man you were originally designed to be, then you’ll get there eventually! But hey, enough wisdom sharing and high-end philosophy for you guys. Get busy now and off you go to your awesome new macho-style, testosterone-optimized self!

Got anything else on your mind? Is something troubling you? You want to share your testimony about how well you deal with these things that decrease your T? I’m waiting for you in the comment section!

Yours truly,

Founder of Testosterone Nerd




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  1. Simon, I like your website. Very informative. A must see and read for men. It’s a topic most men don’t know much about. Doctors don’t test for low testosterone unless one has a health issue. You provide lots of content coupled with good advice. I especially liked your nutrition page. Keep up the good work!

    • Welcome, Mick.

      My pleasure pal! Good to hear that you found T.N. an informative place – we men REQUIRE more sophisticated data and info to regain/retain our masculinity.

      Doctors don’t do an awful lot of stuff that they’re supposed to. Blame the commercial aspect of medicine for that! Do your best to check your levels and keep them at a steady level, preferably not in the lower regions of course!

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  2. As a man, I think those things you mentioned to screw my T production are neglected from time to time. I neve have a bit idea about all these things, so I had better watch out.

    Thank you for the spread of this important information. I have a question, any connection between age and testosterone levels? I always think I don’t need to care about these until I am getting old.

    • Welcome aboard George!

      Damn right – we totally tend to neglect most of the (obvious) things that lower our masculinity. Booze is painfully obvious, yet many folks close their eyes every Friday night while they indulge in alcohol delirium.

      Your question about the connected between T levels and age is brilliant, cheers! To cut to the chase – yes, there’s a relation. Generally speaking, after the age of 30, your manhood (testosterone) drops by around 1% per year. Of course, this is too general and there are exceptions, but in the most common scenario, a 50-year-old dude would have lower levels than a 30 year old one, for example!

      Being fit and taking care of yourself is not something that you magically start doing when you hit certain number – it’s a non-stop process. The younger you start, the better!

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  3. Alcohol for sure is horrible.

    I’ll add to that list soy products and transfat.

    Watching what you eat is really important not just for testosterone but overall health.

    I must admit, I need to get more sleep.

    I gotta work on a way to get a consistent sleep schedule going, thanks for the reminder.

    • Yo!

      Alcohol is obviously obvious, no need to even discuss that. Soy is what surprises most people from what I’m seeing here, which is great! It means guys are being informed about foods that go under the radar and are unnoticed as they cause harm to our masculinity!

      Oh man, sleep is so vital… I don’t even want to start scratching the surface of this so IMPORTANT aspect.
      Do your best to fix your sleep patterns – this should be your priority!

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  4. A very good list Simon. I also like the list on foods to eat and avoid, wow there’s so much that I don’t know! I’m not drinking, but am very easy to fall to things that have healthy tag on it, like flax seed for instance lol! I’m also currently eating chia seeds right now for their omega 3. Do you think that seeds also is damaging to my T level? By the way, the Aztecs purportedly used them as food for their soldiers before going to war. So it must be good right?

    • Hello Isaac!

      Taking chia seeds is spot on great for your manhood – don’t worry about that, keep consuming them. Omega 3 fish oil is also a sound choice because it contains healthy fats and as we know these omega 3’s in fish oil are vital for producing hormones.

      And I didn’t know that the Aztecs utilized chia seeds, that’s intriguing and thanks for the insight!

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  5. I hesitated to comment on this because it’s principally a gentleman’s issue, but I do have concerns.

    As a wife I worry that the foods and lifestyle I offer my husband at home may not optimize his testosterone levels. I am concerned because I recognize that “low T” can contribute to depression and anxiety. For these reasons I read your article very carefully, looking for new insights.

    I did not find anything new, so I thought I’d share a few things.

    I have learned that the reason why people over fifty tend to sleep less is that we process vitamin d less efficiently than we did when we were younger. Supplementing vitamin d has permitted me to sleep more soundly, and I believe it may have helped my husband sleep a little better as well.

    Supplementing magnesium seems to reduce muscle spasms and anxiety, two other factors that exacerbate stress, keep us awake and prevent us from getting optimal exercise. I suggest that this might also be helpful in increasing quality of life for men concerned about testosterone levels.

    In short, a number of tiny adjustments to diet and lifestyle may be helpful to those who feel they’ve “tried everything.”

    All the Best,


    • Welcome Elizabeth!

      You say you didn’t find anything new here… well, congratulations dear! It seems like your truly one-of-a-kind lady, completely familiar with everything related to men and low testosterone. If you ever consider opening a website dedicated to that subject, please make sure to give me a link – I’d love to learn from you!

      Sarcasm aside, kudos for knowing a thing or two related to the topic here. Well done on getting you and your husband some vitamin D – Melatonin also works really well as a tool to aid one’s sleep. And yes, making changes to the nutritional habits, lifestyle etc. is all but necessary for improvement to take place.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  6. I can see myself reflect in your post. I did a testoserone check and it came back pretty low (not below the average but in its lower position, around 300).
    I drink alcohol often and having sleeping problems regularly – mainly due to pressure in my life.
    I will try to take your advices and follow a more healthy pattern. It might be a vicious cycle, I am stressed so I drink and sleep little which makes me stressed…

    • Welcome aboard Jacob!

      Ah man, sorry to hear about your not-so-great testosterone values.

      Drinking and sleep problems might very well be your culprit. In my ‘treat low T naturally‘ article, I’ve gone to explain some aspects such as lifestyle in detail – go have a look.

      Would it be a vicious cycle to do the needed in order to reclaim your manliness? Perhaps, but the reward will be greater my friend – ditching the booze and getting more quality sleep is the right path for you!

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  7. Wow alcohol and sleep, I didn’t know that these two can really affect testosterone production! I usually have a good diet and workout regularly but apparently this is not enough. I should probably reduce alcohol and sleep more, maybe that’s why I hit a plateau at the gym?
    Also do you have any tips on boosting my testosterone levels naturally?
    Thank you

    • Welcome aboard!

      More alcohol and less sleep not only can affect your T production – they can straight up annihilate it!

      While that might not be related to your stagnation in the gym (it’s such a cocktail of factors, really), it can DEFINITELY contribute to a plateau!

      Do I have tip one how to increase your primary male hormone naturally? Look no further, bro! For starters, check my ‘can you increase testosterone naturally‘ piece of writing.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  8. As woman I won’t know much about this but its interesting and you put togther a great post on this for men. I truly believe people need to know what causes the problem before they start popping pills in there body . When you know why then you know what to take!!!!
    I like your post has good information men need to read so they can do what they need to do.
    Thank you

  9. I just had one of those “ooooh” moments. I mean, some reasons were obvious but it brought light to why some men, myself included, are the way we are. It put a name to the face of the ugly monster. Very informative. In fact, it has inspired me to pay closer attention to my health and that’s some of the best eye opening advice you could give. Thank you

    • Hey and welcome!

      My point is exactly to shed light on the overall connection between testosterone and its effect on us males. In the case of this post – in a negative light.

      And I’m thrilled that this piece of writing inspires you to take action and optimize your manliness! This only brings joy to me – hopefully, this info sparks similar thoughts in order folks’ minds!

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  10. Hi Simon,
    I’m wondering… What is your opinion of intermittent fasting? I’m not only asking because it is a very powerful tool (if done right) for burning off fat stores and reducing aromatase, but it also boosts human growth hormone (hgh).
    It’s my understanding that high hgh levels are related to high testosterone levels. What are your thoughts?

    • Hey there!

      My opinion on IF has and always will be 100% POSITIVE! It sure takes certain willpower to go through the initial stages of hunger, but trust me – it’s well worth it!

      I’ve even written a lengthy article about IF – take a look.

      And HGH does actually stimulate testosterone production and the awesome part is that the roles could be reversed just as efficiently. What do I mean? Increased T production means more HGH in return – it’s a total win-win in my book!

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  11. I was just in an intense discussion with my neighbors husband about how testosterone affects both men and women; however, it is most important in men as it helps to balance everything from emotions to self-confidence.

    This site has it all, and guess what? I am going to send the link to my neighbors husband like yesterday!


    • Welcome aboard!

      Trust me – testosterone plays a more vital role in men’s overall state of well-being than you think!

      Your neighbors could ONLY benefit from checking Testosterone Nerd. I now give you an imaginary high-five with the promise to keep putting out quality articles!

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  12. I have wondered if my husband could have low testosterone. He certainly doesn’t seem to but he has many of the risk factors such as not the best diet, messed up sleep patterns, stress, overweight etc. He has healthy aspects too though so who knows. He will probably get it checked at some point.

    I am glad to see foods likes eggs (he loves them), pomegranates (he loves that too), coconut oil (I like using it), etc. on the list of good things.

    Great info!

    • Hey!

      If your husband is concerned and if there are a lot of red flags (like wrecked sleep, too much fat etc.), then by all means – get him checked. A blood test would be the most accurate way to measure his serum testosterone concentrations.

      And let him feast on pomegranates, coconut oil, and other great T-friendly foods.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

    • Hi and welcome aboard Rose!

      You know what – I actually do believe that this is a lab-made virus that was indeed released into the environment.

      And yeah, from what I know Zika is indeed associated with infertility so fellow men who live in the affected areas have to do their best to protect themselves from this horrible virus.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd


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