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Where can I buy TestoFuel

Where Can I Buy TestoFuel? [Here’s the Safe, Legit & Secure Way]

Buying stuff online can sometimes be tricky. You have to be familiar with the most reputable sources from which you can buy whatever you want to buy. And this applies to testosterone boosters with full force. Especially one of the best ones on the market – TestoFuel. So where can I buy TestoFuel in a secure, legit and genuine manner?

The only legit and genuine place from where you can buy this supplement is the official TestoFuel website.

That’s right – you won’t find this T booster on any of the big online retailers.

And if you do come across TestoFuel on sites like GNC or Amazon, avoid it like the plague!

But why you might ask?

Because the manufacturer’s (Roar Ambition) policy is to not work with any third-party retailers.

Apparently, this cuts out the cost of the product, allows you to have direct contact with their customer support and ensures the authenticity of TestoFuel.

My personal advice is to NEVER buy this product from any site other than the official one.

Think about it!

How did the person who’s selling this supplement acquire it?

You can never be certain that you’re getting the real deal.

Besides – you can never be sure about the quality or purity of the supposed bottle of TestoFuel that you’re getting.

Why Are Roar Ambition Not Letting Retailers Like GNC And Amazon Sell TestoFuel?

Simple – they want to preserve the genuineness of their product.

This company clearly values their beloved testosterone booster and they want to make sure that you’re getting exactly what you’ve ordered.

Here are the main reasons behind their anti-3rd-party-retailers policy:

  • You get the real, genuine TestoFuel that we all love
  • You gain access to things like money-back guarantee and free shipping
  • You receive top-notch help from customer support
  • You save cash since the costs aren’t as high due to the 3rd-party retailer being cut out

Basically, if you want the best results possible with TestoFuel you have only one option – the official site.

That’s where I purchased my bottle of TestoFuel from and It was as genuine as they get.

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Where can I buy TestoFuel, 1 box of TestoFuel

Does TestoFuel Have Side Effects?

Not really, unless you’re allergic to shellfish that is.

That’s because this supplement contains something called oyster extract.

Also, this ingredient may trigger an allergic reaction in folks who have seafood allergies and more specifically shellfish.

If you happen to have such food allergy, I’d advise you to stay away from this product.

Increased aggression and being extra horny – these are the most likely “unwanted effects” that you may experience from using TestoFuel!

Other than that, for the most part, there’s nothing to worry about as I already pointed out in the TestoFuel side effects article.

Adverse reactions courtesy of this T boosters are quite rare indeed in healthy individuals.

The only real side effects (sort of) that you may come across are excessive horniness and aggression.

At least that’s what I dealt with while I was taking this product!

And How Are US Orders Handled?

For US customers, TestoFuel is shipped from their depot in Tennessee.

They also point out that if you make an order before 3 PM (EST), your TestoFuel will be dispatched on the same day.

Subsequently, if you make an order later in the day (after 3 PM EST), it’ll be shipped on the next day.

And there are also several delivery alternatives, such as:

  • USPS (Priority) – Tracking included. Arrives in about 2 to 4 working days
  • FedEx 2Day – Tracking included. Arrives in approximately 2 to 3 days and requires a signature
  • USPS (Priority) for Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska – Tracking included. Arrives in around 5 to 10 working days

Obviously, they’ll send you an email with the online tracking info once you make an order.

Overall, TestoFuel’s shipping is quite fast and reliable.

The only drawback is that free shipping is only available on the 4-month deal (3 boxes of TestoFuel with 1 box free and other freebies).

Where can I buy TestoFuel, dosage
With TestoFuel you’d only have to take 4 capsules per day, evenly spread throughout the day.

What Is The Recommended TestoFuel Dosage?

The product label says that your best bet is to take 4 capsules of TestoFuel each day (with meals), spread throughout the day (i.e. four 1-capsule doses).

This means that one bottle (120 caps) will last you an entire month, which is pretty neat.

And since you’re supposed to spread your daily intake, you’ll have to take 1 capsule 4 times a day.

This is what the manufacturer recommends for best results:

  • 1st dose (1 capsule) with breakfast (around 7 AM)
  • 2nd dose (1 capsule) with a snack (around 10 AM)
  • 3rd dose (1 capsule) with lunch (around 1 PM)
  • 4th dose (1 capsule) with dinner (around 6 PM)

The rationale behind this is that your body can only absorb so much in one serving.

They do have a point though.

If you have maximum results from your TestoFuel – follow the directions!

What Do The TestoFuel Reviews Say Though?

There are a ton of TestoFuel reviews online and probably 99% of them are positive.

Now, that may sound suspicious for sure.

Either this product really WORKS and people super happy about it.

Or… everyone is praising it for commercial reasons.

I’d say that the reviews of this product are a mix of both.

Now, don’t get me wrong – TestoFuel works and I’ve personally tried it.

Let’s take this guy Jay from the video above as an example.

In his testimonial video, he says that his stomach seemingly trimmed down and he had more muscle definition in just 5 days.

Eventually, after a full 30-day cycle (1 box) he got bigger and stronger while gaining a total of 6.6 lbs.

Are you going to gain weight by TestoFuel alone, without eating more?

No – he must’ve been in a caloric surplus to achieve that.

Remember, you gain weight by consuming more calories than your body needs to maintain its weight.

Weight loss is achieved in the opposite way.

Note that there are plenty of official TestoFuel testimonies on their site, but they seem suspicious IMO.

I’ve already discussed the supposed TestoFuel results i.e. the official testimonials in a separate post.

In short, the before & after comparisons rely on clever use of lighting, different angles, post-workout pumps etc.

But that shouldn’t discourage you from giving TestoFuel a try as it has a brilliant ingredient profile and will boost your testosterone levels.

Testogen vs Testofuel, thumbnail
This is the featured image of Tnerd’s very own TestoGen vs TestoFuel head-to-head comparison review!

TestoFuel vs TestoGen – Who’s The Big Winner Here?

As much as I love TestoFuel, in my opinion, TestoGen is the slightly better testosterone booster of the two.

Additional active ingredients have free shipping on all orders, there are better deals and discounts plus it’s cheaper.

But if you’re so inclined, you can read a very detailed comparison between the two in my thematic TestoGen vs TestoFuel article.


So, there’s only one legit place that sells TestoFuel and that’s the official website.

That means that you won’t find this product on retail sites like Amazon, Walmart, GNC etc.

And even if you do, don’t buy it.

Otherwise, you’re risking receiving a fake box of TestoFuel and even something potentially harmful.

Besides, if you don’t buy from the official source you lose access to things like top-notch customer service, free shipping and hot deals.

Get TestoFuel NOW and benefit from the 100-Day money back guarantee!

But I’d like to know – have you ever stumbled across TestoFuel on one of the online retail stores?

And if you did… did you buy it from there?

Leave a comment below as I’d really wanna know what your answer is!

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