Are Testosterone Supplements Safe? It’s Not What You Think!

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As someone who’s been using T boosters for years, I’ve always wondered – are testosterone supplements safe? I bet that you’re curious to know the answer to this mega sought-after question as well!

According to science, testosterone supplements may be considered safe, although researchers point out to the fact that more studies are needed to further determine the safety aspect of these products. Some researchers are theorizing that they might damage your liver, but once again the evidence is inconclusive and if you’re using a T booster from a trusted brand, you should be absolutely fine (1).

Don’t forget that these supplements contain natural compounds and they’re meant to naturally stimulate your own T production. You can read more about what’s inside these supplements in my What Is In A Testosterone Booster article. And above all, testosterone boosting supplements ARE NOT anabolic steroids!

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Can You Expect Any Serious Side Effects From Testosterone Supplements?

As I already mentioned, there’s a lack of solid scientific data to highlight any serious side effects that may result from taking these products. Personally, I’ve got a solid background in terms of taking testosterone optimizing supplements over the years and I haven’t experienced any unwanted reactions, really.

BUT, let’s take a look at what most of the “experts” in the field generally point to when talking about the adverse effects of such products:

  • Acne
  • Increased aggression
  • Liver toxicity
  • Kidney damage
  • Headaches

I don’t know about you guys, but to me, this sounds like what’s written on the label of 99% of the prescription drugs on the planet! Well, maybe excluding the acne and aggression part… still, you catch my drift. Too generic and non-specific to cause any concern whatsoever.

I’ve come across only a few cases of guys complaining about allergic reactions. These are generally a rare occurrence. So I’d say that your chances of having an allergy of some sort to one of the ingredients are close to your chance of winning the lottery!

What About My Own Experience With Testosterone Boosters?

I gotta say that it’s been almost 100% positive so far. Even with the crappiest testosterone boosters that I’ve tried in my time weren’t any dangerous health-wise. I must confess that the only so-called “sides” that yours truly has experienced was some elevated irritability and more aggressive behavior.

Being more dominant equals more manliness, which translates to you having more of your primary male hormone. Aggression is totally connected to that and pretty much what you might expect from more androgen activity in your body! Although if you light up fast, then aggravating this side of yours could be problematic for your and others around you!

“Government’s first duty and highest obligation is public SAFETY”

– Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold’s words are spot on – he only forgot to add the words ‘testosterone boosters’ somewhere next to ‘safety’!

So you think these products are all moonlight and roses then? Well, not all of them folks!

Are testosterone supplements safe, natural guy

Are Testosterone Boosting Supplements The Natural Alternative To The Harmful Anabolic Steroids?

Yes, you can say that. Obviously, supplements specifically designed to enhance your manliness is what we’re talking about here, not banned or illegal products. And yes, I DO believe that testosterone boosters are indeed a fairly cool way to substitute injecting your ass (literally) with synthetic T.

Do you wonder if they can match the sheer potency of the banned thing? Haha, no chance bro! And I’m not saying it in a sarcastic manner, the truth itself is that supplements can and NEVER will match the effectiveness of anabolic steroids!

If that’s discouraging you from making the most of your manhood, you’re free to somewhere else – somewhere where they advocate artificial hormones… This site will always remain geared towards natural, over-the-counter methods of raising one’s testosterone, dealing with lower levels of it and the plethora of associated consequences!

From my point of view, even if T boosters never even come close to what synthetic testosterone might give me, I value my health an awful lot more than being bigger at the expense of my balls becoming shriveled like a prune.

Now that I got this off my chest and hopefully you managed to realize that you can’t expect steroid-like results from supplements, I think we should move on to the next hot topic!

Are All Testosterone Boosters Are Created Equal?

MAX Strength Testosterone Booster POWERFUL Ingredients|60 Veggie Caps|Increases Muscle Growth|Natural Energy Enhancer, Stamina & Libido Booster|Fortifies Metabolism|Promote Performance and RecoveryNot by any stretch of the imagination. As with other supplements, products and just about everything in general, there are testosterone boosters and TESTOSTERONE BOOSTERS.

When you end up with a bottle of some underdosed, poor quality crap manufactured by a shady company, not even Chuck Norris would be able to assist you. That’s why you absolutely should gather enough info about a certain product before taking it, because if something is hating by A LOT, if not all, of the people who tried it… chances are it SUCKS donkey balls!

What to look for? Proven ingredients, like the ones in TestoGen’s new formula (also check my TestoGen review). Now, I want to highlight what NOT to look for:

  • Anything containing banned substances (e.g. anabolic steroids)
  • Proprietary blends (they’re underdosed most of the time)
  • Not enough or dubious ingredients (e.g. Tribulus Terrestris)

Before you burst into laughter, let me throw the BOMB by telling you a top secret (or not so much) information – testosterone boosting supplements that contain traces of synthetic hormones DO exist. Of course, there have been various scandals in the industry over the years, closely related to such fraudulent practices.

Corrupt and shady companies out there did (and probably still do under a different name) formulate supplements with added “bonuses” so that they’re indeed super-effective, only for the people who actually took them to find out what the real truth is.

So you better buy something trustworthy, also tried and tested before getting all hyped up! However, you could potentially wonder…

What To Do If You Actually Encounter Any Side Effects?

Square sign with don't panic on it

For starters, immediately stop taking the particular supplement that’s causing issues. And even if you’re not sure what’s causing any adverse reactions, talk to your doc, explain everything and be cautious next time if there’s a specific ingredient or something that causes problems.

Now, let’s say that you’ve been taking test boosters for some time and whack – certain side effects occur! Basically, go through this checklist before you jump into any serious conclusions about a given product:

  • Did you take it as recommended on the “directions” label?
  • Are you taking something else alongside that might interfere or be the cause of the side effects?
  • Do you drink, smoke, abuse certain powders etc.?
  • Any external factors that could be blamed instead?
  • Are you SURE it’s not just all in your head?

Come on, don’t be a shy boy! Ask yourself some or ALL of these questions so that you can receive some clarification on your situation. Judging by my past “side effects” with testosterone increasing supplements, the only real problem was always that some just didn’t do the trick – that’s what I call a TRUE side effect!

This brings me to another spicy topic – age relation!

But, Are These Supplements Safe For Older Folks?

Middle-aged man smiling in a gym

Testosterone boosters are just as safe for older gents as they are for younger folks.

Once again, IF you don’t buy the cheapest crap, filled with loads of useless garbage, chances are it would not make a difference if you’re 20 or 60. That is if you don’t have any prior medical condition that could potentially cause problems, but then again – in this case, you’re better off visiting a doc to make sure everything is functioning as intended!

If you’re 50 or above, make sure to check my article about the best testosterone booster for men over 50! In this piece of writing, you’ll find which testosterone boosting supplement can help you feel 20 again.

And like I said earlier, more mature guys will be loving their testosterone boosting supplements because as T production declines steadily after 30, you’ve got a LOT more to gain from these products than some if not all of the younger folks out there!

And now, the time has come for the last vital question my friends, and that is…


Since there aren’t any studies to conclude that test boosting supplements are harmful or have a particular set of side effects, it’s safe to say (pun intended) that these products are not going to cause you any issues.

Generally speaking, testosterone boosters are a harmless and natural method to raise your manhood. Unlike the juice (you the kind of juice I’m talking about), they offer natural compounds that are most of the time used in synergy to bring maximum efficiency.

No doubt that useless, pointless (everything less) supplements of this class DO exist, but they’re generally super easy to spot. Just by checking two or three reviews (if there are that many) of them and you’ll realize that these are NOT worth your time, money, health and… testosterone!

Quality testosterone supplements are money well spent – low-quality ones, not so much!

To wrap it up – I truly hope I managed to give you valuable answers to crucial queries! Hopefully, next time you decide to buy such a product, either check one of my reviews (like my TestoFuel review for example) or simply try to remember what I had told you.

But do YOU personally think that testosterone boosting supplements are safe? I’d love to read about your personal take on this subject, so drop a comment below!



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  1. Simon,
    Recently, as an attempt to increase my T-level as much as possible, I decided to buy tribulus supplement, which was supposed to increase my T-level if I take it on a regular basis.
    It’s been 1 month and all I saw is the increase in my breakout. My face have been clear for awhile and now all these pimples pop up out of nowhere. On the other hand, my key lifting number has been increasing slowly.
    Do you think it’s just placebo effect ? Or do you think I should just stop the tribulus as my acne is getting really bad right now.

    • Hey again Marvin,

      Alright, so as you may already know (or not), I’m not a big fan of Tribulus to be perfectly honest with you – check my article about it for an in-depth analysis.

      Now, acne is generally connected to puberty, as the main force behind it are all the cascading hormones, testosterone being one of them. Of course, there are guys who actually enjoy (go figure) having pimples because that’s when they know their product is working. Once again though – it all varies from person to person.

      Your case sounds like Trib might be working for you, or you’re just reaping the benefits of a decent training regime – you’re the one to tell me which one of these is true! And last but not least – placebo is REAL bro! The human mind is a powerful weapon.

      If your acne is getting that bad, I say to hell with the Tribulus – just stop taking it. If the rash goes away, congratulations my friend! If not… better go make an appointment with your local dermatologist!

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  2. Hey Simon,

    Great info about the T Supplements. I’ve always been a bit worried about taking T Boosters after a bad experience with a Trib Supplement. I just went psycho and angry all the time.

    I was thinking of investing in some Testofuel. Do you think it will bring any rage?

    Also, are there any benefits for non lifters taking T Supplements?

    • Hi there Vin and welcome.

      It’s intriguing to hear more about your experience with Tribulus. Especially if you could elaborate on the going all psycho and sh!t while being on it – I personally felt jack (you know what) from that herb.

      I’ve tried and tested TestoFuel myself (here’s my in-depth review of it) and I can honestly say that I didn’t go through any moments of unnatural rage or something. Feeling more alpha for sure, the positive side of it.

      The benefits of an increase in one’s testosterone production are welcomed for pretty much ANY man out there. I don’t see why it would make a difference if you’re a lifter or not? However, lifting heavy stuff is always better than not doing anything at all and you’ll definitely enjoy the testosterone booster even MORE!

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  3. Hi Simon,
    Having been through your testosterone supplement review I have come to the terms that anybody age can take it at least from the age of 20 up. The side effect of the supplement can as well be very funny.

    When the person becomes highly aggressive due to the effect of the supplement, Is there any policy put in place to guide people like that if their aggression is high enough to harm themselves or others?

    • Hello and welcome!

      Well, it would be weird to see anyone below 20 take a testosterone booster, although there are exceptions. If you happen to be dreaded with low T levels, then turning to such supplements wouldn’t be unreasonable, no matter the age.

      Aggression is rather complex, I DO NOT think that we can grasp it in its entirety. Sure, receiving an increase in your testosterone could very well aggravate one’s aggressive behavior, but it will never a HUGE amount of difference from taking a natural supplement.

      Now steroids are a completely different story and since they mess with your whole endocrine system, you might expect all kinds of unpleasant sh!t – including beating people up before you even have the time to restrain yourself (maybe not literally, but you catch my drift).

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  4. Simon

    This is very interesting review on the safety of supplements for testosterone. Based on my understanding your stint on “the Juice” is right on. I had a friend who called himself doing a cycle to keep his size and he got big but his unmentionables shrank ( so say his X-Gfriend).

    Personally I do not take supplements. I have tried them in the past but they always ache my stomach and muck up my insides. I take a less is more approach; moderate exercise, lots of water, fresh fruits and vegetables and try to stay away from foods that are not in their original form. No one is perfect and neither are supplements.

    • Welcome Ralph!

      Had a blast reading about your friend’s gf complaining about his package shrinking! This is the drawback to getting big in an unnatural manner – unfortunately.

      Supplements are useful, but of course, they will never make you superhuman and certainly will NOT replace nutrition.

      You’re doing great in terms of your approach and I think I need to cover the subject of water in the future. Liquid is liquid and our bodies are primarily made of guess what… LIQUID!

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  5. Hello

    How does a guy know if he even needs one of these supplements, I do take some supplements such as pea protein and amino acids are these harmful to me in any way?

    Are there any supplements people should avoid when taking these supplements? What is the best supplement of this type for a guy to take in his late 50’s?

    • Hey,

      Pea protein, harmful? Depends on what’s inside the container of course, but if it really is protein then congrats – you WILL live! Amino acids are also nothing to be afraid of, as supplements in general. The only problems arise when you deal with some crappy products that have pure garbage inside. Also, don’t worry – there’s no need to avoid anything while taking protein and/or amino acids.

      As for testosterone supplements and guys in their late 50’s – anything works for you pretty much. My personal favorite so far has been TestoFuel which I’d imagine for work just as well (if not better) for older folks.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  6. I found this very intriguing as I know someone who takes a prescription testosterone booster and there were definitely a lot of side effects from it. However, his physicians are hesitant about non-prescription supplements because of the other prescriptions that he takes.

    Do you yourself think that there is justified fear in using the non-prescription supplements or do you think those in the medical field are just getting kick-backs from the pharmaceutical companies? How does someone know that they are getting advice from a medical professional that is genuinely looking out for the individual rather than the pharmaceutical companies? He wants to be safe and avoid any possible negative interactions with his other medications!

    • Hello and welcome.

      Prescription T booster? That’s news to me. Perhaps you’re mistakingly referring to supplements, while your friend might’ve been on TRT – testosterone replacement therapy. It’s the synthetic version of testosterone, not harmless at all and something doctors like to prescribe.

      Testosterone boosters and supplements, in general, are OTC (over the counter) products. You can buy them freely without visiting your doc. And as unfortunate as it is, medical personnel getting kickbacks from the pharma industry is a FACT.

      You have to find a doctor that’s trustworthy and one who cares about your health – not so much for the “benefits” that he’ll receive by certain companies. That’s all the advice that I can give you. I know it’s tough to find the right doc, but there are still noble men and women in white coats!

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  7. Wow you have opened my eyes up to somethings I’ve never thought of when it came to testosterone supplements. I will say that not all of them are created equal. Just like you stated in the article. I took this one brand and it gave me really bad acne. I stopped and went to another one and the acne disappeared. I will be sure to share this information.

    • Hi James.

      Sorry to hear about your unpleasant past experience with a certain product, why don’t you share the brand with everyone?

      Taking your time to gain a better understanding of a particular product before buying it is always a DECENT idea. Doesn’t matter (maybe, slightly) if you’re buying toothpaste or testosterone boosting products.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  8. Are testosterone supplements safe? Glad I stumbled into your post. I was wondering that myself. I actually tried to use them twice. Once maybe a decade ago but had to stop because I was going thru some money problems. Then again when I got certified as a personal trainer.

    This is a topic that can get really confusing. You do a really great job of simplifying it and making it easier to understand.

    I’ll be coming back for sure to get more information on this topic.

    • Hi and welcome!

      So you’re a certified personal trainer? That’s rather cool – I’m sure some of your clients will benefit from utilizing natural T-boosting supplements. In fact, most men will!

      It’s a fact that the whole subject regarding the safety of testosterone boosters can be bewildering, but that’s why I decided to create this post – to help folks out.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  9. Good to know that testosterone boosters are the safe alternative to steroids. Great site by the way, nicely laid out with a large variety of information and products. Very humorous and light hearted presentation for a subject I would assume is completely serious for some one looking for this information. I found it very easy and entertaining to read through. Also was easy to find all the other information through out the site.

    • Hey there, Louis!

      Indeed, testosterone boosting supplements ARE the natural alternative to juice a.k.a. anabolic steroids. Sure, they might not be as effective, but oh boy your body and especially your endocrine system will thank you for choosing them over the banned stuff!

      Do not hesitate to check out my other articles as I’m sure you’ll find them just as amusing and informative.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  10. People need a website like this, there are too many people taking the wrong supplements and educated person such as yourself makes a big difference. Very balanced article overall. I wouldn’t personally mess with them but if you know what your doing. go for it. Have you tried them before?

    • Welcome aboard Josh!

      Listen, mate, I think you got it all wrong here. Supplements are NOT steroids.

      Testosterone supplements are actually testosterone boosters. You won’t see me advocating anabolic crap. period.

      Testosterone boosters are natural, certainly nowhere near as effective as synthetic testosterone but your testicles will thank you for not turning to the dark side.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd


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