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Foods that kill testosterone

Testosterone-Killing Foods: List and How to Avoid Them

We’ve got the words five (5), foods, kill and testosterone. It wouldn’t be a trademark Testosterone Nerd article without a vital question at the very beginning now, would it? So what kind of concoction can we create with these intriguing ingredients? The 5 foods that kill testosterone of course!

You are now going to become one of the guys who are about to be enlightened as to what foods to avoid so that your inner alpha male remains happy.


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I’ve also written a more science-based approach with actual studies in relation to the 5 worst foods for testosterone!

But if you’re not into science, then proceed!

As we men are notorious for being able to empty any fridge out there when we are hungry as mofos.

It would be wise to at least use 1% of our brain function so that we can preserve our manliness while filling our bellies, right?

What Foods Are Bad For Testosterone?

Before immersing into the depths of each antagonist, here are the 5 worst foods for your T:

  1. Soy

  2. Junk/fast food

  3. Flaxseeds

  4. Licorice

  5. Mint

I tried to make the order in a descending way, clearly, the soy leading the pack.

Well, it basically turns you into a woman, so no wonder…

Now, yours truly designed this article to be more reader-friendly so I’m staying away from scientific data and research here.

Another article, closely related is on its way.

So if you’re keen on finding out any studies to back the claims, then waiting for it would be more appropriate!

Unfortunately, there’s nothing for dinner… Now go hit the drive-through (not)!

Foods that kill testosterone, junk food

1. Junk Food – Greasy Chicken Wings’ Plot Against You Manhood!

No, that’s not part of the script of some far-fetched Sci-Fi program.

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This is how evil, crispy and crunchy wings WANT all of your testosterone!

I’m sure a lot of you guys perfectly realize how damaging such crap are for your bodily functions, including hormone production.

What you might not know are some details, details that can very well MURDER your testosterone production, in addition to an array of ugly “bonus” effects.

As most human beings with normal brain function have long known that fast food=BAD for you, it’s easier said than done though!

I know for one that sometimes I turn to one of my guilty pleasures (thank God it’s rare).

This means hitting one of the more famous fast-food chains, notable for its proprietary blend of spices.

I plead you folks not to fall victim to these HORRIBLE foods, for the sake of us being males, just don’t!

Today’s society would probably be a better place if we avoid that scourge.

Foods that kill testosterone, soy

2. Soy – Your Testosterone Hates Anything With Soy!

Are you carnivorous? Do you like to CONSUME flesh (not human obviously)?

Can you even think about only living on plants?

Oh man, just the thought of this makes my stomach sick. If you are not one of those trendy vegan types of guys, great news for you!

I see NO point whatsoever in consuming soy-based products if you are eating meat and enough of it.

Also, I wouldn’t recommend becoming a vegetarian to any men, because there’s almost nothing manlier than handling raw ham with bare hands as the blood’s dripping down… yeah, you got my point!

Soy is notorious for being anti-testosterone as it’s known to stimulate estrogen receptors.

If you, dear reader of this post, by any chance hate eating meat in any form, then your destiny is in your hands!

Go for the soy so that you can at least get sufficient protein in your diet, but don’t be a hater if you have lower T levels than us meat-lovers!

Foods that kill testosterone, flax seeds


3. Flaxseed – Flaxseeding Your Worst Testosterone Boosting Expectations

Boom, the bomb has been dropped!

You didn’t expect your beloved flaxseed here, hm?

A double-edged sword for us men – this is exactly what anything containing flaxseed is.

Yes, taking your flaxseed oil pedantically every single day might be healthy, but think twice if you’re worried about primary male hormone optimization!

Maybe your wife/girlfriend/mom/grandma/random lady etc. loves that stuff and swears by flaxseed being the $hit.

Healthy fatty acids are indeed awesome for both males and females, especially relating to hormones, but with flaxseeds, it’s totally gender-related!

Let them females consume as much as they want from these seeds.

Heck, they can even consume as much as they want from ANY seed out there (pun intended)!

But lignans have been busted for their testosterone-lowering properties and guess what?

Flaxseed’s best friends with lignans, they hang out all the time!

Foods that kill testosterone, licorice candy

4. Licorice – Candies Have Never Been So Emasculating

It’s now official that I’m feeling musically enhanced today as this is my second reference to a song in this post and I don’t believe in coincidences!

In a nutshell, Licorice is something you might be already familiar with.

It’s widely used in all kinds of sweets, candy, chewing gums, teas etc. – even in breath fresheners!

You can probably think of at least one occasion on which you were sitting in front of the tv while munching on some licorice candy?

Fellow men, listen up!

I didn’t include Licorice just for the sake of it being on the list.

It just happens to block your body’s testosterone production as you start banging your head against the wall with all kinds of “why?”.

Of course, it’s not the same type of “blockage” as what steroids do to your system, it’s completely reversible yet still sucks a lot!

Me? I was never a fan of candies and/or sweets no matter what so this doesn’t really bother me, what about you?

Foods that kill testosterone, mint

5. Mint – You In (not so) Mint condition

A true shocker, no?

Now you’ll never look at that smooth peppermint tea, in the same way, this I guarantee!

Honestly, though, any you guys suspected that good old minty herbs can be one of our worst enemies, testosterone-wise?

We’re talking about peppermint and spearmint in particular here since the whole mint family is a bit larger than that.

The idea is more on the complex side, but basically, they induce oxidative stress in your brain’s hypothalamus.

As a result your nuts decide that they won’t be making as much testosterone and you don’t want that!

From my personal view, as I recall every single time I did consume peppermint tea, a very soothing and relaxed feeling was taking hold of me.

I felt almost too relaxed, even lethargic. In my book, this is not manly at all, so to hell with MINT!

Do Bananas Lower Testosterone Though?

No, not by any stretch of the imagination.

There’s ZERO scientific data to even remotely suggest a connection between banana consumption and lowered testosterone levels.

Bananas are a nutritional powerhouse since they’re jam-packed with vital minerals and vitamins that your body needs.

And with only about 90 calories per 100 grams, they won’t make you fat either… unless you eat a gazillion of them of course!

And even better, they can improve your semen quality, support your testosterone levels during vigorous workouts and more.

If you’d like to learn more, then make sure to check my article about whether or not bananas kill testosterone!


Apparently, there are certain foods that you’d want to avoid like the plague when it comes to keeping your testosterone at optimal levels all the time.

Want to share your opinion about the foods listed above?

Or you simply want to compare our virtual manliness in the comment section?

Leave a comment below then!


What are some foods that can kill testosterone levels in men?

Some foods that may reduce testosterone levels in men include processed foods, sugary snacks and drinks, soy products, mint, and alcohol.

Can soy products really kill testosterone levels in men?

Soy products contain phytoestrogens, which are compounds that mimic estrogen in the body.

When consumed in large quantities, phytoestrogens can reduce testosterone levels in men.

However, consuming moderate amounts of soy products is unlikely to have a significant impact on testosterone levels.

Does alcohol consumption affect testosterone levels in men?

Drinking alcohol can lower testosterone levels in men.

Alcohol disrupts the endocrine system, which regulates hormone production. Heavy drinking may cause long-term decreases in testosterone levels.

Can consuming mint really affect testosterone levels in men?

Mint and other herbs containing menthol may reduce testosterone levels in men when consumed in large amounts.

However, the effect is not significant enough to cause concern for most people who consume moderate amounts of mint.

How can I maintain healthy testosterone levels through my diet?

To maintain healthy testosterone levels, it’s important to eat a balanced diet that includes plenty of protein, healthy fats, and whole foods.

Foods that may support testosterone production include eggs, nuts, leafy greens, and lean meats.

Additionally, avoiding processed foods, sugary snacks and drinks, soy products, mint, and alcohol can help to keep testosterone levels in a healthy range.

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4 thoughts on “Testosterone-Killing Foods: List and How to Avoid Them”

  1. If we are going to look at the science, then we must accept the pinnacle of scientific data being meta-analyses as they are far more important than any singular study. Here’s a meta-analysis on soy entitled “Clinical studies show no effects of soy protein or isoflavones on reproductive hormones in men: results of a meta-analysis”

    1. Hey Tyler and welcome aboard!

      Well, as we know most journals have certain publishing fees so it’s not uncommon to stumble upon a dubious study every now and then.

      With that being said, the study observing soy’s effects on that 19-year old guy is conclusive enough, even if there’s no controlled group or more participants.

      Anyhow, you have a point when it comes to meta-analyses vs singular studies.

      But when it comes to soy and it’s potential hormone-disrupting capabilities, we shouldn’t neglect the fact that soy foods are packed with phytoestrogens, which supposedly have some sort of a feminizing effect according to research (study).

      Cheers and God bless,

      — Simon

  2. I’m sorry but I just don’t see how it is even a fair argument to compare a study with a 19yr old diabetic boy with no control group vs a meta-analysis.
    Also yes soy contains phytoestrogens but not all phytoestrogens act the same. In our bodies we have estrogen receptor alpha and estrogen receptor beta, sometimes referred to as er1 and er2. The alpha receptor is what increases levels of estrogen while the beta does not. The beta receptor is extremely important in maintaining bone density and decreasing prostate cancer. Fortunately soy acts on the beta receptor. This is why there is so much confusion around soy, yes it acts on an estrogen receptor, but no it will not increase estrogen levels in the body.

    “The ERbeta expressed in osteoblasts may mediate the reported beneficial impact of soy isoflavones on bone metabolism. Suggestive evidence that soy-rich diets decrease prostate cancer risk, accords well with the observation that ERbeta appears to play an antiproliferative role in healthy prostate. In the breast, ERalpha promotes epithelial proliferation, whereas ERbeta has a restraining influence in this regard – consistent with the emerging view that soy isoflavones do not increase breast cancer risk, and possibly may diminish it”

    1. Hi again Tyler,

      Okay, if the data presented in the initial cited study doesn’t seem convincing enough, feel free to also have a look at this 2007 study that examines the biological activity of soy protein on healthy young fellows.

      Although this is soy protein powder and not soy in the form of food per se, this scientific data still shows that the testosterone levels of these guys dropped by 19% after using soy protein for 1 month i.e. 4 weeks.

      Interestingly enough, their T levels started climbing back up within a 2-week time window after discontinuing soy protein powder.

      Cheers and God bless,

      — Simon

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