Simon, Testosterone NerdHey there guys, my name is Simon and I’m the TestosteroNerd behind this site.

To start off,  I would like to point out that as every single man on this planet, I have the burning desire to be THE man.

It is by design that we as men want to dominate as opposed to being dominated, to conquer as opposed to being conquered etc.

After all, this is one of the key aspects that differentiate us from women.

After all, this is one of the key aspects that differentiate us from women.

Even as a youngster, I was already becoming aware of what a crucial role in everyday life a very important hormone plays.

As years were passing by, it was evident that the prime element establishing what a real man is in terms of how he acts, how he carries himself, how he handles the ladies etc.

It turned out to be exactly… you guessed it – Testosterone!

So in a very logical way, I started to gain interest in ways to raise the levels of this remarkable hormone, without resorting to the path of darkness (you know what I mean, young padawan).

This is where my fascination with fitness, living a healthier lifestyle and supplementation as means to improve my testosterone levels.

Also, I hold a Master of Public Health Management which expands my view on subjects such as prevention before treatment, which may very well apply to dealing with problems such as low testosterone levels.

As you can clearly see, everything that I’ve shared with you so far adds up to my passion connected with the king of hormones.

I believe this is where a mind-boggling question arises:

Why did I create this website and what purpose does it serve?

In essence, what I wanted to achieve by creating this place on the vast web, was so that I could share valuable information with fellow men from all walks of life and all ages.

Bringing out the best in folks from ways to battle low testosterone levels, through optimizing normal values of the hormone and last but not least – living a meaningful life by being the man you are destined to be.

“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them”

– Ernest Hemingway

We don’t want to make a mess by being forced to believe the tips that I’m going to provide you with, now do we?

Even if this site is focused on testosterone and masculinity I can guarantee that it’s violence-free!

Okay, so back to me and why I adore (and I hope you will too!) a more user-friendly and down to earth approach when it comes to disclosing all the secrets connected with the one and only… testosterone.

My intention is to make it worth your while by providing loads of awesome information with you guys, without boring you to death with over the top scientific mumbo jumbo.

In case you require particular assistance in terms of evaluation or help on your ultimate journey to elevated levels of testosterone.

And eventually to a boost in your manhood, don’t be shy and just hit me up by leaving a comment down below.

Also be sure to check my site on a regular basis, since I won’t stop adding quality, informative and relevant content, which I’m sure you’re going to love!

Now, may the Lord bless you and may your testosterone levels go through the roof (with the help of this site)!


(Founder and Author of TestosteroNerd)