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I've been fascinated by natural male hormone optimization since 2016. And ever since I've been going through boatloads of different meta-analyses and scientific data associated with increasing testosterone levels naturally. Thus, in my collective work on this site you'll find helpful tricks, natural remedies, detailed product reviews (including stuff I've personally tried) and more!

Top 5 Testosterone Boosting Exercises Without Weights

It’s a well-known fact that being physically active has a plethora of benefits. And one of them is that working out increases testosterone levels. But if weightlifting isn’t your thing or if you simply want to do bodyweight movements? Then you’ll totally love the top 5 testosterone boosting exercises without weights: Pull-ups Squats Split jumps […]

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Does Edging Increase Testosterone? The Myth Debunked [Science-Based]

Most of us are constantly looking for new ways to improve our testosterone levels. And while weightlifting and proper nutrition have always been a logical choice, more unorthodox approaches are popping up. One of them seems to be edging. But… does edging increase testosterone? No – there’s no scientific evidence to conclude that edging does […]

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Does TestoGen Really Work Or Is It Just Empty Promises?

Trying to increase your testosterone naturally by using testosterone boosters has always been a bit of gamble. Some T boosters will definitely make you feel and look manlier, while others not so much. And unless you’ve already read my TestoGen review, we have to answer one super important question related to this rather popular supplement. […]

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TestoGen Side Effects – Read This Before You Buy This Supplement!

Honestly, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that most people assume that anything with “testosterone” in its name is bound to be illegal and dangerous. Maybe that’s why the TestoGen Triple-Action testosterone booster could be mistaken for an anabolic steroid (also check my TestoGen review). What about the TestoGen side effects… does it have any? As […]

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TestoGen – Where To Buy And Can You Actually Get It On Amazon?

There are many great products out there that can help your libido, energy levels and body composition. But one of the absolute best T boosters is definitely my personal favorite TestoGen – as evident in my TestoGen review. And you’re now probably wondering something. Oh, TestoGen where to buy, how much does it cost and […]

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TestoGen Ingredients – A Scientific Breakdown Of Each Ingredient!

Few T boosters can match TestoGen’s proven track record. I’ve personally tried it and totally loved its effects on my libido, sexual prowess and overall manliness – you can read more about that in my very own TestoGen review! And guess what, the secret is in the TestoGen ingredients! That’s why I’d now like to […]

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What Is The Best Muscle Building Stack On The Market Right Now?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re most likely aware of the fact that dietary and sports supplements have taken the world by storm. And logically, supplement stacks started to gain popularity as most fitness enthusiasts and men, in general, are wondering what the best muscle building stack on the market is at the moment. […]

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Does Nugenix Work Or Is It All Smart Marketing?

Let’s face it when it comes to the most popular and contemporary products for naturally increasing testosterone levels, Nugenix is always up there among the best T boosters. And logically, many folks are wondering – does Nugenix work? Yes, in theory, it should work by optimizing your natural testosterone production. This supplement uses some proven […]

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D Aspartic Acid Side Effects – Myth Or Truth… Or Both?

When it comes to popular testosterone boosting ingredients, arguably one of the top dogs is DAA or D-Aspartic acid. But that popularity also comes with doubts and concerns regarding the supposed D Aspartic acid side effects. Since this amino acid has been widely used for several years already, gym rats and anyone interested in giving […]

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Andro 400 Reviews – Are They All Fake Or Are They Genuine?

These days, the supplement market is literally flooded with all kinds of testosterone boosters, each having its own pros and cons and relying on solid customer reviews to back up its supposed effectiveness. One of them is definitely Andro 400 and today we’re going to take an in-depth look at the Andro 400 reviews! I […]

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