Coconut Oil Benefits For Men

You get plus 10 points to manliness if you can open a coconut with bare hands!

Shot of a coconut sliced in half

What do you make when life presents you with two significant words – coconut and men? In an ideal world, you would make an explosive, testosterone enhancing concoction. HOWEVER, I’m tuning your frequency to what the coconut oil benefits for men are. Amazing, isn’t it?

Most of you folks reading this have probably heard of this type of healthy nutrition. Perhaps you’ve been introduced to coconut oil by those shiny and fancy, healthy eating junkies. Who cares anyway? As men, we should opt to maximize our testosterone levels and overall health status naturally, without injections or synthetic hormones.

How come are coconuts then going to assist in that you may ask? By making you make a hole in the fruit and suck the good stuff out (ouch, didn’t want to make it sound that way). Well, thank the Lord that’s not the case – although it should be a tasty option if anything. Let’s start by examining what these AWESOME buddies are, shall we?

What are coconuts to begin with?

They are eatable, wow! Could you possibly believe that fellows!? I know, I know – it’s harder to believe than Volkswagen selling eco-friendly diesel cars (hello dieselgate and VW). Seriously though, I feel like I SHOULD introduce you to our exotic friends first, before pointing you towards their awesomeness for us men!

First and foremost, this is what the nutritional value of coconut oil consists of:

  • Saturated fat (over 90% of the total fat count)
  • Polyunsaturated fat
  • Monounsaturated fat

Doesn’t take a NASA scientist to figure out that these nutty fruits are PURE fat – no carbs, no protein… only fatty acids! Hold on tight now, don’t scream in panic. Coconut oil ain’t going to make you fat, just because it contains fat! As you probably know (and you should by now) there are GOOD and there are BAD fats.

There is 0 (zero) trans fat in coconuts so logically you are free to start jumping in exaltation! Trans fats are notorious for being unhealthy and they are best friends with fast food chains – bad news for you junk lovers.

The true beauty of these ‘nuts’ goes by the name of:

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs)

This is what makes the saturated fat of coconut oil so unique and separate it from the crowd, my friends. Also, these MCTs are the secret weapon of coconuts as they’re responsible for most of the benefits associated with coconut oil. Scroll down – let’s take a look, shall we!?

Young man passing through a huge waterfall
This guy’s testosterone levels should be happy!

Coconut oil for healthy Testosterone levels

Healthy fatty acids are known to be pro-testosterone, right? In this regard, we are familiar with how awesome Olive Oil and Coconut Oil are as natural testosterone boosting foods. Certain fats are GREAT for the production of our favorite male hormone and have been proven to increase T levels.

As we’re quite obviously talking about coconuts here and how they affect our masculinity, we’ll delve deeper into the depths of this subject (deeply deep) to get a better understanding! Once again, what is coconut oil full of?

  • Saturated fats!

So what you might ask young padawans? Well, this particular type of fatty acids is SPOT ON for your testosterone production as already mentioned in academic work. Sounds stunning, eh? Add to that the fact that this exotic fruit tastes like heaven and you’re onto something!

There’s also solid evidence that coconut oil (just like olive oil) DOES up testosterone levels! Even though the research was done on rats (give me a shout if you are a rat), the proof is there nonetheless! The little critters that were using coconut oil had way more T and higher amounts of antioxidants in their gonads (balls).

Are you convinced now… hmm? Perhaps another back to the claims I had made about these coconuts would be sufficient? Sure, once again we have bloody rats as test subjects, but the results are bulletproof – the group that consumed coconut oil received the most significant boost in T values!

All in all, we can now safely pull the curtains down and go to sleep – coconut oil LOVES testosterone! But hey, there’s more to this beautiful food… have a look:

Coconuts and the possible prostate protection

Small security enforcement badge from the US
To serve and protect… the PROSTATE!

Who hasn’t heard or watched a TV commercial about the brand new, groundbreaking supplement that relieves the horrible condition known as enlarged prostate, a.k.a. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (talk about fancy working), a.k.a. why do I have the urge to visit the WC all the time!?

The whole idea about coconut oil being a killer for enlarged prostate comes from more rodent studies. What’s up with using these poor little creatures as test subjects? Like there are not enough convicts out there that could “volunteer” for medical research!

Anyway, a study from back in 2007 focused on the effectiveness of Saw Palmetto (a common favorite for prostate health), Sunflower Oil and our favorite CocoNUT Oil. An effortless win for the Saw Palmetto you’d say, right?

As a matter of fact folks, all three DID reduce the size of these rats’ prostate – including our namely hero. And all of this was achieved in only 14 days, that’s what… two weeks? You’re probably a fully grown man so you might be skeptical about such studies including rodents, but there’s method to the madness!

Coconut oil is packed with lauric as well as myristic acid and these two bad boys are what helps with that big arse prostate of yours!

And yet, the greatness of coconuts doesn’t stop here, oh no-no-no!

Using coconut oil for FAT loss!?

Truck loads of question marks in signs

Let me start by reminding you that lard (especially around your midsection) correlates to more estrogen. As pointed out in my “Things that lower Testosterone levels” article, excess adipose tissue means that the enzyme called ‘aromatase’ transforms more of your testosterone into the female equivalent… yeah, you got that right – ESTROGEN!

What do coconuts have to with that though? It’s not like they’ll make you the top contender for a best male physique kind of contest – you’ll require much more (plus steroids) for that! Nonetheless, Coconut Oil DOES help in getting rid of excess fat and also achieving the sought after thinning down your waistline.

Virgin coconut oil is super efficient for reducing the waist circumference, especially in MEN!

Copy that? Feel thrilled and pumped to get yourself some delicious coconut oil? You better be, because research shows this beauty DOES strip inches off your waist! What, you don’t trust me? Have a look yourself then, you smarty-pants!

The guys that volunteered as test subjects were obese but healthy. That’s crucial because it shows that the benefits are immense and perhaps even greater for worst-case scenarios like folks that weight half a truck. An almost 1.5 inches reduction in waist size in as short as four weeks by simply adding two tablespoons of coconut oil? I’m sold!

Since we’re on the fat loss (weight loss is dumb, we only want the FAT out) topic, there’s more amazingness in relation to coconuts!

Coconut oil benefits for men

Coconut oil starring in Hunger Games!

Unfortunately (for you, I don’t care about this bland movie) I’ll have to burst your bubble… there are no coconuts in this flick! If you know otherwise, do let me know though. Don’t get me wrong, Jennifer Lawrence is totally cute, but I’m not going to go off-topic for the sake of a superficial case like this!

Instead, what I’m referring to is that those good old coconuts can decrease your hunger! Less appetite = lesser chance of hitting the drive through. Need a reminder on the foods that wreck your natural testosterone levels? Totally worth reading if you’re visiting my site for the first time so feel free to do so!

The basic idea behind the appetite suppression of coconut oil lies within the superb MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides). They become either ketones in your liver, or are quite simply utilized as an energy source. What do ketones do? Hello, hello… they tell your appetite to bugger off, literally!

As shown in academical works, men (hooray for male test subjects) who consumed more MCTs than their counterparts who didn’t, ate around 300 calories LESS per day! Impressive, isn’t it? This basically means more credibility to the fabulous coconuts!

Oh and by the way, don’t mistake hunger for/or fasting! Fasting is a whole different story, especially when it’s deliberate. I’ve dedicated an entire article to intermittent fasting and its perks for men, definitely a must read! I’m personally utilizing this fasting method and I’m LOVING IT so far.

Final thoughts on CocoNUTS

Doesn’t matter if you are a die-hard fan of coconuts or just a newbie looking for a natural way to boost your hormonal profile while adding other brilliant benefits. All of this is wrapped up in a nice cover that’s addressed to us MEN!

It’s about time you guys realize how useful, available and beneficial to your general health and well-being coconut oil is. And that comes as a complete bonus to the testosterone friendliness of this mouth-watering fruit. Be honest with yourself here, who doesn’t like food that tastes good and does the job?

Take bananas for example – yummy and spectacular when it comes to an array of benefits for us males. And yeah, that DOES include their admirable potential for natural T optimization! Check my related piece of writing for more info!

So you think you have all it takes to let coconut oil enter your life (sounds creepy, doesn’t it?), big boy? Hit me up if you are still unsure or you simply want share your complete and total satisfaction with this AWESOME exotic fruit!

Yours truly,

Founder of Testosterone Nerd



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  1. I wasn’t expecting to laugh at this article, but oh. my. gosh. I nearly cried when I read “To serve and protect… the PROSTATE!” with the picture of the police badge! You made my day, sir.

    • Hello!

      Huzzah. It’s awesome to hear about your appreciated of my sneaky attempts at bringing a smile to everyone’s face while delivering a crucial piece of information.

      Here at Testosterone Nerd, my goal is to share valuable stuff with you guys while having a laugh for the sake of keeping the main vibe positive.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  2. I really loved you in-depth and humorous approach at informing your readers about the benefits of coconut oil to the testosterone levels in the male body and how well it helps to thin the waistline and lose fat (like u put it). I have always thought it to be a beauty by-product for skin care but now I know better. Thanks a lot. I also dropped by some other pages on your website, love the “fasting” post. Have a great day.

    • Hi.

      Coconut Oil might have a certain reputation as being a skin-friendly thing for the ladies, but there’s more to it… as you are now aware.

      Feel free to check every single part, corner, spot of this website. It’s here for everyone and hopefully, I’m being able to assist men in the ongoing battle for our virility.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  3. What’s up Simon, Awesome knowledge here. I’ve been getting into MCT oils myself. We use coconut oil to cook with all the time and I personally put MCT oil (and grass-fed butter) in my morning coffee daily. Amazing benefits. I didn’t even realize that it can help with testosterone levels as well. That’s a MUST for every man in my humble opinion. Great content and information!

    • Welcome aboard Layton!

      You seem to know what you’re doing, especially with the butter from grass-fed cattle! As I can see you’re obviously consuming coconut oil so cheers for that – you’ve got your virility backed!

      Hopefully, more men will take a step towards eating healthy like you did.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  4. Hey Simon great post. Who would have thought that coconuts have so many positive affect on men. I am a man who like to find new ways to keep my weight down and the libido strong.

    I have read somewhere that fat around the belly can cut down your sex life to a degree. Now with the affects that coconuts have for males. I am all in.

    What will be the best way to consume this coconut oil? Is the taste harsh? Can I consume it with a protein drink?

    • Hello and welcome!

      What you read about belly fat is true – more of it equals less testosterone. What does that mean? Less masculinity, including libido, sex drive etc. Coconut oil aids our manliness so this is why it’s so amazing.

      The best way to consume coconut oil? Depends on you, entirely. You can cook with it if you want to – your call, entirely. Coconuts taste like heaven so don’t expect any harsh taste, really.

      I never thought about adding coconut oil to a protein drink, sounds like a sound plan, great!

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  5. This is a good piece of information about coconut. I like drinking the stuff inside because it taste good. I also like eating what is inside. The only thing I know about coconut is that you can drink it to neutralize the strength of any medication you take. Your information about coconut oil will drive me to buy more of it from the grocery store.

    • Hi there!

      Coconuts are total superfood – and yeah, the taste is just oooh… hard to describe!

      As for the interaction with drugs – coconut water has been proven to neutralize toxins and poisons alike. But in terms of lowering the potency of medications… I call that a MYTH!

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  6. Coconuts sound like one of the key ingredients to boosting testosterone in men. Like you said, it’s also delicious. My question is, is it more beneficial to cook it or eat it raw? Which is more beneficial?

    I heard coconut has a lot of electrolytes too which is good for people who sweat a lot. I didn’t know that coconut fat can help men lose fat. Now that’s an awesome feature. Maybe I can just eat coconuts all day and not eat anything else. What do you think?

    • Yo!

      Coconut oil can actually be used for cooking – it consists primarily of saturated fat and will be less likely to oxidate. It’s a brilliant option to use as an oil and mega tasty – this practically answers your question, happy?

      And no, just no – I’d never advocate eating nothing but coconuts! Your nutrition should be a variety of healthy foods, not just one. Now go get yourself some coconut oil and add this beauty to your dietary habits!

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  7. Thanks for sharing all of the amazing benefits of coconut oil for men! I didn’t realize they were so far-reaching. I will definitely have to get my husband on a regimen, although he’s pretty healthy and full of testosterone as it is. I want him to STAY that way as he ages. I read somewhere recently that men today have 20% more estrogen than they did, say, 30 years ago and it’s due to all of the estrogen mimickers in everyday house and food products. That may explain a few other modern social issues with men, but that’s for a different discussion completely…

    • Hello there, Wendi!

      It’s rather unfortunate indeed, and it’s fact that we, the modern men, have less T and more E than what our fathers and grandfathers had when they were younger.

      The global conspiracy is that the mass emasculation of men is on purpose and I support such claims. Just look at the number of foods that contain xenoestrogens these days – hint: almost all processed and fast/junk foods DO!

      Even bloody tap water is feminizing us – another reason to use a water filter, as I do.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  8. Hey Simon,
    Great article… I was already inclined to cook with coconut oil, but I had no idea it could help out with testosterone levels and prostate health. I’m impressed, and inclined to consume more of this stuff, maybe even put some in my smoothie. I’d heard good things about frying with it due to the smoke point, and some pretty wild claims about cardiovascular health and cancer, so I was looking for more ways to use it.

    I do have questions about the kind of coconut oil to buy. If I’m knocking down a lot of this fat, I can save money by buying “Pure” rather than “Organic Virgin Cold-pressed…etc.” So what are your thoughts on where to draw the line at what is good quality, healthy coconut oil?

    And – would you put it in a green smoothie, or just stick with the avocado I typically use not as my healthy fat?

    • Hello Steve, and welcome!

      Yeah, coconut oil is gaining popularity and for a very good reason – it’s that good!

      It can be used for frying indeed, as it’s a much better alternative than the awful palm oil that fast food chains use for instance.

      As for “pure” versus “organic” – this is rather subjective. Apart from financial reasons, you can argue that organic ain’t all that different and you can do just fine with the regular stuff. But, I’d say that it’s always better to spend more on anything organic because it does taste different (in a positive way) and in essence is purer.

      Don’t worry about adding coconut oil to your green smoothie – if anything it’ll improve the taste of the whole thing. Mixing it with avocado sounds weird though, taste-wise.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd


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