Can You Increase Testosterone Naturally? The Answer Will Awe You!

Raise testosterone naturally you must, young padawan!

Nerd working out with two blue dumbbells

What, are you for real? Can you increase testosterone naturally? Nope, you can’t… Now please turn to your local underground “supplement” dealer for more info on how to really boost your manhood. Just don’t be surprised if your sex life plummets down after you start to mess with the juice (a slang term for steroids).

If you are still reading this post, chances are you have an insatiable appetite for natural supplements. I applause you for this folks – my personal view has always been negative towards synthetic substances. Chances are you came across conflicting data in relation to which road to take for maximizing your testosterone potential.

Ready to assimilate the core techniques of boosting your T in a safe, natural manner? My approach here won’t be the usual one, instead, I will target the main antagonists of testosterone and how to destroy them. Let’s do it

How To Increase Testosterone Levels Quickly And Naturally In 5 Easy Steps!

Here are five science-backed methods for skyrocketing your masculinity in a quick and natural manner:

High Potency Vitamin D3 (5000iu) enhanced with Coconut Oil for Better Absorption ~ Bone, Joint and Immune system support ~ Non-GMO & Gluten Free, 360 Mini Liquid Softgels, Made in USA1. Get More Vitamin D

Whether it’s in the form of supplement or by stimulating your body to produce it via direct exposure to sunlight (check my sunlight and testosterone article as well), the most important thing is to simply get your hands on more Vitamin D.

Researchers have found that supplementing with 3,000 UI of Vit. D can potentially increase your testosterone levels by a significant amount (1). But in case you decide to receive Vitamin D from the sun, make sure to directly expose your skin to the sun rays, as hiding behind a glass blocks UVB rays that stimulate your body to produce this vitamin.

Can you increase testosterone naturally, bodybuilder working out
See how buff this guy is? That’s not because he abuses anabolic steroids, it’s because he works out – aha!

2. Start Weightlifting I.E. Working Out

In case you didn’t know, working out has been scientifically proven to elevate testosterone levels. Not just working out though, scientists are specific – lifting heavy weights is the most optimal way to catapult your T in a fast and efficient way (2)!

And if you’d like to read more on how exercising can optimize your natural production of our primary male hormone, then check my Does Working Out Increase Testosterone article.

Prime Labs Men's Testosterone Booster (60 Caplets) - Natural Stamina, Endurance and Strength Booster - Fortifies Metabolism - Promotes Healthy Weight Loss and Fat Burning3. Utilize Testosterone Boosters

First and foremost, testosterone boosting supplements are NOT steroids, nor are they illegal. They’re natural supplements that are meant to help you by making your body (or testicles to be more precise) produce more of the most androgenic hormone.

There are lots of great products out there, such as TestoGen that happens to be my personal favorite testosterone booster – I’ve personally tried it and simply loved it, so make sure to check my very own TestoGen review!

Can you increase testosterone naturally, drunk man
He’s hammered and his testosterone levels are plummeting… ouch!

4. Cut Back On Alcohol Consumption

Being intoxicated is never a good idea, nor is it healthy. There’s more than enough scientific data pointing out to the fact that alcohol-related intoxication lowers plasma testosterone levels (3).

Besides, alcoholic beverages pretty much contain empty calories that will most likely turn into body fat once the end up in your system – beer belly anyone?

Can you increase testosterone naturally, food in a plate
Healthy meals and snacks = more masculinity and less femininity!

5. Eat More Testosterone-Friendly Foods

Certain foods can help you with optimizing your T levels, mainly:

  • Oysters
  • Coconut oil
  • Pomegranate
  • Eggs
  • Olive oil

And in case you want specific studies and more info about these foods, then head over to my top 5 testosterone boosting foods article!

Other than that, you can try an alternative approach (not using steroids) to naturally enhancing your test levels – go out naked during the daytime, start picking up chicks while screaming and shouting manly things, plus try to pick a fight with someone bigger than you at the same time. 100% natural, besides it, should work… in theory!

Now, something more realistic that does help is juicing (not ‘juicing’ as in taking anabolic steroids). In fact, I’ve been juicing to gain an advantage in terms of achieving a more androgen-friendly environment in my body. And I’m still utilizing it today, although it’s literally juicing – not ‘juicing’ as in taking anabolic steroids.

I even wrote a review about a book about juicing for more testosterone (real juicing, not steroids). It’s a book with recipes and some cool added features which you might find interesting in search for a natural solution to low T, more T, libido problems etc.

Increasing your testosterone production without anabolic steroids or drugs is possible – you only need the right tools to make it happen!

Now, time to look at some extravagant suspects that when taken care of could lead to your testosterone naturally going UP!

Black and white graph with an arrow
This is how certain aspects affect your T… Downwards it is!

What Are The Main Aspects That Are Affecting Your Testosterone Levels

There are a lot of things involved in lowering your T, but they all fall under 3 main categories:

  1. Personal Health
  2. Age
  3. Habits

By giving these three the attention they deserve, you will be able to determine which of them needs tweaking in order to elevate your King of Hormones. Of course, it’s not possible to directly change the year you were born in (I’m sure some will argue they can), but I’ll explain to you how you can still be the MAN even if get on in years.

1. Personal Health

Fellow men, I want you to give an honest answer to three vital questions, okay?

  1. Do you drink (not urine and/or other filthy stuff, clearly)
  2. Do you smoke (cigarettes, thought of something else?)
  3. Do you take any prescription medications (not medical weed, sorry)

Without going into too many details about some of the aforementioned specifics, if you DID answer yes to either 1. or 2., 3 (medication-specific) or all – we have things to discuss then!

(1) Booze

I just HAVE to kick off with the cause of one of the worst cases of addiction in our age – alcohol. Slamming a drink just feels so good to you, doesn’t it? Guess what bro, a glass of wine or a beer or two might be alright, but chugging down massive amounts of booze (especially on a Friday night) could prove to be disastrous for your optimal T levels, as I already mentioned earlier in this post.

Another thing, if you’ve been an avid liquor lover for some time then I’ve got some bad news for you. There’s evidence suggesting that alcoholics are usual victims of hypogonadism (an impaired function of the testes) (4). Ouch, just the thought of this makes my hair on the back of my neck stand up!

Being perfectly honest with you here, I’m not a huge fan of alcohol so you won’t hear me encouraging you to consume alcohol, especially some of the stronger stuff. That’s not to say that from now on you have to totally avoid booze like the plague. It’s just that by using the capacity of your brain, you can see without a doubt that this is detrimental to your goals of naturally upping testosterone.

To put in a conclusive way – when it comes to our primary male hormone, it’s either the glass or your testosterone!

(2) Smoking

Focusing on tobacco now, as its effects on overall T values in the body are contradicting and many people have mixed feelings on the subject. There are a bunch of studies conducted on this matter, but I don’t want to bore you to death with too many scientific terms or data.

There’s just this one research handled by some Englishmen, which suggests that there might be a correlation between smoking and lower levels of total and free T by the indirect contribution of SHMG (sex hormone-binding globulin). Still, other studies exist with conflicting info (5).

Who do we believe then you might ask? Saying both and going out for a smoke because who cares would not be an optimal answer for me. After confessing that I’m not an alcoholic I will now reveal that I’m not a smoker as well. Don’t worry though, I have my vices – as everyone else does!

Decide for yourself if you want to inhale this poison. Just think about all the negative aspects of it, one of them being the vasoconstricting (constriction of blood vessels) effect of nicotine which affects your whole system but you will most likely notice problems with getting the plane airborne if ya catch my drift.

But now, behold a crucial part of your personal health:

(3) Medications
Loads of medication pills in a hand

Fasten your seatbelts, the ride is getting bumpy guys! If you suffer from conditions like high blood pressure, infections or just particular pain relievers, then I’ve got some BAD news for you! Here are the top antagonists to watch out for (they’re all scientifically proven to affect T in a negative way):

  • Statins – used widely for dealing with hypercholesterolemia and dyslipidemia (funky terms, yeah). They might lower your LDL (bad) cholesterol, increase your HDL (good) one and such, but your testosterone will not like them at all (6)!
  • Opioids – pain relievers, most well-known of them being morphine. They definitely ease one’s pain, although at a cost. These medications bother your luteinizing hormone and we all know that this hormone is responsible for the creation of T from Leydig cells in your balls (7).
  • Ketoconazole – this one is for treating different fungi or yeast infections. This study with the scary title “Ketoconazole blocks testosterone synthesis” is enough I believe (8).

If you are currently on any of these medications or a combination of them for some reason, don’t panic by this info and don’t just throw them all out or stop taking them! By no means am I giving medical advice here – listen to your doc, because stuff like high BP is no joke.

What I wanted was to merely point out how you can boost your T by keeping in mind that certain medications can mess up with your hormones. If your medical practitioner allows it, a change of medications might be a reasonable choice. If you are indeed concerned with more natural testosterone values that are!

2. Age

Drawing of an elderly man with beard

Forget all the bogus claims that older men necessarily have lower levels of T. Every man is carrying unique amounts of testosterone in his body and besides, our manhood is greatly determined as early as being in our mother’s womb.

Sure, the levels of our primary male hormone do start to decline after approximately 30 years of age. One percent per year to be precise, which really adds up the older you get. But hey, if anything this info should spark your enthusiasm for change – for more testosterone! I’ve even written a detailed article on what the normal range for T levels is!

Honestly, this 1% annually (after 30) is not such a huge chunk taken out of your virility, although it might be noticeable. Remember – even if you are for example 50 at the moment, you can bet your house (maybe even every possession of yours!) that you might actually carry greater values of the King of Hormones, than some if not many of your younger counterparts (wanted to use rivals, but that would be overdoing it)!

Curious how age is related to a way of boosting your T in a natural way? Hehe, it’s ridiculously simple and you won’t be able to guess what the connection is.

So to stir this sub-topic in the right direction, I want to point out that I DID NOT include age in order to push some cutting-edge, latest-tech, end game, the fountain of youth kind of pill! In fact, my idea was the exact opposite – focus on the first and third aspects, which happen to be Personal Health and Habits!

That’s correct, it applies to all of you older folks out there. You are more than capable of adjusting your vices and daily routines in order to achieve a more androgen-friendly environment in your system. Don’t use age as an excuse, your testosterontial (testosterone potential actually, I’ve just created a brand new word) is at stake!

3. Habits

Text appearing broken saying "break all habits"
Should be “Break all BAD habits”!

Be it good or bad habits, our mission is to convert the negative ones into positive as well as to stack on these pleasant habits! We’re all sinners obviously but please be so kind as to give me a few paragraphs, to illustrate in a way what I’m referring to.

Do you truly desire a natural optimization of your primary male hormone? Then carefully consider adjusting bad habits so that they transform into good ones, such as:

  • Watching certain movies (those romantic types…)
  • Consuming xenoestrogens (they’re almost everywhere)
  • Not getting enough rest (sleep)
  • Being a drunkard (check the Health Status part again)
  • Not being physically active (being fat=more estrogen)

It’s rather unfortunate that simply starting from scratch is almost mission impossible (pun intended). Can you stop being an alcoholic in the blink of an eye? Are you able to engage in vigorous workouts all of sudden, after spending years on your comfy couch? Don’t panic, I’ll leave you a few years to come up with a reasonable answer!

What about xenoestrogens though, I’m sure this weird word did catch your attention! Without boring you to death with too much info, let’s just say that these are the EXACT opposite of testosterone optimization. Commercially-raised products like meat and dairy ones are packed with it – growth hormones, antibiotics for the animals etc. Oh, you like to drink tap water?

Good, enjoy your estrogen-imitating xenohormone then. Now be as fast as lightning and buy yourself a proper filter, install it and thrive! I almost forgot – ditch plastic bottles, store your water in glass ones – plastics are treated with chemicals such as phthalates which are… yep, a nasty xenoestrogen!

“Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them”

– Bruce Lee

Try to grasp this brilliant quote by Mr. Lee himself and focus on your bad habits, your mistakes. Each one if disturbing your male hormonal balance, in particular, your T levels. By making the desired adjustments which I highlighted you are BOUND to increase your testosterone in a perfectly natural way!


Lastly – yes, you DEFINITELY can up your male hormone values by playing around with different aspects, like the ones already mentioned in this post. You have to desire the change though – everything comes with a price… more testosterone won’t magically appear in your body unless you inject it which I highly recommend… NOT!

I didn’t even want to fit in the other most obvious and rather effective method of elevating T – testosterone boosters. Don’t count that as a mistake because It was intentional, for the simple reason that you can check other articles of mine like the one about what T boosters actually are, for a detailed analysis.

So, you’re already making modifications to your lifestyle? You even started taking a T booster? Wow, if you are the person who answers yes to both then I salute you! Chances are you will be a better man, a manly man, THE MAN!

“I have no objection to a man being a man, however masculine that may be”

– Agnes Smedley

Hit me up if there’s anything you might want to discuss about the reality of natural T elevation, or just say “hi” in the comment section if you feel like it… or don’t do anything at all if it suits you – it’s not like this website is North Korea (yo Kim).

And if you have more questions or if you’d simply want to share your own top method for naturally enhancing T production – leave a comment below!








  1. Hey Simon,
    You are a very entertaining writer! I have had problems with low testosterone all my life. Everybody assumes that my age is much lower than it actually is and sometimes that’s frustrating.I think one of the best things that worked for me was high-intensity interval training, a regimen of exercise that abandons cardio for sprinting. You should check it out!

    • Hi Anthony.

      Nice to hear that you enjoyed reading through my content, cheers.

      Hey, when someone tells you that you look younger, take it as a compliment! You’ll start to realize that it IS a compliment, especially as you get older.

      HIIT is a powerful tool in any men’s training arsenal, that’s for sure. I’m positive that it did boost your hormonal activity as it’s well known that training with high intensity triggers all kinds of beneficial processes in the human body. I’ll definitely be covering the relation between HIIT and testosterone in the near future, hopefully!

      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  2. Simon,
    I’m currently trying to look for a few ways to increase my testosterone and I’d say it’s an arguable topic whether or not you can increase naturally.
    What do you think about taking tribulus supplement ? I started taking tribulus pills about 2 months ago and I saw an increase in my facial hair growth. Do you think it may help increase my T-level ?

    • Welcome to the site Marvin!

      Congrats on taking the step forward to making the most of your natural primary male hormone. I don’t see why you should doubt the effectiveness of testosterone boosting supplements – there are many people around that swear by them (me including!) and the good ones are packed with proven ingredients.

      Now, talking about Tribulus is a sensitive topic for me. I believe this is the right time to send you to my article related to this rather famous testosterone enhancing ingredient. My past experience with any product containing only Tribulus has been disappointing, to put it lightly! In a nutshell – they did NOT do jack shit for me.

      Curious to hear about your results though, taking into account all the scientific data, pointing against Tribulus as a valid testosterone increasing supplement.

      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  3. Your use of sarcasm mixed in with facts is inviting and at the same time provides a laugh. It is a good way of engaging with your target audience while informing them about the subject. I have heard that exercise can also increase your testosterone levels, what is your take on this?

    • Howdy Marlene and welcome!

      Sarcasm plus facts for the win! I appreciate your appreciation (pun intended) of my style of writing, I’m trying to offer a refreshing approach to dull and boring, too science-based articles.

      You’re spot on about mentioning that physical activity is a beautiful way to up one’s hormonal activity. I’m always saying that our bodies are like those shaker salads – you shake it up vigorously and all the goods mix into a tasty end product.

      More about the relation between exercise and increasing testosterone to come in the future – stay in touch with TN for more info!

      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  4. This was a very informative and entertaining article to read for sure.

    I am planning on going back to the gym real soon — so it’s nice to see what we can do “naturally” to help us guys increase our testosterone.

    Thanks for the great info — I’ll be sure to re read this post when i want to get some more tips on how to improve my levels.

    • Howdy Michael.

      Kudos for planning on returning to winning ways, e.g. spending some gym-time!

      Thank you for the kind words and it’s always pleasing to read that I did manage to help you with my work.

      Best of luck with your weight lifting goals!

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  5. It’s so true what you wrote. And not only does it apply to testosterone levels, but also to health and wellness in general. If we all just are careful about what we eat, exercising, habits, etc., we are eliminate countless ailments and susceptibilities in our life. Your post was very interesting and I definitely resonated with it as a guy. Thank you and keep it going!

    • Hey.

      Yeah, eliminating tobacco and alcohol is awesome in every possible shape or form! Doesn’t matter if it’s about reclaiming your manhood or just living a healthier life, really.

      It takes will power and dedication to do so… and last but not least, the right piece of information on the subject (time for self-promotion, yay)!

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  6. Your piece “Testosterone Boosting Foods For Men” is quite informative and “blowing against the wind” as Paul Simon would say. All I can say is WOW!. I have never eaten oysters but now i’ll have to check it out. Are there any known side effects I should worry about? I grew up on coconut oil but then it went off the radar for many years as pop dietitians ruled that it was ” not good for you”.

    It’s great for me personally to see it’s making a comeback and is ranked on par with olive oil, and just as expensive I may add…lol. Your claims about saturated fat and egg yolk really cuts across the grain of much that I gleaned from friends and lay analysts. Are those two really…well…here we go again… “good for you”…?

    • Yo Evon!

      Oysters my friend are awesomeness in a nutshell – how about that for an explanation! Side effects from consuming them? Your chances of dying, for example, are way higher while taking a walk in the park for example if that’s what’s in the back of your mind.

      Coconut oil is fabulous indeed, the fact that you grew up with it is admirable alright! As for what your friends say, well everyone out there has an opinion. Egg yolks are not your enemy, neither is cholesterol in general. It’s nasty fats like the trans ones that are screwing our health.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  7. Wow, there’s definitely a wealth of information here, Simon. I think a lot of older men could benefit from this.

    I had heard that commercially raised meat and dairy had all these hormones. Would buying organic help, or do those have hormones too? You hear that they don’t, but you never can tell.

    Also, obviously exercise has all kinds of health benefits, including increasing testosterone. Is there a type of exercise that is better? For instance, is resistance training (lifting weights for the non-exercising people) better than endurance / aerobic type training?

    • Hi Andy.

      Meat from grass-fed animals is the way to go. Bio is far better than anything ordinary – you’re spot on about cattle being stuffed with antibiotics. Guess who consumes that contaminated meat? You, me, he, she…ALL of us!

      Weightlifting and testosterone go hand in hand. You’ll only see benefits if you start picking up heavy objects.

      In terms of endurance – higher reps work best here. Basically, anything over 15 repetitions would be optimal.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  8. Hey Simon

    I did enjoy reading your article and couldn’t stop laughing. Have to agree to others commenting here that you are a talented writer 🙂
    So if understood correctly it is possible to increase testoterone just by eliminating bad habits and being physically active? I think these are great news for many men though I guess for many of them this is not the preferred way as it is much easier just to take some pill or injection to reach the result. But I tend to think that even though this way could seem the hardest and slowest in regaining testoterone, it will give the long-term results and many other side benefits, as well.

    • Hello there!

      Thanks a bunch for the kind words – I do try to spice things up so that it doesn’t feel boring to my readers.

      You got that right, we (men) can up our testosterone levels naturally without to resort to injections or any kind of anabolic steroids. Our health is fragile and we need to be super cautious, especially when the food that we consume is filled with toxins, estrogen-mimicking compounds and sometimes pure crap (literally).

      Supplements are an awesome addition when one desires to maximize his natural T production, but this should never be at the cost of other factors such as fixing your lifestyle in general. Even if you take the best testosterone booster in the whole world, drinking alcohol on a regular basis while smoking like a chimney and sleeping inadequately will mean that you’re just wasting your time.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  9. Thanks Simon,
    Great advice!! I think people often look for supplements to try and boost Test rather than actually looking at what they are doing to hinder their own natural T production. Supplement companies obviously love this and are more than happy to take these poor guys money hand over fist.
    Totally agree that everybody needs to take responsibility for their own T production and look at what you are doing to hinder yourself!!

  10. Hey Simon,

    Thanks for the helpful info.

    I completely agree with ditching alcohol, smoking and meds.

    That stuff ain’t no good.

    Another thing to be weary of is masturbation. It will decrease your testosterone..

    I’ve never tried a testosterone booster before I might give one a try thanks to your recommendation.

    • Hey man.

      Yep – ditch all the vices is what I’d say. Personally, I’d be glad if even ONE person turns his back on bad habits such as drinking because of this post.

      Masturbation is something which deserves its own article and I will be covering this subject in the future. I’ll just say that any bible believing Christian should steer clear of such self-pleasures. Sex is meant to be an intimate thing between a man and a woman – beating it while staring at some screen is a travesty.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  11. great read! wow I didn’t know that being fat = more estrogen. I guess it’s a bad cycle: get man fat/man boobs develop, estrogen increases, man boobs get bigger haha! On a more serious note, are there any specific foods you would recommend that can increase T? I didn’t see you mention any in your article. Thanks!

    • Yo Christian.

      Unfortunate isn’t it? Obese folks have to also bear the mark of their fatness which translates to elevated estrogen levels. That’s plenty of motivation for anyone to get in shape, don’t you think?

      About testosterone boosting nutrition – I’ve written a specific post about foods that are proven to increase T levels. Feel free to check it out, it’ll be worth your time.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  12. I’m glad to read your opinion about different things that boost testosterone naturally (Tribulus is dubious indeed). I have occasionally explored the subject of testosterone boosters and haven’t yet found any natural ingredient that actually works with no bad side effects. I’m gonna continue to check your site for more great information. I’m glad I found it. I intend to find something that works for me.

    • Hello, welcome aboard!

      Hm, it’s weird to read about your bad experience with testosterone boosting supplements. Sure, there are some that are utter garbage and will increase your testosterone as much as tap water does – but there are some really good ones as well, which are worth a shot. Check my product reviews page for some recommendations.

      And side effects can be subjective, although, for the most part, they’re universal. My advice is to gather as much info as possible for a given product before committing to buy it – that’s the best approach.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd


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