What Is The Best Way To Boost Testosterone?

The best way to up your T is exactly the opposite of the worst way to do so - ha!

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If I was ever asked a million dollar question about testosterone, ten out of ten times my answer would be ‘what is the best way to boost testosterone?‘. Do you think I’d win the lottery then? That’s all irrelevant because hey, I’m sure this enigmatic question haunts you so roll up your sleeves and listen (or actually, read) carefully!

The absence of a direct explanation about this mind-boggling query is concerning. You’re probably wondering why there’s not a SINGLE one-way answer to how you can up your primary male hormone. What do you reckon, should we cut to the chase already?

Okay, okay… I give up! So basically the REAL and MOST optimal way to enhance your manhood is the following (bear with me):

  • Open a can of soda/cola
  • Pour some of it into your eyes
  • Start to blink excessively
  • Dress in provocative pink colors
  • Get yourself a ticket to Justin Bieber’s latest concert
  • Start a fight with lots of mean looking, random people
  • Profit

Voila! Congratulations my dear friend, you now have the testosterone levels of both Arnold and Sly combined – from the time when they had functioning testicles of course! Give yourself a pat on the back… no, actually give yourself a KICK to your butt – you’re too manly now, you cannot simply afford gentle and ‘girly’ things like patting!

For everyone else that’s left – the true fun is about to begin! Humour and jokes aside, we’ll be exploring the possibly of a singular best approach to boosting T levels. Or if that’s not the case, the MAIN options that are viable to naturally give your manliness a boost. Let’s go:

Darts of all kinds of different colors

Is there a SINGLE best way to up your T?

Let’s cut to the chase and emphasize my personal intake on this – NO, I believe there isn’t one. Yep, you got that’s right folks! My honest view is that there are without a shadow of a doubt certain aspects that DO work better than others in optimizing your testosterone.

It’s impossible to dub a single element as “The best method to boost testosterone”

Different techniques such as, for example adjusting your level of physical activity or nutrition habits, ARE indeed the way to go when it comes to strengthening your virility without harmful substances. Obviously, that means excluding things like synthetic testosterone or other crap of this sort!

As some (or most) of you have already figured out, this article will be focusing on these methods. Hooray! One by one we’ll be covering the primary ways of giving your male hormonal profile a NATURAL lift! Curious why I’m referring to natural means? You shouldn’t be, really.

Testosterone Nerd will ALWAYS remain anti-prohormones and anti-anabolic steroids!

Write that down somewhere, because you better remember it! Continuing down the path of finding the various, most helpful tools for maximizing our natural T production, the time’s right to get rolling with style.

Ladies (get your hubbies to read this) and gentlemen, without further ado, yours truly will lift up the curtain and the show officially begins right about… NOW!

Lifestyle and how it affects your T levels

You wouldn’t spill your drink if I told that the way you live has a definite impact on your overall well-being, that of course including your… masculinity, right!? Anyhow, in real life, this is indeed THE CASE bro! Come on, don’t be afraid – after all, we’re here to get that natural T up and running at maximum velocity.

How you live and what you do with your body (or what you don’t do) are all taken into consideration when looking to up your game, so to speak. If you don’t change your car’s oil it’ll be toast – same goes for your body. We’re constantly bombarded with negative aspects that ruin our manhood so it’s time to act!

In the coming paragraphs, you will join me as we venture into the depths of factors such as sleep, stress and bad habits. Every single human being (women included, believe it or not) is affected by stress especially – but we all have our nasty habits as well as that ‘modern’ lack of quality sleep.

  • Stressed out (we all are)

Stressed out man holding his head down

This feature has to be one of (if not the most) ugly and horrendous lifestyle-related elements. Stress=life in my opinion – don’t you agree? I mean, even if you are a hermit and you live in a remote area far from big city life and everything related, chances are you’ll still be stressed out!

It’s just that the reasons are going to different, but nonetheless – stress is everywhere! You’re aware now, so why not look at how stress can DESTROY your testosterone?

  • Increased stress levels mean more cortisol
  • Cortisol and testosterone hate each other
  • – when cortisol is on the rise, testosterone tends to plummet
  • More stress leads to eating more and getting fatter as a result
  • Stress = hello visceral fat (fat wrapped around your organs)
  • Or simply put, stress = bye bye good old testosterone levels!

Quite obviously, bloody stress can screw you up big time. Academic work does back the claim that prolonged stress raises cortisol levels in your bloodstream. That’s super nasty to be perfectly honest with you! Add to that the undoubtful evidence that as cortisol climbs, testosterone plummets, and you’re in for a horrific concoction of bad stuff.

Oh, I had already mentioned the connection between stress (and the following cortisol spike) and becoming fatter in the process? Studies are conclusive on this subject, there’s no doubt that stress needs to be dealt with SWIFTLY!

But I have to add one more thing! Remember that the aromatase enzyme becomes MORE active when you carry more fat? Guess what, aromatase converts testosterone into estrogen… congrats to the winners!

Moving on onto another delicate topic – Z zzz….

  • Sleep (or lack of)

Exhausted man sleeping in some weird vehicle

There’s no way that ANYONE could possibly downgrade the sheer importance of sleep! I feel as sleepy as I can get while I’m currently writing this (close to midnight at the moment)… and I can already feel my masculinity fading away. Okay, maybe not so dramatical but you get the point!

Sleep is vital for EVERY single function in your body (not only testosterone production), so give it the respect it deserves!

Messing up your sleep patterns translates to your entire endocrine system receiving an epic beatdown. If you have ANY doubts left, studies DO show that this is indeed the case! But we’re talking about testosterone here, aren’t we? Let’s take a look at something more specific then:

Is there any point to go any further… really? It’s crystal clear to all of us that if we neglect this MEGA vital part of our lifestyle, we’ll have to reap what we sow. In this case – it will be a pile of dog poo for our entire endocrine system, including our beloved primary male hormone.

It wouldn’t be far-fetched if I tell you that disrupted sleep is probably (more than likely, actually) one of the main parts of what we call ‘bad habits’. You know what? This is exactly what we’re going to discuss next!!!

  • Those bad, ugly, awful… HABITS

Glass of alcohol and medical blister packs

I’ve already partially covered the bad habits subject in my article titled “Can you increase testosterone naturally?“, and the time has come to talk about them once again! Don’t be shy, each and every one of us HAS bad habits – the only difference is the quantity of them.

We can synthesize the essential bad habits into the following list:

  • Alcoholism
  • Opioid abuse (drug addiction)
  • Eating the wrong foods
  • Overeating and being fat as a result
  • Staying up late (we covered sleep already)

There’s no point of even starting a debate about whether or not alcohol screws up your T production. Boat loads of academic data exist that supports that, so I’ll just throw one of the many studies that show how booze lowers testosterone.

Opioids, on the other hand, do pretty much the same (if not more) damage to your manhood. Studies show alarming results that point to the development of opioid-associated androgen deficiency (OPIAD). What does that even mean, hmm? Your body produces fewer sex hormones and guess what? Testosterone takes a big plunge down the low testosterone zone!

As for nutritional habits and overeating (being fat as a result), foods that lower your virility are OBVIOUSLY to be avoided, bro! And for the 34917859826790th time, being a fat arse means that more of your T transforms into estrogen, because of the extra activity of the aromatase enzyme!

After this vast amount of negativity, you’re probably wondering…

Bewildered man scratching his head in confusion

How do you repair all the damage done then?

Definitely not by listening to girly music, getting your eyebrows done or by wearing pink! To put it simply – you do the exact opposite. As we’ve discussed primary features like sleep, stress and habits (bad ones), the easiest way is to reverse the negative ones, into positives!

Just in case you crave a better explanation, I’ll play the good guy and provide you with such! So, to help with our natural T optimization, the following parts HAVE got to be adjusted accordingly:

  • Sleep – more of it basically (quality should be there as well). Treating yourself with enough rest (and at the right times of course) is one of the BEST things for your masculinity. Researchers support this claim, plus the fact that sleep should be utilized at night – preferably your head should hit the pillow at around 10 pm. And remember – 7 hours of sleep are the bare MINIMUM (if you’re serious about your machismo that is)!
  • Stress – less of that, at all costs! There’s no good stress, period. Sign u for a cooking class, enter a marathon, get yourself a gym membership, cast your burden on the Lord and he will sustain you (most preferred option in my view)… just act, don’t sit on your butt while you wait for things to change! You better take my advice here, otherwise, you’ll probably have to learn to pee while sitting!
  • Bad habits – all you alcoholics or drug addicts – sorry, but if you’re interested in remaining MALE, then you’ll have to ditch the vices, my friend! Don’t forget the nasty temptation in the face of fast (junk) food – this is one of the worst habits that will not only lead to you becoming a moving sphere, but your T levels will be on par with any 10-year-old girl!

This is where I believe we absolutely MUST proceed, and move on to another awesome part of the naturally increasing testosterone levels. I’m referring to:

Shirtless man workout out with a kettlebell

Lifting heavy things and how it makes you manlier!

Picking up heavy objects from the ground has been a manly concern for us guys, since ancient times. Think about the mighty Spartans for a second. Did they watch feminizing TV shows while slouching on the couch? NO, they were active and physically engaged in vigorous training regimes!

Us, modern men are no different – we require physical activity! Working in a 9 to 5 setting daily ain’t doing you any good, especially when you’re concerned with your male hormone utilization. You’re currently wearing a perplexed look on your face, scratching the surface of your head and wondering what to do about it? Here, let me show you:

  • Start hitting the gym in a regular fashion – for a beginning, training 3x week is ideal
  • Don’t waste your time – train for a maximum of 60 minutes, with decent intensity and shorter rest periods
  • Go for heavy compound movements – squats, deadlifts, bench press, pull ups, dips etc. These provide the biggest hormonal response
  • Try to improve in the number of repetitions done or weight used – at the very least, every other workout. Anything from 5-10 reps is ideal
  • Don’t pick unrealistic amounts of weight just to show-off – progress might come slowly, but it’ll be well worth it

As you see folks, there’s no need to be Mr. Olympia (they’re all steroid freaks anyway) in order to train effectively. The point is that there undeniable facts that prove the overall impact that training has on testosterone levels. Perhaps the greatest feature is that studies found that even moderate volume of training provides a boost in serum testosterone values.

Don’t take this as an excuse to do half-assed workouts – it’s just to show you that you don’t need to bench 100 kilograms (around 220lbs) for 20 reps in order to spike your masculinity. Strength training is a big of a boost to your endocrine system, so just get your rear end to the closest gym!

Being physically active = more testosterone!

The added bonus of burning more calories both during workout out and as an after-effect is another cool perk to be respected. Speaking of cool perks, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a very popular trend these days, mainly because it’s AWESOME! Curious to know why?

Maybe because HIIT has been shown to be spot on for increasing free testosterone in men. It’s obviously more advanced in its effectiveness when compared to steady-pace cardio for example. Don’t be shy to give it a try – you’ll burn for hours after you’ve finished your gym session!

It’s basically shifting from maximum to lower intensity (hence the name, duh). Say you’re busting your butt for 1 minute, then you speed down for 30 seconds and repeat the process few more times (or until you die). You can use it for weight lifting too – just cut the rest periods (or remove them) and you’ll face pure hell!

After burning yourself in the gym, what’s the next thing to do? Food! That’s what we’ll talk about next, hold on…

Salami coming out of a peeled banana

How nutrition impacts your hormonal profile

Nothing new here, you are what you consume, right? However, the focus here is going to be different. It wouldn’t make sense if it wasn’t all about the connection between testosterone and food! So, a quick sneak peek here:

  • Fat (right kind of fats) is GREAT for your testosterone
  • Fasting (done right) is also GREAT for your T
  • Junk food (any kind) is not GREAT for your manliness

Time to rev up the engine and break down these three into something more specific and science-backed, alright? It’s always preferred to start with the positive side of the coin, so for starters, we’ll pay attention to…

Fatty acids

Pair of avocados, one sliced in half

No, don’t be one of the many people that instantly deem fats as AWFUL! There are good and bad fatty acids – keep that in mind. When you deliberately shorten your intake of healthy fats, your sex hormones take a plunge (into the deep), this, of course, includes free and total testosterone (academic work supports this).

Saturated fats found in coconut oil (check my related article on coconuts) are for an example superb for testosterone production. Monounsaturated fats are another example of awesome fatty acids that happen to be really T-friendly. Olive oil is packed with them and it’s one of the top testosterone boosting foods, period!

Either way, trans fats are the worst of the worst when it comes to fats. By all means, please DO try to avoid these when you see them on any nutritional label – fast food is jam-packed with trans fats!


Empy glass plus an empty white plate

If done right (as weird as it sounds), consciously putting yourself into starvation mode for a certain time period, does result in a positive enhancement for your androgens! IF is what I’m currently using (and loving it), mainly because of how straightforward it is – the fact that it’s clear of unneeded bells and whistles helps a lot too!

Intermittent fasting is a trendy fasting protocol puts you in a fasted state for say 16 hours, while you feed yourself with all the needed calories in the remaining 8 hours. Sounds simple? You bet! Let me show you why this is so brilliant folks!

Next time someone starts an argument with you on whether or not periodical fasting is good – give them a SOUND slap on their face! I’ve written an in-depth analysis about Intermittent Fasting for men, so definitely a must read!

Now, the drums of war start echoing as we approach the dreaded fast (junk) nutrition…

Junk food

Typical fast food restaurant menu with soda

A brutal cliche would sound like – ‘fast food is bad for your health’. But, if that’s the harsh truth, how could I argue? You bet all that old grease they use to cook their food, the nasty meat filled with antibiotics and the kryptonite fries (that’s my trademark term), are anything but good, for your body.

Such crap ends up messing with your endocrine system in a nasty manner and as a beautiful bonus, you’ll become a fat boy with a quadruple chin! I’ve already covered fast food in my post about foods that kill your T, but this topic will never get old in my view.

So yeah, do yourself a favor mate and stay away from fast food chains. I know that this is a hard task, especially for you fellows that live in the states, but your primary male hormone will thank you for that!

Conclusive thoughts

Man with hat waving the finish flag

You can feel proud already – you now know that there’s no one-way shortcut to increased testosterone levels! Give yourself a well-deserved gift (a testosterone booster for example) and focus on implementing what I’ve told you in this article.

Being able to make use of your natural hormone production, in particular, that of testosterone, you dear my friend should take into consideration a lot of factors. You’re bound to have a difficult time optimizing your androgen profile because we live in a feminized world.

Yet the gratification of achieving a manlier state will be 100% worth it, I promise you that! When you tackle the whole issue, starting by adjusting even one element (sleep for example) is going to make a difference for a beginning. After that, it’s all about combining and fixing all the aspects that we’ve already covered and voila – you’re a new man!

“You’ve got to stay strong to be strong in tough times”

– Tilman J. Fertitta

I just had to include an empowering quote for a happy end. Memorize it so that it can help you as you proceed with your alpha male goals!

Hit me up if you want to discuss this further or if you just want to say hi!

Yours truly,

Founder of Testosterone Nerd
E-mail: simon@testosteronerd.com




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  1. Hey Simon and thanks for your great, funny and informative post. I really liked your introduction. Even though your article is very long it is still quite intersting to read and you can learn a lot about boosting your Testosterone. I am a gym goer myself so this really came in handy. So thanks for that.

    • Hi and welcome aboard.

      It sure is a long post, but hey – size does matter, right?

      In all seriousness though, thanks for the kind words. Good to hear that you’re a gym goer and indeed I do pray to the Lord that this article is of use to you!

      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  2. Have you ever tried ashvagandha?

    I’ve heard people recommend it for increasing testosterone.

    Dr Mercola stated that fluroide in toothpaste can negatively affect testosterone levels. Have you heard about this?

    Whats your thoughts?

    Me personally I’ve used natural toothpaste in the past and loved it. So I might go back to that.

    • Hey, Mohamed.

      Yeah, I’ve heard about this herb going by the funky name of Ashvagandha (very Indian-sounding, indeed), but I don’t have any personal experience with it… yet!

      Cheers to this doctor named Mercola – fluoride is one of our worst enemies. Long-term exposure to fluoride has been PROVEN to decrease T levels. So in a nutshell, yes, by all means, AVOID common toothpaste and go for something bio and natural.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  3. What a great info in increasing Testosterone. I was about worry when I started beginning of your article because I have it all to me? Not enough sleep, Stressed out and the worse is that I consumed alcohol from time to time.

    But I thought you will recommend some nutrient to consume or pills in the end which I always hear about but good to know that there is a free way to increase our Testosterone.

    You are right, being physically is definitely works. I will take it into action from now onwards. Good to know.

    • Hey Maxx.

      Don’t stress out (pun intended) too much over all the negative aspects. After all, who isn’t under stress these days? And since we all lack time for whatever we might need it, our sleep suffers too. Alcohol is like an escape way for folks to vent their frustrations.

      And yeah, being physically fit and active is a major thing. Even if it’s only walking at an enthusiastic pace if it raises your heart rate you’re in ‘training’ zone!

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  4. Hi Simon! I hope it’s ok that I’m a girl and my T levels are probably lower than average… I wanted to say this was a hilarious reading, your introduction caught me and I read ALL OF IT, just because your writing is so funny and straightforward. I’m definitely pondering how to make my man do all that… how about an article about the ways we girls can help our man get more physically active? 😉

    • Hi Noa and welcome!

      You said it yourself – since you’re female, it’s more than normal for you to have LESS testosterone. Otherwise, you’d be growing beard, have a deep voice and other male ‘attributes’.

      Hey, kudos for giving me a great idea! A post about ladies helping their gents get in shape and just improve their overall being would be awesome! I can already imagine some fellow men cursing me for having the thought of fueling such concepts lol.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  5. Great post Simon ! Funny , engaging and informative! Who knew there was such a lot to the whole testosterone caper ? Im a bit of a “natural ” type girl myself so was a bit apprehensive about all this stuff that you fellas are potentially ingesting in order to get your desired ” look ” !
    Thankfully you had that covered in your JFYM book …I never imagined juicing would be “a thing” for manhood but I’m convinced now ! Not forgetting the coconut connection either . Great info re the effect of coconut oil reducing prostate size and weight loss ! Im going to buy a bunch of this guys now ( ??bunch …not sure !)…my partner has an enlarged prostate AND need to reduce his circumference a bit as well !! That’s him sorted …and those little rats can have a rest until we see the results !
    Loved your work Simon, hoping there’s lots more to come!

    • Hello and welcome Ros!

      Thanks for enjoying my content – I ALWAYS appreciate it!

      You mentioned JFYM and coconut oil, which reminds me that you can cook with coconut oil. As you’re a lady, take into account that if you decide to prepare food with coconut oil, your man will most likely love you even more!

      I’ll pray for your hubby’s condition. Hopefully, the prostate thing will go away with the help of natural remedies. And don’t forget – he can always hop on Testosterone Nerd for some valuable information!

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  6. Hey I know that this is an issue for a lot of men. And it is great to see another positive and informative article that addresses men’s issues. Us women get so caught up in our own issues sometimes, until we forget about the guys. We forget that just like we have fluctuations in our hormones, you guys may have some fluctuations of your own going on. Excellent article!

    • Hey, hey!

      Now that’s a lady worthy of praise!

      Yes, we men DO have our own demons and problematic periods (although not like your ‘periods’). Rarely though, do our loved ones recognize the fact that we are not emotionless, baby-making ATM’s.

      Alright, that’s not to discredit our MASCULINITY – but you get the point.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  7. very informative! Good info on the foods that boost the T.
    I never knew that mint and soy could kill testosterone. Funny how certain foods suck the energy out of you. 1 Thing – Maybe make your page/post links a point size larger for those certain folks to read easier. Good site – I gave your FB a like!

    • Welcome aboard Dave!

      Soy especially is one of our worst enemies, if not the worst one.

      And I believe the links that I’m putting are the same size as my body text. There’s always CTRL+Mouse Scroll if you need zoom in or zoom out, boom!

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  8. High-Intensity Interval Training was something I first ever heard about and a close family member of mines was a long time personal trainer. Meaning there is some great things to learn when reading this blog specifically. This information does something to me where I want to put on my old sneakers and head out to the gym to try out some of the suggestions in the “multi-joint exercise” portion of the blog. Train smart, avoid injuries, be happy is a good quote to live by. I’ve sustained strained muscles from over doing it already in my ectomorph frame ! Thank you for providing people like myself with helpful info! God Bless

  9. Hi Simon,
    Great post and pages on the best ways to boost testosterone, appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience. I feel like I do the right things in terms of lifting which I do mostly heavier weights with less reps, as well as diet, mostly paleo. A few years ago I took some testosterone pills I got from GNC for about 6-9 months and didn’t really notice much of a difference. Last year I got my T-count at my physical and it was within normal range (I am 50). What would you recommend for an over the counter testosterone booster that won’t break the bank? Thanks!
    Mat A.

    • Hiya Mat, welcome!

      Well, as with any other supplement – some work, some don’t. There’s no universal product that will WOW everyone, right? Testosterone boosting supplements ain’t no different. And the intriguing part is that it’s not always about going for the most expensive one, you just have to know what to look for and relying on someone knowledgeable on the subject is always helpful.

      Check my “Top T boosters” article for some relevant products – I’m sure that you’ll find something that you’ll like.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd


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