What Is A Testosterone Booster?

Almost like asking "What's a smartphone?"

Different blister packs with pills inside them

So, what is a testosterone booster exactly? It is something you eat, is it something you drink, is it something you inject yourself with? Hey, perhaps you simply… INHALE it?These are real-world questions from real people, who happen to have absolutely no clue about what these supplements do and what purpose they serve. You can also read more about what these products consist of in my What is in a T booster article.

Testosterone boosters are a specific category of dietary/sports supplements that are designed to naturally enhance one’s own testosterone production.

And because there’s lots of confusion regarding natural products for increasing T levels and banned substances (e.g. steroids), let me clarify something – testosterone boosters are NOT illegal and above all, they’re NOT anabolic steroids.

These products are perfectly legal to buy, natural and since all T boosters are supplements, they’re regulated by the FDA (US food and drug administration).

EFX Sports Test Charge Testosterone Support Kit 1 Kit
Test Charge is a T booster that comes in liquid form!

What Forms Do T Boosters Come In?

Well, some boosters come in tablet form, while others in the form of capsules and some come in powder form. Even more interesting is the fact that there are even T-enhancing supplements that are sold in liquid form. However, one aspect is shared among ALL of them though – they are all taken per orally (through the mouth)!

There are exceptions to the rule of course – let me give you a prime example.  EFX’s Test Charge is one of those extravagant T boosters since it comes in liquid, capsule and tablet form! Talk about being different. Perhaps they should’ve added something to inhale in the formula.

These so-called boosters are a natural solution to a primal craving for many men – a way to up their testosterone production without resorting to harmful, synthetic substances. We just don’t want to dance with the devil and join the dark side by introducing anabolic steroids or prohormones into our mortal bodies, right?

Testosterone boosting products are completely legal, and they are available without a prescription, which means that these supplements practically fall under the OTC (over the counter) category. So you’re probably thinking that our manhood enhancing supplements are in fact as easy to get as your daily multivitamins? Boom, spot on!

Different forms of natural supplements
They come in all kinds of different forms

Are There Different Types Of Testosterone Boosters?

Yes, not all testosterone enhancing supplements are created equal. While the purpose of all of them is to naturally optimize your T levels, there’s a difference in how they actually do that – e.g. they have different formulations (ingredient profiles).

Generally, they can be put into two broad categories:

  1. Multi-ingredient (they feature more than one key ingredient)
  2. Single-ingredient (they contain only one key ingredient)

I believe it’s safe to say that combined products are much more recognizable, familiar and you are much more likely to run into one of these modern formulas that contain at least a few different T-boosting compounds.

It’s not a surprise that this is the case, taking into account the fact that two heads are better than one and we can clearly carry this wisdom to the world of testosterone enhancing products.

When it comes to testosterone boosters. more is better – especially when quality and quantity go hand in hand!

And this brings us to…

Are Multi-Ingredient T Boosters Better Than Their Single-Ingredient Counterparts?

Yes, multi-ingredient products have the advantage most of the time. That’s because they have more active ingredients that work in synergy to deliver better results.

What do I prefer though? My personal preference has always been (since the day I started supplementing with such products) multi-ingredient testosterone boosters! Basically, something along the lines of TestoGen (also, don’t forget to check my detailed TestoGen review).

That is NOT to say that I’m totally anti-standalone versions of such supplements, it’s just that I believe in the saying “the more, the better.” That does NOT apply to certain aspects though, like overweight ladies for example (sorry, it’s just not my thing).

And this fantastic conclusion brings us to another, a rather exciting and informative element related to today’s main topic: synergy!

Lots of men on a boat rowing
Come on the guy on the left, ROW!

What Exactly Does Synergy Mean – Can It Make A T Booster More Potent?

Synergy is a word that dates back to ancient Greece and it means “joint forces for optimal efficiency”. In our case, when manufacturers formulate their products, they carefully combine different substances which act synergistically so that we can get more bang for our buck and last but not least – supplements that are more effective.

Of course, there are situations when you might want to buy a single-ingredient testosterone booster since you will know the exact amount of a given ingredient you are getting per serving. That can prove to be worth it if, for example, you are only interested in a single substance and/or you absolutely require an accurate dosage.

Synergy = testosterone boosters that are more potent and powerful!

Note that some products are hiding behind proprietary blends, which is a problem since you don’t really know how much you’re getting of each ingredient. Still, there are T-enhancers that get the job done, even without disclosing the separate amounts of ingredients inside.

Alright, moving on now – let me shed light on another tricky question regarding our topic:

How Long Does A Typical Bottle Of A T Booster Last?

Question mark on a piece of paperMost of the modern test boosters last anywhere from 20 to 30 days, meaning that some of them will last an entire month.

And please, don’t think that it’s such a “brilliant” idea to not use the recommended dosage protocol. Yeah, you might save a few bucks by taking only half a dose. However, chances are you’ll be getting half the results too (if not even less)!

Been there, done that. There’s a reason why (besides marketing) manufacturers put their recommendations for how to take your testosterone booster when to take it and so on to reap the optimal benefits from using it.

Especially big companies have whole laboratories, teams of scientists, doctors, nutritionists and other experts so one could assume that these fellows know a thing or two about the products they come up with.

You want to take the maximum quantity listed by the guys who formulated the stuff, to make sure that you’re receiving enough of the essential ingredients. Some of them are even recommended to be used for 4-8 weeks if you want to get serious with elevating your primary male hormone levels naturally. Don’t let this discourage you though! And please, always follow the suggested daily dose for optimum results.

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Testosterone Booster Side Effects – Are There Any?

According to science (1), there might be certain side effects associated with these supplements under particular conditions, most notably – when consumers don’t follow the instructions given by the manufacturer on the product’s label.

Basically, there’s nothing concrete when it comes to studies and specific side effects that may result from taking test boosters. There are only assumptions and some of the “experts” in the field even mention the following adverse effects:

  • Acne
  • Oily skin
  • Liver toxicity
  • Kidney damage

Of course, you might encounter theses if you’re taking anabolic steroids. However, if you’re using supplements from a reputable brand and as per the directions on the label, I’m pretty sure that you’ll most likely not even encounter ONE side effect.

I’ve personally used countless of these products over the years and I don’t recall experiencing even a single adverse reaction.

How Do You Take Testosterone Boosting Supplements Though?

Wax figure of Albert Einstein and his equasion
Not even HE could have given you a universal answer!

You take them by following the directions on the label, simple. Every supplement has a recommended dosage and ‘how to use’ section, provided by the manufacturer.

So, please – guys, folks, ladies and gentlemen, every supplement meant to raise your testosterone naturally is unique and possesses its directions for usage. There IS NOT a one and only method which works universally for every single product and me proposing a general technique for dosing your booster would be totally preposterous!

I’ve heard a dozen so-called fitness “gurus” throwing wild advice on how to dose your T booster actually, no matter what it contains or what’s written on the label. I’m talking about ridiculous things like waking up at a particular time in order to take it, slapping yourself a few times then opening a bottle with your eyelids and such, before consuming the dose suggested to you by Mr. Know It All.

Okay, I probably went a tiny, little, insignificant bit too far with the last sentence, but my point is that you should, without any doubt read labels and directions for the products that you’re buying – this apparently holds true for everything, not just testosterone boosting supplements.


I would be pretty glad If I managed to clear things out for you folks and also renounce general misconceptions concerning the King of Hormones and more precisely my weapon of choice – T boosters. From my standpoint, the mind-boggling question what is a testosterone booster now has valuable answers provided for you.

Hey, testosterone boosters are effective and they’re no longer a mystery to you – cheers to that!

Whether you’re into boosters with loads of active ingredients or you’re a lone wolf who prefers singularity, it’s all up to you fellows! Just make sure you inform yourself well before you proceed to buy anything – that’s WHY I’m here, after all!

This reminds of another subject that left uncovered in this piece of writing, but it doesn’t mean that I neglected it! I’m sure that many of you are wondering –  are testosterone boosting supplements safe? Yes, they’re perfectly safe since they’re 100% legal – as opposed to the harmful anabolic steroids.

If you want to discuss this (or that) further or just have a question, don’t hesitate to drop me a comment down below!









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  1. Interesting read Simon. Yes it’s true, there are so many testo boosters out there nowadays, it can be overwhelming for the consumers with little insight into the differences and personal approaches and needs. Thanks for all this info! Your page was very detailed and full of great articles. I enjoyed having a look around. Well laid out! Cheers, Lee

    • Hey and welcome aboard.

      I always feel better when I know that I DID help someone with my articles! And yes, there’s actually a serious lack of detailed info on what exactly a testosterone booster is online. Weird, isn’t it?

      Anyway, with this post of mine I aim to destroy the status quo of testosterone boosters and the information surrounding them, so that more folks have free access to in-depth materials related to the subject.

      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  2. I always thought that testosterone supplements would be something that requires a doctors prescription. That’s because it is a hormone after all and hormones can cause a lot of changes to our system.

    Thank you for opening my mind and letting me realize that you can get the stuff over-the-counter. Well I am a little concerned whether has side effects or not but if it’s over-the-counter I am assuming that it’s OK.

    So what brand-name testosterone booster do you recommend?

    • Hi,

      It’s good to know that you’ve been purified so to speak, haha. An awful lot of people freak out when they hear the words ‘testosterone’ and ‘supplements’ combined.

      Buying a testosterone booster is as easy as getting yourself some milk from the local store. It’s obviously NOT illegal or banned, duh.

      As for safety concerns, check this post of mine!

      About what booster to go for. Simply, look for something with a similar ingredient profile to TestoFuel (i’ve tried it and wrote a review about it). It’s rather potent, so like I said anything with such ingredients in effective doses would be spot on

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  3. Hey Simon, great information, I was wondering about testosterone boosters, glad I found your blog. Do you think men should take boosters just because or only if you really need them or want to bulk up when exercising? I always wondered what was really the point if you are not really trying to work out or just lacked testosterone. Thanks!

    • Welcome aboard Victor!

      My pleasure – glad you found T.N. a useful site.

      Your first question is awesome, cheers! Let me elaborate why ordinary folks should or shouldn’t use T boosters. They DO aid in your primary male hormone production (the good ones that are) and this means you can utilize them regardless of your goal – whether it be bulking, cutting, maintaining or whatever you want to do.

      Now if you lack testosterone, it’s definitely a MUST try. You’ll only benefit from a potential natural optimization of your masculinity.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  4. Hi Simon and Interesting article. I do have a question though. All though this is an over the counter supplement would it not be wise to see a doctor and check what your testosterone levels are? Since a low testosterone level can affect a man’s sex drive and sperm production these symptoms alone may mean a trip to the doctor. Also some doctors are hesitant to prescribe testosterone therapy since there is evidence that it may stimulate the growth of prostrate cancer.

    Also at what age would you recommend a guy start testosterone therapy? I understand that as a man ages the levels of testosterone start to decrease. Every year over 30 testosterone levels decrease by approximately 1 percent a year. So would it be better to start at that age or wait a few years until it decreases more?

    • Hey there.

      If you want to visit a doctor so badly – go ahead. Chances are he/she(it?) will prescribe you some medications and/or injections and you’ll be on your way. Testosterone boosters are complete OTC (over-the-counter) products and they are supplements, no more, no less.

      And no, you won’t see me recommending TRT to anyone. Testosterone production does drop by a % every year after you hit 30, but starting to inject artificial substances into your butt ain’t a cool thing to do – neither is it healthy for you!

      I’ll always stay pro-natural solutions and anti-steroids!

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  5. I know many YouTube guys makes ridiculous claims about how to use testosterone. I have been going to gym 3 times per week for 3 years and even though I never considered using I have witnessed many people use it. And just like you said people who follow what is suggested get generally better results. Basically you can’t be any more right.

    • Hi and welcome Furkan.

      I’m not quite sure what ‘testosterone’ you’re referring to here. People in the gym who take testosterone are folks that abuse anabolic steroids, not supplements – testosterone boosters ARE supplements. They’re legal and they don’t have any synthetic forms of testosterone in them.

      By any means though, do follow the suggestions on the ingredient label of just about any supplement out there, by it sports orientated or otherwise.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  6. That was a very informative article. I have some experience with testosterone boosters and I agree with everything you said, even about the tribulus. ZMA has been around for awhile and I remember taking it a long time ago. It looks like I need to update my supplement intake with some better stuff. Thank you for the great article!

    • Hey, Karl!

      ZMA has been a staple in the bodybuilding community for a long time now. Mainly because it’s affordable, simple and effective.

      Give me a shout if you need any assistance or just feel invited to browse through my site for more info.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

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