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Hi, my name is Simon Slavssen and I’m the founder and editor-in-chief at My aim? Simple. To go through all relevant research and scientific data so that you have access to the most relevant, helpful and easy-to-digest information to boost your testosterone levels naturally… and more!

For this, I’ll use my professional experience and academic background. I hold a Ph. D. degree in Public Health and 2 Master’s degrees (Public Health and Public Health Management, Strategic Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry), I work as a full-time assistant professor at a preventative medicine department.

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Testosterone and Hair Loss Shampoo Power Up Your Mane, a man with a long hair

Testosterone and Hair Loss Shampoo: Power Up Your Mane

Navigating the world of hair loss can be a challenge for anyone. From creams to supplements to herbal remedies, there’s no shortage of products promising to help you regrow your locks. But for men experiencing hair loss due to low testosterone, the search for a solution can be especially difficult. After all, testosterone is...

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Testosterone and Libido Link The Connection for Men and Women, a man and a woman next to a car

Testosterone and Libido Link: The Connection for Men & Women

As one of the most talked-about hormones in modern culture, testosterone has long been associated with masculinity, aggression, and sexual performance. However, recent studies and medical research have shed new light on the complex relationship between testosterone and libido in both men and women. While traditionally thought of as a ‘male hormone,’ testosterone plays...

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Testosterone and Muscle Growth The Power of Hormones, a muscular man flexing

Testosterone and Muscle Growth: The Power of Hormones

The human body is a complex and intricate machine, with countless processes happening simultaneously at any given moment. One of the key factors that determine our physical abilities, both in terms of strength and endurance, is testosterone. This vital hormone is responsible for a wide range of functions within the body and is particularly...

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Testosterone and Hair Growth Understanding the Link, a barber cutting a mans hair

Testosterone and Hair Growth: Understanding the Link

The relationship between testosterone and hair growth has long intrigued scientists and observers alike. While testosterone is typically thought of as a male hormone, it actually plays a critical role in both sexes, influencing everything from muscle mass to cognitive function. But what about hair growth? Is it true that higher levels of testosterone...

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Connection between Testosterone and Sexual Confidence

Testosterone and Sexual Confidence: The Shocking Connection

Testosterone and sexual confidence two terms that have been widely discussed in the realm of sexuality and masculinity. It is no secret that testosterone plays a crucial role in the development of male sexual characteristics, including the formation of the male genitalia, as well as fostering secondary sexual traits such as deepening of the...

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Connection Between Testosterone Levels and Sexual Satisfaction

Testosterone and Sexual Satisfaction: Exploring the Connection

How testosterone affects sexual satisfaction has been a topic of much debate and speculation over the years. There are those who believe that high levels of testosterone can lead to increased sexual desire and satisfaction, while others argue that the two are not necessarily linked. In recent years, however, there has been growing interest...

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Role of Testosterone in Building Muscle Mass

Testosterone and Muscle Building: Importance and Benefits

Testosterone is a hormone that’s mainly produced mainly in the testes but also in the adrenal glands, has been linked to everything from sexual function to aggression, and many believe it plays a key role in building and maintaining muscle mass. But is this really the case, or just another myth perpetuated by the...

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Does losing belly fat increase testosterone, featued image

Does Losing Belly Fat Increase Testosterone?

Many people are interested in losing belly fat for purely aesthetic reasons, but did you know that it could also have an impact on your testosterone levels? Losing belly fat through a combination of diet and exercise may increase testosterone levels and provide a number of other health benefits, including a reduced risk of...

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Where Is Testosterone Produced In Your Body, featured image

Where is Testosterone Produced in the Body? In Men & Women

Here’s where testosterone is produced in the human body: Testosterone is a steroid hormone produced by the testicles (in men), in small amounts by the ovaries (in women), and the adrenal glands (in both sexes). This hormone plays a major role in sexual function, muscle development, bone density, growth of body hair and fat...

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Circular clay bowl full of raw spinach

Spinach Benefits For Men – Was Popeye Onto Something?

After doing my fair share of research regarding the elusive spinach benefits for men, I have to admit that I’m pleasantly surprised. It seems like good old Popeye knew he was getting something pretty unique by popping out cans of spinach. It turns out that spinach is loaded with vital minerals and vitamins. Also,...

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TestoFuel review, a bottle and a box of testofuel

TestoFuel Review: Boost T Levels by 203% + My Results

I challenge you to search the web for top testosterone boosters, I GUARANTEE you’ll eventually run into… yep, TestoFuel! This is what TestoFuel really is: TestoFuel is a testosterone booster that contains natural ingredients (herbs, amino acids, vitamins etc.) designed to naturally increase your body’s own testosterone production. I’ve personally tried it for 1...

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Somatodrol review

Somatodrol Review: Effective or 100% Garbage?

Somatodrol is marketed as a natural supplement designed to boost testosterone levels and improve body composition. However, most of its ingredients are underdosed and the overall effectiveness of this product is sub-par at best. I’ve personally tried it for an entire month and wasn’t impressed. But there’s a testosterone booster that actually does deliver...

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What Causes Low Testosterone In Men?

Arguably one of the most sought-after questions that guys ask is – what causes low testosterone in men? And since low T is undoubtedly one of the worst things that can happen to a man (apart from listening to J. Bieber), we as men absolutely need to know what the reason for that condition...

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Are Testosterone Supplements Safe? Evidence-Based Guide

As someone who’s been using T boosters for years, I’ve always wondered – are testosterone supplements safe? I bet that you’re curious to know the answer to this mega sought-after question as well! According to science, testosterone supplements may be considered safe. Although researchers point out to the fact that more studies are needed...

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Empty plate with a fork and knife

Intermittent Fasting For Men – The Ultimate Guide

As men, we should always strive to gain a competitive edge, whether it’s about having more testosterone, being more shredded or muscular etc. And something that may help in all of these aspects (plus more) is fasting! That’s right and today’s post will be all about Intermittent fasting for men as we focus on...

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Foods that kill testosterone

Testosterone-Killing Foods: List and How to Avoid Them

We’ve got the words five (5), foods, kill and testosterone. It wouldn’t be a trademark Testosterone Nerd article without a vital question at the very beginning now, would it? So what kind of concoction can we create with these intriguing ingredients? The 5 foods that kill testosterone of course! You are now going to become...

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TestoGen review, thumbnail

Testogen Review: Is It Worth Your Money and Time?

The popularity of testosterone boosters has certainly skyrocketed in recent times. These supplements come with the promise of stimulating your own T production, thus making you manlier. One of the top dogs in this category is undoubtedly Testogen. And in this authentic Testogen review you’ll find what it is, what it contains, how it...

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Juicing for your manhood review, book cover

Juicing for Your Manhood Review: In-Depth Review

Modern times are pretty hectic and rather empowering (ahem)… emasculating. At least that’s the conclusion that I came to, from my own perspective. As men, we have to do our best to optimize our testosterone. And here’s my very own Juicing For Your Manhood Review and these are my personal results: I’ve used several...

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