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Testogen vs TestoFuel: In-Depth Comparison

This is my ultra-detailed comparison of two products that I’ve personally tried, Testogen vs TestoFuel:

Based on overall effectiveness, price, reputation and my personal experience, the better product between Testogen and TestoFuel is Testogen.

Although both products will make you feel manlier, help you build muscle faster and improve your libido, Testogen seems to be the superior testosterone booster.

Testogen is also a bit cheaper, comes with free shipping even if you buy only 1 bottle and has better offers/discounts.

Based on my experience with both T boosters, I’ll rate Testogen 5/5, while TestoFuel gets a 4.5/5-star rating.

Now, it’s time to dive into the depths of this particular comparison!

In this article, I’ll give you a detailed look at each of these testosterone boosters including:

  • What these testosterone boosters are and what they contain
  • The pros and cons of each
  • Ingredients
  • Side effects
  • Prices
  • Who’s the manufacturer behind each product
  • Where to buy TestoFuel and Testogen

This is What Testogen and TestoFuel Are

Testogen and TestoFuel are testosterone boosters that are designed to naturally stimulate your own testosterone production.

Note that this is achieved without introducing synthetic hormones into your body as in the case of anabolic steroids.

In fact, they are both labeled ‘dietary supplements’ meaning that they rely on natural ingredients only, such as:

  • Herbs
  • Amino acids
  • Plants
  • Extracts
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

This makes these T boosters perfectly safe to use, without the added risk that comes with prohormones and all the synthetic versions of testosterone.

On top of that, both of them come with a stellar reputation and a plethora of positive reviews and user-generated ratings.

TestoGen vs TestoFuel, special buy 3 get 2 free TestoGen offer

Pros and Cons of Testogen and TestoFuel

As you might imagine, both Testogen and TestoFuel have their strong and weak points.

And although they’re quite similar in terms of the general concept, ingredient profile and overall effectiveness, their pros and cons differ slightly.

Starting with the advantages:



Testosteronerd Recommends Testogen for Naturally Boosting T levels
  • 11 clinically-based testosterone-boosting ingredients (natural)
  • Fully disclosed ingredient list (no proprietary blends)
  • Free shipping worldwide (even if you buy only 1 bottle)
  • Cheaper than TestoFuel
  • Contains more bioavailable versions of certain vitamins and minerals (B6, Zinc)
  • Safe to use
  • No illegal or banned substances
  • Great at boosting libido, sex drive and motivation
  • 100-day guarantee
  • Superb offers and discounts available


  • 9 science-based T-boosting ingredients (natural)
  • Doesn’t hide behind proprietary blends
  • Nothing harmful or illegal inside
  • Great libido-boosting properties
  • Safe to use
  • Some ingredients are more adequately dosed (Fenugreek)
  • Endorsed by a former Mr. Olympia
  • 90-day guarantee

It’s a close call when it comes to the pros of each.

Regardless, Testogen has a slight advantage, mainly in terms of price, deals/discounts, free shipping and more ingredients.



  • Only available from the official website
  • The money-back-guarantee is not as optimal


  • More expensive
  • Only available via the official site
  • Lack of free shipping when you buy 1 bottle
  • Special offers and deals not as good

Clearly, these two don’t really have an awful lot of disadvantages.


Because both of these supplements WORK and both are 100% natural!

Anyhow, Testogen is still slightly better overall.

However, note that there are only minor differences between the two, ingredients-wise.

That’s what we’ll be taking a closer look at next!

TestoGen vs TestoFuel, ingredients
Identical ingredient profiles indeed, yet Testogen adds a few extra goodies into the mix.

The Ingredients in Testogen and TestoFuel

Both products utilize very similar ingredient profiles that are almost equally effective.

If Testogen uses lesser doses of some ingredients (compared to TestoFuel), it makes up for that in other departments.

And the same applies to TestoFuel.

Eventually, this means that we have two equally potent testosterone boosters, just by looking at their respective ingredient profiles.

Now, I’ve personally tried both and liked Testogen more (mainly for the libido benefits).

Still, I’d say that TestoFuel’s formula has just as good.

Let’s not forget that they also share 7 ingredients, out of TestoFuel’s 9 and Testogen’s 11 total ingredient list.

Testogen and TestoFuel Share 8 Ingredients

It’s worth noting that although some ingredients seem 100% identical, they come in different forms.

A prime example would be vitamin B6.

It’s included in both products, yet two different forms are present – Pyridoxine HCI and Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate (the more potent form).

So let’s see which product offers higher doses of each of the 8 shared ingredients!

TestoGen vs TestoFuel, beef as a source of Aspartic acid
Steak (beef) is a great source of Aspartic acid.

1. D-Aspartic Acid (Testogen Contains More)

DAA is an amino acid with a proven track record when it comes to naturally stimulating testosterone synthesis.

In particular, D-Aspartic acid occurs in the testicles and the pituitary gland, which results in the release of both testosterone and luteinizing hormone.

All of this is scientifically validated as researchers have found that this amino acid does help with T production (1).

And here both supplements have more than adequate amounts of it – 2,300 mg (TestoFuel) vs 2,352 (Testogen).

The optimal dosage for DAA seems to range from 2,000-3,000 mg daily, so both are spot on, although Testogen does have a slight advantage here.

TestoGen vs TestoFuel, vitamin D - the sunshine vitamin
Direct exposure to sun stimulates vitamin D production in the body.

2. Vitamin D3 (TestoFuel Contains More)

Vitamin D3 a.k.a. the ‘sunshine vitamin’ is arguably one of the most crucial vitamins for us men.

It’s not only good for our bones and mood, but vitamin D deficiency might have a lot to do with low testosterone as well, according to science (2).

However, the good news is that supplementing with vitamin D has been shown to increase free, total and bioactive testosterone levels (3).

And on top of that, taking vitamin D has been scientifically validated to improve sexual function in guys (4).

In this regard, both products use the highly potent D3 form of his vitamin. So far so good.

The only difference is that TestoFuel contains 5,000 UI of vitamin D3, while Testogen has “only” 2,080 UI (52 mcg), which is still 260% of the daily values.

TestoGen vs TestoFuel, chickpeas with high vitamin B6 content
Yep, chickpeas contain lots of Vitamin B6!

3. Vitamin B6 (Testogen Contains More)

Vitamin B6 is a truly unique vitamin as it plays in role in the production of melanin, which we all need for quality sleep.

Even though sleep is essential for the normal function of all bodily processes (including our hormones), vitamin B6 also helps fight stress, while also improving mood.

That’s because vitamin B6 helps the body to create 2 hormones – norepinephrine and serotonin.

When combined with Magnesium and Zinc (included in Testogen and TestoFuel), science says that it has the ability to boost testosterone concentrations (5).

Also, Testogen not only has more of it (20 mg vs 5 mg in TestoFuel), but it uses the more bioavailable pyridoxal-5-phosphate form.

In contrast, TestoFuel uses the Pyridoxine HCI variation, which is alright, just not as good.

TestoGen vs TestoFuel, asian ginseng4. Red Ginseng (TestoFuel Contains More)

This one’s also known as Asian or Panax Ginseng – they’re all the same thing.

Now, people in Asia have been using this plant for its libido-boosting capabilities for centuries.

It’s also worth pointing out that relevant research does point out that taking Red Ginseng can be a potent tool to battle erectile dysfunction (6).

Red Ginseng also plays a major part in maintaining the function of androgen receptors (7).

And as you might know, testosterone is one of our primary androgens.

In this case, TestoFuel has more of this type of Ginseng – 100 mg vs 40 mg in Testogen.

TestoGen vs TestoFuel, green leafy vegetables as a source of Vitamin K
Green leafy veggies are a SUPERB source of Vitamin K!

5. Vitamin K (Testogen Contains More*)

The vitamin K family consists of fat-soluble vitamins in two forms – K1 and K2.

Now, it’s worth noting that TestoFuel relies on the K2 type, while Testogen goes for vitamin K1.

Now, studies claim that vitamin K2 might stimulate testosterone production, albeit in rats and/or tumor cells in the testicles (7).

On the other hand, vitamin K1 has been shown to have a synergistic effect when combined with vitamin D (8).

Thus, the inclusion of vitamin K1 in Testogen’s formula might actually improve the absorption rates of vitamin D3.

In return, this can potentially have a more profound testosterone-boosting effect, although indirectly by helping your body absorb more of vitamin D3.

* Although Testogen offers more of this vitamin, these supplements use different forms – vitamin K1 and K2.

TestoGen vs TestoFuel, fenugreek seeds
This is what the Fenugreek seeds look like. They make the Fenugreek extract from them.

6. Fenugreek (TestoFuel Contains More)

If you’re even slightly familiar with testosterone boosters, you’ve most likely already come across Fenugreek.

This herb has amazing testosterone-boosting properties that have been proven by science (9).

Apart from that, the same research also states that Fenugreek has a positive impact on one’s sperm count and libido.

And in a similar fashion to Red Ginseng, TestoFuel wins this one, hands down.

It contains 100 mg of Fenugreek extract, while Testogen’s formula has just 40 mg.

TestoGen vs TestoFuel, avocados as a source of Magnesium
One medium-sized avocado provides 15% of the RDI (recommended daily intake) of Magnesium.

7. Magnesium (Both Contain The Same Amount)

Here we have an essential mineral that has the ability to lower insulin resistance and even decrease one’s blood pressure.

And as far as optimizing your testosterone naturally goes, Magnesium simply gets the job done.

Studies show that taking Magnesium can boost the free and total testosterone levels in sedentary and active individuals alike (10).

But since Testogen and TestoFuel offer the exact same amount of Magnesium (200 mg), it’s worth taking a look at the forms that they’re using.

Testogen relies on Magnesium Oxide and Citrate, while TestoFuel uses Magnesium Aspartate.

Although Oxide and Citrate forms of Mag have been used for decades, it seems that Aspartate may have better absorption rates.

This means that TestoFuel might have a slight advantage here.

TestoGen vs TestoFuel, meat as a source of Zinc
If you want to up your Zinc intake, meat is jam-packed with this vital mineral.

8. Zinc (Both Contain The Same Amount)

Zinc is awesome and we need it.

Apart from helping our immune system and aiding in the healing process of wounds, this essential mineral is crucial for men.

Studies are conclusive – supplementing with Zinc gives more oomph to your natural T production (11).

Oh, and it improves the sperm count too!

And since both of our beloved testosterone boosters contain the same amount of Zinc (10 mg), we have to dig deeper to find the differences.

The differences are obvious – TestoFuel uses the Monomethionine and Aspartate forms of Zinc, while Testogen utilizes Zinc Citrate.

Which Zinc form is superior? That’d be Zinc Citrate in this case due to higher Zinc concentrations, by weight.

For instance, in order to absorb 50 mg of Zinc Monomethionine, you’d need a dose of 238 mg.

But to achieve the same result (50 mg intake) with Zinc Citrate, you’d need only a 146 mg dose.

Thus, Testogen has the upper hand here.

Unique Ingredients –  TestoFuel 

As TestoFuel is 3 ingredients short of its rival here, it logically has only one unique ingredient.

TestoGen vs TestoFuel, oysters
Oysters are loaded with Zinc… literally.

1. Oyster Extract

Oysters might be somewhat of exotic food, but they’re quite nutrient-dense.

They contain hefty amounts of protein, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and even Magnesium.

But above all, they’re brimming with Zinc!

And as you already know, Zinc and testosterone production go hand in hand.

Science even claims that Zinc deficiency is related to low testosterone levels and erectile dysfunction (12).

This is yet another reason to ensure that you have optimal Zinc levels in your system.

Unique Ingredients –  Testogen 

On the contrary, Testogen actually has 3 unique ingredients on offer and here they are:

TestoGen vs TestoFuel, stinging nettle
Stinging nettle stings its way into increased testosterone production. [see what I did there?]

1. Nettle Leaf

This herbal extract is one of the latest additions to Testogen’s new and improved formula.

The reasoning behind the inclusion of nettle leaf extract is that it’s been scientifically validated to bind to the sex hormone-binding globulin (13).

Now, put it simply, this means that not as much of the testosterone in your body will be “bound”.

Thus, you’ll have more readily available free T.

There are also certain studies, which imply that nettle has the ability to stop the testosterone-to-dihydrotestosterone conversion in the body (14).

Subsequently, they observed a boost in serum T values.

But take this with a grain of salt as the test subjects in this research were rats!

TestoGen vs TestoFuel, apples as a great source of Boron
Want more Boron in your life? Then eat more apples!

2. Boron

If you ask me, the addition of Boron to the Testogen formula totally steals the show.

This amazing trace mineral has been shown to elevate free testosterone in just 7 days (15).

Not only that, but researchers also observed an increase in vitamin D concentrations in the test subjects!

However, other studies support such claims as well.

Boron not only increases free T levels, but also plays a role in bone growth and the production of vitamin D (16).

And as previously mentioned, vitamin D plays a major role in testosterone synthesis.

So in essence, Testogen is killing two birds with one stone here!

TestoGen vs TestoFuel, black pepper extract (Bioperine)
This is what Bioperine is basically – standardized black pepper extract.

3. Black Pepper (Bioperine)

Yep, at first glance, it might sound weird to add black pepper extract to a testosterone booster.

But if you look closer, you’ll realize that this is the standardized, patented Bioperine extract with 95% piperine content.

It has only one purpose here – to increase the absorption rates of all other ingredients in this supplement.

And piperine (the active ingredient in Bioperine) has been scientifically validated to increase the bioavailability of other nutrients (17).

This means that although Testogen contains fewer things like Fenugreek, it compensates for that with the help of Bioperine.

In essence, the addition of this black pepper extract can make all the difference when it comes to the sheer effectiveness of the product.

After all, if your body is absorbing only a fraction of the ingredients, what use are they?

TestoGen vs TestoFuel, side effects
Don’t worry, both Testogen and TestoFuel are 100% safe. So no, you won’t be shriveling in agony like this guy over here!

Side Effects of Testogen and TestoFuel

Don’t expect to experience any side effects with either of these products, unless you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

In case you are, I’d advise you to look for a product that doesn’t contain the thing/s that you have an allergy to.

For instance, if you are allergic to seafood, consider that TestoFuel contains oyster extract.

Other than that, both of these testosterone boosters shouldn’t manifest any side effects.

They rely on natural compounds only, so there’s nothing harmful or shady inside.

I’ve personally tried both Testogen and TestoFuel and didn’t experience any real side effects!

The only potential adverse reaction that you might come across is increased aggression.

Now, that can be explained by the elevated testosterone levels so there’s nothing to worry about.

Besides, I didn’t feel any uncontrollable rage or anything. I was just more aggravated at times, particularly when driving.

And no, I wasn’t getting into fights or anything – I just had excess aggression occasionally.

But this went away once I stopped taking either of these two, so there’s no cause for concern.

Just don’t forget to read the label before you take the first dose and you’ll be perfectly fine.

TestoGen vs TestoFuel, three boxes of TestoGen

Recommended Serving Sizes for Testogen and TestoFuel

Both products have the same amount of serving sizes (4 capsules) and both contain the same amount of servings (30).

This means that each bottle will last you an entire month, which is awesome.

Honestly, I’m so tired of most modern testosterone boosters lasting only 20 days or so.

This is How to Take Testogen

You’re supposed to consume 4 capsules each day, around 20 mins before breakfast.

Obviously, this applies to both training and non-training days.

Basically, you should take this supplement non-stop for 30 days.

Also, the manufacturer also recommends complementing this supplement with a workout plan of 2 months on, followed by 1.5 weeks off.

This is How to Take TestoFuel

TestoFuel has the same 4 capsules/daily serving but spread throughout the day.

They also recommend taking the capsules with a meal, supposedly to avoid any upset stomachs.

Besides, the manufacturer recommends taking the first capsule at 7 AM (with breakfast), the second one at 10 AM (with a snack), the third one at 1 PM (during lunch) and the last one at 6 PM (with dinner).

TestoGen vs TestoFuel, prices
If you want to spend less and take advantage of better deals and discounts, then look no further than Testogen.

How Much Testogen and TestoFuel Cost

First and foremost, Testogen is the cheaper of the two boosters.

It also offers better discounts and bonuses for purchasing more than a single bottle.

Actually, let’s compare prices:


  • 1-month supply (120 caps) – $59.99 (free shipping)
  • 3-month supply (360 caps) – $119.99 (free shipping)
  • 5-month supply (600 caps) – $179.99 (free shipping, 2 free bottles, free testosterone drops and a free eBook)

Click Here to Get Superb TestoGen Special Offers!


  • 1-month supply (120 caps) – $65.00
  • 2-month supply (240 caps) – $138.00 (free shipping)
  • 4-month supply (480 caps) – $195.00 (free shipping, 1 free bottle, 2 free eBooks)

Click Here to Save Big with These TestoFuel Discounts!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Testogen isn’t only cheaper, but the associated deals are way better.

You’re saving more money on each deal, while also getting more free bottles for buying more.

TestoGen vs TestoFuel, manfucaturers
The company behind Testogen is called MuscleClub Limited.

The Manufactures of Testogen And TestoFuel

Testogen is manufactured by a company called MuscleClub Limited and TestoFuel is made by Roar Ambition.

Both companies have an extensive portfolio, ranging from fat loss and pre-workout to testosterone and muscle-building supplements.

On top of that, they’re both legit companies, so their products (including these testosterone boosters) are of high quality.

MuscleClub Limited

  • Founded in 2015
  • Based in Nottingham, UK
  • Offers a number of high-quality sports supplements

Roar Ambition

  • Founded in 2012
  • Based in Liverpool, UK
  • Offers various high-quality supplements

Testogen and TestoFuel Have Been Around for a While

TestoFuel was unveiled in 2012, while Testogen got officially released in 2014.

It’s also worth noting that Testogen’s formula was improved in 2018 and there was some rebranding done later on.

Some ingredients were removed, while others received higher doses and even new ones were added.

As for TestoFuel, its formula has been pretty timeless since it hasn’t received any major update since it was first released.

TestoGen vs TestoFuel, where to buy them from

This is Where to Buy TestoFuel and Testogen From

The only genuine way to get any of these T boosters is via the respective official websites.

It might seem weird that the manufacturers of both products would only offer them through one venue.

However, there’s a good reason for that.

By offering their products only from their official sites, they ensure the quality of what you’re purchasing.

My personal advice is to NOT buy Testogen or TestoFuel from online retailers like Amazon or eBay!

Indeed, even if you stumble upon these testosterone boosters on sites like Amazon… just don’t buy them!


Because you can’t be certain that you’re buying the real thing.

They might be selling a fake bottle of TestoGen or TestoFuel with dubious origins.

You simply can’t be certain that you’re buying the original product.

Thus, my advice is to always buy these supplements from genuine sources.

Besides, by doing so you gain access to other goodies like the money-back guarantee and special discounts!

TestoGen vs TestoFuel, TestoGen works banner

Final Verdict: Testogen Wins

Although this is a really close one, Testogen manages to secure the win only narrowly thanks to a few key perks over its main rival:

  • It costs less
  • It has better deals and special offers
  • It offers free shipping, regardless of your order
  • It comes with a better guarantee (100 days vs 90 days)

Moreover, Testogen works just as good (and in my opinion even better) at naturally stimulating testosterone levels and libido than TestoFuel.

And on top of that it’s cheaper, comes with better discounts/deals and you get free shipping on all orders.

Both are 100% natural, both will last you an entire month and most importantly – both work!

So, you decide which one is better.

Personally? I enjoyed Testogen more so it’s more effective in my opinion.

However, if you’d like to read more about each product then head over to my Testogen Review and my TestoFuel Review.

But hey, I’d like to read about YOUR opinion concerning these two mighty testosterone boosters!

Do you think that Testogen is the better option, or is TestoFuel the superior T booster?

Let me know by dropping a comment below!


What are Testogen and TestoFuel, and what are they used for?

Testogen and TestoFuel are natural testosterone boosters designed to enhance athletic performance, increase muscle mass, and improve overall physical and mental well-being.

Both supplements contain a blend of natural ingredients that are believed to increase testosterone levels and support hormonal balance.

What is Testogen, and how does it compare to TestoFuel?

Testogen and TestoFuel are both testosterone boosters that help increase muscle mass, strength, and energy levels.

However, Testogen contains more natural ingredients, including vitamin D, magnesium, and nettle leaf extract, while TestoFuel contains more synthetic ingredients like D-Aspartic Acid and Fenugreek.

Additionally, Testogen is slightly more affordable than TestoFuel.

Which product is more effective for increasing testosterone levels?

Both Testogen and TestoFuel have been shown to increase testosterone levels, but individual results may vary.

Testogen is known to boost testosterone levels through its natural ingredients, whereas TestoFuel has a blend of natural and synthetic ingredients that work together to increase testosterone production.

Ultimately, the most effective product for you will depend on your individual needs and body chemistry.

What are the potential side effects of using Testogen or TestoFuel?

Testogen and TestoFuel are both made from natural ingredients and have minimal reported side effects.

However, some users have reported mild side effects such as headaches, upset stomach, and irritability.

It’s essential to follow the recommended dosage and consult with a healthcare professional before taking any testosterone booster.

Can Testogen or TestoFuel be used by women?

Testogen and TestoFuel are specifically formulated for men and should not be used by women.

Women have naturally lower levels of testosterone, and increasing testosterone levels can cause unwanted side effects like hair loss, acne, and facial hair growth.

Is there a money-back guarantee for Testogen or TestoFuel?

Both Testogen and TestoFuel offer a 100-day money-back guarantee, so you can try the product risk-free.

If you’re not satisfied with the results, you can return the product within 100 days for a full refund, minus shipping and handling fees.

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