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TestoGen ingredients

TestoGen Ingredients – A Detailed Scientific Breakdown of Each One!

Few T boosters can match TestoGen’s proven track record. I’ve personally tried it and totally loved its effects on my libido, sexual prowess and overall manliness – you can read more about that in my very own TestoGen review! And guess what, the secret is in the TestoGen ingredients!

That’s why I’d now like to give you a very detailed and science-backed analysis of its ingredient profile.

Although there’s nothing particularly revolutionary, there’s enough of all the right components, making this supplement a must-have for us guys.

An In-Depth Scientific Breakdown Of The TestoGen Ingredients Label

Before we kick off, note that TestoGen received an overhaul of its ingredient profile in early 2018.

This means that this supplement is now more potent than ever and generally works even better at boosting your testosterone than before!

TestoGen ingredients, official ingredient list

D-Aspartic Acid – 2,352 mg

This is an amino acid that plays a role in the biosynthesis of proteins in our bodies.

However, it’s often found in T-enhancing formulas due to its testosterone boosting properties.

And here’s how DAA helps us to produce more of the primary male hormone, according to science:

  • Apparently, the pituitary gland and the gonads (testicles) have the ability to bind the DAA circulating in the bloodstream.

  • Subsequently, D-Aspartic acid causes an increase in the synthesis of the Luteinizing hormone that’s synthesized in the gonads. This in return stimulates the production of Leydig cells, which then synthesize testosterone.

  • Eventually, relevant studies conclude that DAA plays a role in the release and regulation of testosterone (1).

And apart from improving your T levels, D-Aspartic acid can also improve your sperm quality.

In fact, taking 2,660 gm of DAA for 3 months straight has been scientifically shown to improve male fertility (2)!

TestoGen ingredients, stinging nettle
This is what stinging nettle looks like and yes, it stings!

Nettle Leaf Extract – 40 mg

Let me tell you, nettle is a superb and very nutritious veggie that you shouldn’t neglect.

But when it comes to testosterone, it’s main purpose is not letting the SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin) bind to the highly potent free testosterone.

This is what science has to say about it in more detail:

  • Researches have shown that Urtica (i.e. nettle) has the ability to bind to SHBG (3). The key behind this mechanic is called ‘lignans’ and since Urtica has plenty of plant lignans. Their affinity to SHBG means that there’s less ‘bound testosterone’ and more free testosterone coursing through your veins.

  • Another study concludes that nettle root extracts can significantly increase serum testosterone levels (4). By blocking the activity of a specific enzyme group, nettle halts the testosterone-to-DHT (dihydrotestosterone) conversion. However, it’s worth mentioning that the test subjects, in this case, were rats!

Overall, I’d personally say that the addition of nettle root extract is a great move since this ingredient wasn’t present in the old TestoGen formula.

TestoGen ingredients, ginseng
The ginseng roots might look a bit weird (or even ugly), but the extract made from them is very testosterone-friendly!

Red Ginseng – 40 mg

The red ginseng a.k.a. Panax ginseng is a long staple in traditional Korean herbal remedies for the dreaded ED (erectile dysfunction).

And as such, it’s also widely studied and researched, so let’s take a look at several in vivo studies:

  • One study highlights the fact that over 66% of the men who took Koren red ginseng over the course of 12 weeks reported better erections (5).

    Sure, these patients were taking humongous doses (around 3 grams of ginseng daily), which is far from the doses in TestoGen. Nonetheless, scientists do point out that red ginseng can be an effective and natural alternative to more invasive ED treatments.

  • Another scientific review suggests that red ginseng has a significant role in supporting the function of the steroid hormone receptors like androgen receptors (6). All of this is more than welcome because this is exactly how red ginseng can have a positive impact on testosterone optimization.

On a side note, this type of ginseng (red) a.k.a. Panax or Asian ginseng is NOT the same thing as American or Siberian ginseng!

It’s actually better.

TestoGen ingredients, Fenugreek
Fenugreek isn’t only used as a spice, it’s a powerful testosterone-optimizing herb as well.

Fenugreek – 40 mg

Fenugreek is a neat little herb that can be found in almost any testosterone booster these days.

And for a good reason!

There’s a myriad of available scientific data online that links it with improved libido and increase T levels.

Thus, here are a few spot-on studies to consider:

  • One particular research points out that Fenugreek can improve body composition and T values over the course of 8 weeks (7). More specifically, resistant trained guys who took 500 mg of Fenugreek daily reported decreased body fat, improved strength and great free testosterone blood circulations.

  • Another research shows even more evidence that Fenugreek is rather testosterone-friendly. Or to be more precise, free T levels were increased by up to 46% in almost all test subjects – around 90% of them (8). Other improvements worth mentioning are related to the cardiovascular system, sperm count and overall libido of those who partook in this study.

In short, it’s safe to say that Fenugreek is an outstanding herb that we men need to cherish.

Boron – 8 mg

Boron is a trace mineral with plenty of benefits related to our metabolism.

What is truly outstanding about this mineral though, is how good it is for us men.

Here, see for yourself:

  • A 2011 study shows that after supplementing with 10 mg of Boron for 7 days, men experience an increase in free testosterone (9). On top of that, both vitamin D and dihydrotestosterone were increased as well, while SHBG and estradiol were decreased, which is good for your masculinity.

  • In separate research, scientists have found the same thing – Boron has a positive impact on our primary male hormone (10). Taking Boron greatly increases the highly potent free testosterone, resulting in all kinds of benefits, especially for older gents! This study also states that this trace element helps with bone growth, wound healing and even the production of vitamin D.

All of this makes me rather happy that the team behind this testosterone booster decided to add Boron to the new formula.

A job well-done lads!

TestoGen ingredients, black pepper - Bioperine
This is what Bioperine really is – patented black pepper extract.

Bioperine – 8 mg

The Bioperine extract with 95% piperine in TestoGen isn’t meant to directly help in boosting your T.

No, it’s actually supposed to increase the absorption rates of the other ingredients.

And yes, it’s effectiveness has been scientifically validated:

  • Studies clearly show that piperine (found in Bioperine) improves bioavailability i.e. absorption of other ingredients (11).

Apart from that, the very same piperine is also linked with anti-tumor influences according to the same study!

Magnesium – 200 mg

Magnesium is a crucial and essential mineral that has a number of benefits.

From migraine prevention to lowering blood pressure and even reducing insulin resistance.

However, we’re all about natural testosterone optimization here, so here’s what science has to say about Mag and T:

  • The research data is conclusive – supplementing with Magnesium increases both total and free testosterone (12). Even better, these findings apply to both active and sedentary folks, so everyone’s T levels can benefit from Magnesium supplementation.

Besides, this is an important mineral for your overall health that you’re getting as a nice addition to this product’s formula.

Vitamin B6 – 20 mg

This is a vitamin part of the Vitamin B group and this vitamin helps your body produce melatonin, which is important for your sleep.

Also, Vitamin B6 plays a role in the production of two hormones – serotonin that regulates mood and norepinephrine that helps with stress.

But here’s what researchers say when it comes to boosting your testosterone:

  • Supplementing with ZMA (Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6) leads to an increase in serum testosterone concentrations after just 8 weeks i.e. 2 months (13).

So you have something like ‘kill two birds with one stone’ here.

This B vitamin will not only help you sleep better (sleep is also vital for your hormones and overall wellbeing), but it’ll also boost your T. Great!

Zinc – 10 mg

Zinc is an essential mineral with more than enough benefits ranging from supporting the immune system to helping wounds heal faster.

But for us men, Zinc is especially useful.

Here’s why:

  • Research shows that Zinc supplementation helps to optimize your natural testosterone production, while also increasing sperm count (14).

The reason for that is quite simple really – Zinc is associated with assisting in the normal development of the testicles (gonads).

And in case you didn’t know, testosterone is produced inside your very own gonads i.e. balls!

TestoGen ingredients, Vitamin D3
Apart from supplementing with Vitamin D3, the body produces it via direct exposure to sunlight.

Vitamin D3 – 52 mcg

This, in fact, is a hormone, although it’s called Vitamin D and it plays an important role in keeping our bones strong and healthy.

Also, the version used here is the more potent Vit. D3 one as opposed to the Vit. D2, which is of poorer quality.

As for Vitamin D3 and testosterone… this is what relevant studies have found:

  • One research shows that men with lower testosterone values who took Vitamin D for one year managed to increase their T levels significantly (15). And we’re talking about an increase in both free and total testosterone, as well as bioactive T.

  • A separate transversal study reveals that Vitamin D is an important factor for men’s sexual function (16). Apparently, the boost in free and total T is directly related to improvements in the erectile function department, so all guys who suffer from ED, rejoice!

Basically, unless you live in an all-year-round sunny place, supplementing with Vitamin D3 is a sound plan for ANY man.

That’s because our bodies produce this vitamin when our skin gets direct exposure (i.e. not hiding behind a window) to sunlight.

So, for all my fellows who live in the northern hemisphere or even the US and most of Europe – Vit. D3 might become your new best friend when it comes to testosterone!

Vitamin K1 – 20 mcg

This vitamin can be found mostly in green leafy veggies (like spinach and kale) and it has a number of key benefits.

Arguably the most important thing about Vitamin K1 is that it helps with blood clotting, while also supporting a healthy bone metabolism.

As for other, testosterone-related benefits, studies suggest that:

  • One particular scientific review found that there’s indeed a synergistic interaction between Vitamin D and Vitamin K (17). This is great news since by combining these two beauties, you’ll potentially enhance the T-boosting capabilities of the Vitamin D3 that’s included.

But when it comes to any direct impact that Vitamin K1 has on your testosterone levels, there’s a lack of solid scientific data.

TestoGen ingredients, 3 bottles of TestoGen

What Is TestoGen Though?

According to the official TestoGen web page, this is an all-natural testosterone boosting supplement aimed at adult men (aged over 18) who’d like to put more oomph to their T levels.

In short, TestoGen is designed to be the go-to product for:

  • Increased muscle strength and size

  • Improved libido and sexual performance

  • Better motivation, focus and energy

  • Reduced waist circumference and overall body fat levels

  • Decreased fatigue, tiredness and lack of concentration

Or in other words, this is a tool that can help both folks with low T and even those with normal values. A

Although this T booster would probably work wonders for older gents, younger fellows will most likely benefit too!

For instance, I absolutely LOVED every second of using this product and I’m a relatively young guy (into my late 20s right now).

What TestoGen Is Not!

TestoGen is not an anabolic steroid, nor does it yield the same results (obviously).

This is simply a natural product consisting of herbs, amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

And this means that it’s free of:

  • Banned or illegal substances

  • Harmful steroids

  • Unsafe ingredients

However, even if this is a brilliant testosterone booster that WORKS (I can confirm that), it’s not a miracle pill!

Don’t expect to take TestoGen and turn into the Incredible Hulk.

Sure, your libido, body composition and overall testosterone will experience a boost, but don’t forget about your diet and training regime!

TestoGen ingredients, a man training his abs

Is TestoGen Safe?

Yep, it’s as safe as a testosterone booster can be.

Everything in this testosterone boosting supplement is 100% natural as the ingredients come from various natural herbs and minerals.

For example, the Red Ginseng has been a staple in Asian medicine for a long time.

And on top of that, there are no banned, illegal or harmful substances in this product.

There’s really nothing to worry about here – I’ve personally tried TestoGen and experience zero (none) side effects whatsoever.

So, all that you have to do is follow the directions on the label you’ll be perfectly fine!

TestoGen ingredients, bottle of TestoGen

Does GNC Sell TestoGen?

No, you won’t find TestoGen in common supplement retail stores like GNC or Vitamin Shoppe.


Because the only way to get this testosterone booster is through the real TestoGen USA site that offers worldwide shipping on all orders.

However, it’s worth pointing out that you might stumble upon certain retailers who offer TestoGen on Amazon.

Still, these sellers have nothing to do with the manufacturer behind this T booster!

This means that they’ve acquired TestoGen somehow (probably bought it via the genuine site) and they’re reselling it on Amazon.

For me, this takes all the legitimacy out of the equation as you’re essentially buying from a third party.

Thus, my advice would be to buy only from the official, legitimate website.

And by doing so, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the discounts, guarantees, exclusive offers etc.


It’s crystal clear that TestoGen uses only scientifically-validated ingredients as part of its formula.

This means that you can rest assured that you’re taking a product that works.

Get Your Bottle Of TestoGen Now!

Besides, as an added bonus, you’ll have the peace of mind that your testosterone booster isn’t filled with a bunch of dubious ingredients, hiding behind a proprietary blend.

Have you personally tried this T booster btw?

If your answer is yes – did you like it?

And if no… what are you waiting for?

Leave me a comment in the comment section below!

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