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How to Exercise at Home with No Equipment [For Best Results]

Who can possibly imagine working out from the convenience of one’s home, honestly? Someone whose time is a valuable asset to him/her or someone who simply prefers to train in privacy?

Whatever the reason may be, the fact remains that many of you are dying to find out how to exercise at home with no equipment.

And no, there’s NO room for excuses when it comes to getting a great workout, without leaving the house.

But, wait, what about the lack of overcomplicated machinery that your local gym has in great abundance?

I’m glad you asked – let me illustrate to make things more fun.

Have you watched Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark?

Alright, do you remember the scene where a fearsome swordsman starts showing off his skills in what seemed like the intro to a legendary battle, only to finish prematurely with Dr. Jones shooting him down?

Well, think of exercising at home as the swordsman and imagine that the gym is none other than Indy.

Obviously, the latter has the needed tools and equipment and would prove to be more effective in specific circumstances.

However, fear not brethren – you can get yourself a kick-ass workout at home without any issues whatsoever and this is what we’re going to take a closer look at today.

How To Workout At Home Without ANY Equipment

Easy, you just do it!

When all you have is your own bodyweight, you don’t have a lot of room for confusion.

Actually, motivation is what you’ll really need here.

Being TOO comfortable at home could mean you’re not giving your 100% when workout out and this ain’t gonna work fellows.

So turn up the speakers and enjoy your privacy while getting in shape!

Without further ado, here’s how a super time-efficient, very effective and straight-to-the-point workout routine for home would look like (and yes, all you need is your own body to do these):

How to exercise at home with no equipment, sample workout

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Do these seem too simple and easy for you?

I challenge you to do 7 rounds of them and then you tell me how you feel.

If you get as far as 7 sets, that is!

Basic, compound movements mixed with more isolation-orientated ones are the real deal here.

Add intensity in the form of short rest periods and overall workload and you’ll BEG for this to end sooner.

Even a single round of this exercise plan will make your heart race – trust me.

And there’s an obvious HIIT (high-intensity interval training) element to it.

As I stated in my Does Working Out Increase Testosterone? article, utilizing HIIT in your workout schedule is a MUST.

Not only do you save precious time, but you also get the best of both worlds.

Combining aerobic with anaerobic exercise yields great results and your entire body will benefit from that as well, as well your hormonal profile (elevated T production etc.)

Alright, I believe it’s logical for me to highlight every exercise mentioned in the sample home-workout plan.

Obviously, we’re starting with:

1. Jumping Jacks

It’s dead-easy to do these and managing 10 reps is certainly not a huge accomplishment.

But when you do that seven consecutive times and you’ll be dripping in sweat, while gasping for air.

There’s a good reason why the guys in the military love jumping jacks.

They’re AWESOME for conditioning and endurance, two aspects that most people usually suck at.

2. Squats

Kudos to the guy from the video for mentioning how important strong muscle tissues are when it comes to bone health and osteoporosis.

Take notes – all of you and start getting more physically active!

Now, as for the exercise itself – there’s not much to say or add here.

Squats are squats, even if they are done with only your bodyweight.

Sure, adding weight via a weighted vest, dumbbells, weighted bar, whatever weight you might carry etc. will be more effective, but this one works too.

You’re only doing five repetitions of them so it shouldn’t make your legs feel like spaghetti, but after a few s, ts it should feel challenging, especially if you’re a beginner.

3. Push-Ups

Without minding the guy’s accent, this tutorial is ideal for doing push-ups the right way.

Indeed, quality over quantity here.

Anyone can do dozens of half-arsed push-ups for ego reasons, but doing them slowly with good form is the better option.

In this regard, do ten reps of these with PERFECT form and enjoy the burn in your shoulders, triceps, chest etc.

4. Mountain Climbers

Another stunning exercise that will get your metabolism revving up to the redline.

It targets a lot of muscles and it will help with your conditioning big time.

Keep in mind that while doing only 10 of them per set might not seem like much, after doing two or three rounds you’ll start to feel them.

Your abs will scream in pain but will thank you later when they become rock hard!

5. Plank Jump-Ins

This one’s pretty straightforward and not complicated at all to do.

Make sure you’re doing the movement in an explosive manner for maximum efficiency.

And while the plank jump-ins are not an obstacle by themselves, doing them immediately after mountain climbers will make you regret underrating them.

6. High Knees

High Knees have got to be one of the most annihilating exercises ever.

If you do them with maximal intensity (not fooling around but giving your all), I guarantee you that you’ll feel completely destroyed after you’re done.

You’ll only do ten reps per set, which is not much at all.

But if you push yourself and do ten killer repetitions of high knees, you’ll be on your way to better you (physically wise)


7. Knee Pull-Ins

Don’t worry – you don’t need a bench to do these.

A chair works perfectly or even the ground, if you can grip something so that you are stationary.

As you’re nearing the end of a given set, it’s obvious that the exercises are not as challenging.

Still, knee pull-ins will prepare your abdominals for what is to come!

8. Cross Crunches

After doing the knee pull-ins, you’re definitely going to FEEL this variation of the classic crunches.

The cross crunches are superior in my view because they target your obliques (the ‘side’ abs) as well.

Some might call this a sissy movement, but when done with enough explosiveness and intensity, it’ll certainly boost your workout.

9. Leg Raises

We finish off with good old leg raises.

One of the most popular ab exercises.

It’s simple, yet effective and will set your abs on fire.

Although knee raises are not as good as my personal recommendations in terms of great ab exercises (5 Best Exercises For A Flat Tummy), they’re a great finisher here.

Why Bother To Exercise At Home In The First Place?

I’m bringing the ultimate cliche here (because it’s a fact) – CONVENIENCE.

No more, no less.

The sheer amount of time it takes to travel back and forth to the gym, pack your gym bag, change clothes etc. is more than a good enough reason for most people.

Even crazier, some guys cut their sleep in order to have time for the gym!

And you probably remember how I talked about the relationship between lowered testosterone and lack of sleep in my Treat Low Testosterone Naturally post, right?

Me, being a sort of a gym rat since 2011, can list you the reasons why it might be a wise move to switch to home-based workouts.

Here, take a look at the ugly side of gyms:

  • They are full of bacteria – I’ve lost count of the people who forgot to wash their hands after leaving the WC. Or nasty guys training with the flu and spreading their germs on everything.

  • No control over the music played – most gyms (especially the big ones) have a certain playlist or a radio station that they always play. So unless you bring your headphones with you, you’re in for torture (unless you love JB and the like).

  • Too many distractions – ranging from hotties in yoga pants to explicit music videos on the TV screen and elderly gentlemen doing weird shit with the equipment – all of them will sabotage your workout’s efficiency and you’ll be wasting your time for no good reason whatsoever.

  • Being excessively conscious of your appearance – every single person you see in the gym is self-conscious, one way or another. When you enter and hit the weights, you’ll always scan other people to assess whether you’re bigger, smaller, fatter, leaner etc. You completely avoid that when you train at home!

I can go on like this for at least a couple of days but I’ll save you from ‘too much info’, for now.

It’s a no-brainer that the gym (like most public places) offers certain disadvantages and the ones I listed for you are the worst of the bunch, from my perspective.


You’d be a fool to consider exercising at home a pointless activity.

I mean it guys!

Whether it’s mysophobia (fear of bacteria), social anxiety, lack of time, or whatever the reason may be to not train at a gym, you don’t have to stress about it too much.

Even without spending a dime on equipment, you can improve your fitness levels dramatically.

No one guarantees you better health and physique just by owning a gym membership – keep that in mind!

Instead, focus your efforts on home-based movements, do them with high intensity and enough volume and thank me later.

Also, you’ll feel hundreds of times better when you enhance your fitness levels.

Do you have any success with working out at home btw?

Drop your answer in the comment section below!


Can I get a good workout without any equipment at home?

Yes, you can definitely get a good workout at home without any equipment.

You can do bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, squats, lunges, and planks which can be done anywhere and anytime.

Additionally, you can also use household items like chairs or water bottles as makeshift weights for resistance training.

How long should I exercise for at home without equipment?

The duration of your workout at home without equipment depends on your fitness level and goals.

Generally, it is recommended to aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise every day.

You can break this up into smaller sessions if needed, such as 10-minute workouts throughout the day.

How can I create a workout routine at home without any equipment?

To create a workout routine at home without equipment, start by setting a goal and then choosing exercises that will help you achieve it. For example, if your goal is to build strength, include exercises like push-ups, squats, and lunges.

If you want to increase your cardiovascular fitness, include exercises like jumping jacks or mountain climbers.

You can also find many free resources online, such as workout videos or mobile apps that offer pre-designed routines.

What are some tips for staying motivated while exercising at home with no equipment?

One tip is to schedule your workouts at a regular time each day to help establish a routine.

Also, try to create a designated space for exercise, whether it’s a specific room or just a cleared-out area in your living space.

Another tip is to find a workout partner, whether it’s a family member or friend, to help hold you accountable and make it more fun.

What are some common mistakes to avoid while exercising at home with no equipment?

One common mistake is not having proper form when doing exercises.

This can lead to injury and prevent you from seeing results. Make sure to research proper form or consult with a trainer if you’re unsure.

Another mistake is not varying your exercises or routine, which can lead to boredom and a plateau in your progress. Try to mix things up by trying new exercises or adding different variations to your routine.

Finally, make sure to listen to your body and not push yourself too hard, which can also lead to injury or burnout.

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