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TestoFuel ingredients

TestoFuel Ingredients – Are They Effective, Harmful or Simply Useless?

Have you ever wondered how many testosterone boosting supplements are out there? Many. And do you know which ones are the top dogs when it comes to naturally stimulating your T production? There are several great ones and one of them happens to be TestoFuel. But what makes it so special… is it the TestoFuel ingredients – are they effective and not dangerous to use?

In short, TestoFuel’s ingredient profile is 100% natural, effective and generally perfectly safe.

I’m saying for the most part because everyone is unique.

Now, I personally LOVED TestoFuel as it made me stronger, improved my libido and just made me feel manlier.

But you might respond differently to this product, so keep that in mind.

Also, this testosterone booster contains oyster extract so don’t forget that if you’re allergic to seafood!

Also, this product has been around for a long time now and it has a pretty solid reputation.

Although some reviews online seem to only prise this product, it’s not perfect.

In fact, the perfect testosterone booster doesn’t exist in my opinion.

Each product has certain cons, even if it’s something not so paramount as not offering free shipping.

Still, some of them work like a charm and this one totally falls into this category.

What Exactly Is TestoFuel?

This is a natural supplement meant to increase your own testosterone production in an effective and harmless manner.

It comes in capsule form and it’s made of 9 natural ingredients.

The idea is that they all work together synergistically to stimulate your body to make more of the primary male hormone.


This is what TestoFuel is meant to do and how it can benefit you:

  • Increase muscle mass
  • Boost strength levels
  • Elevate libido and sex drive
  • Decrease body fat percentage
  • Improve confidence and self-esteem

The good news about this product is that it works for both younger and older guys.

However, do keep in mind that it’d most likely be more effective for guys over 30, or even over 40, 50 and up.

That’s because our own testosterone production starts to steadily decline once we hit 30.

TestoFuel ingredients, full ingredient list
This is the almost-perfect ingredient profile for any testosterone booster with plenty of proven ingredients.

TestoFuel Ingredients – What’s Inside One of The Best Testosterone Boosters?

This bad boy contains 9 natural herbal extracts and compounds.

Even better, they’re all scientifically validated to increase your T levels!

So, let’s dive into the depths of TestoFuel’s ingredient profile and see how each ingredient works (or not).

TestoFuel ingredients, D-Aspartic acid
There’s plenty of Aspartic acid to be found in cheese!

1. D-Aspartic Acid (2300 mg)

DAA is a staple in the formula of many decent T boosters out there and for good reason.

This amino acid has been well researched and yes, it does naturally stimulate an increase in testosterone levels.

Here’s what the relevant studies have to say about that:

  • One study shows that 3 grams of DAA per day led to an increase in T levels of 42% in just 12 days (1). Apparently, D-Aspartic acid naturally occurs in the testicles (gonads) where it stimulates the production of the luteinizing hormone and testosterone.
  • Another research claims that 2.6 grams of DAA taken for 90 days straight leads to higher testosterone concentrations ranging from 30% to 60% (2). This amino acid also seems to help with sperm quality in sub-fertile men, according to the same study.

Now, the 2.3-gram dose of DAA in TestoFuel might be slightly less than the doses cited in those studies.

However, the test subjects in those scientific works weren’t taking anything else.

And TestoFuel contains 8 other T-boosting ingredients that are meant to complement D-Aspartic Acid’s effectiveness.

TestoFuel ingredients, Asian Red Panax Ginseng
This is what the Ginseng plant looks like.

2. Asian Red Panax Ginseng (100 mg)

This kind of Ginseng has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for many years.

It’s generally used to improve blood flow, appetite, strength and even cure impotence.

So let’s see what science has to say about that:

  • Research from 1996 shows that taking Panax Ginseng does boost both total and free testosterone (3). And since half of the men observed in this study had sperm-mobility issues, it’s reported that Ginseng has a positive impact on sperm count and mobility as well.
  • Red Panax Ginseng has also been shown to help with erectile dysfunction (ED) (4). It seems to have helped 60% of the tested patients, which is fantastic.

One thing that stands out in those studies is the lack of dosage information.

Regardless, the 100 mg dose here might not be optimal, but it should provide decent results.

Especially in combination with all other powerful T-boosting ingredients.

TestoFuel ingredients, Fenugreek
This is the Fenugreek or Methi plant that they extract the goodies from.

3. Fenugreek (100 mg)

Fenugreek is somewhat similar to Ginseng in terms of effectiveness and use.

It’s long been part of ayurvedic medicine in India and it seems to prioritize libido.

And this is what relevant research states:

  • It seems that supplementing with Fenugreek (500 mg daily dose) for 8 weeks boosts total and bioavailable testosterone (5). Test subjects also experienced a decrease in body fat % (down almost 2%). But note that these were guys who regularly worked out, not couch potatoes.
  • Higher doses (600 mg/day) of Fenugreek positively impact libido (on a psychological level) and may support healthy T levels (6). So, this study shows that Fenugreek can elevate sexual arousal and orgasm i.e. boost male libido overall. It’s effects on testosterone however aren’t as prominent in this case.

To me, this herbal extract works – both as a libido and testosterone enhancer.

And it does seem that resistance training might accentuate the effects on your male hormone.

Just note that the doses used in those studies are much higher, so don’t expect such pronounced results.

TestoFuel ingredients, Oyster extract4. Oyster Extract (100 mg)

Oysters are jam-packed with Zinc and that’s the primary reason for their addition to TestoFuel’s formula.

Now, Zinc is crucial when it comes to our primary male hormone.

In fact, Zinc deficiency is not as uncommon as you might think as you lose Zinc by sweating.

But here’s what researchers have found:

  • There’s a study that suggests Zinc depletion affects serum testosterone levels (7). It seems that not taking enough Zinc via diet is especially harmful to testosterone concentrations in younger fellows.
  • A rather lengthy scientific review claims that Zinc’s effects on spermatogenesis and overall masculinity are more subtle (8). Still, it’s worth mentioning that the test subjects in this study were men with hypogonadism (a diminished function of the testes).

But since TestoFuel contains Zinc on its own, you’ll read more about it in a bit.

TestoFuel ingredients, Vitamin D
The best source of Vitamin D? Direct sunlight exposure to your skin!

5. Vitamin D3 (5000 UI)

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that everyone needs, especially those living in regions with less sunlight.


Because our bodies make Vitamin D when the skin gets directly exposed to sunlight.

It’s a crucial vitamin for supporting the immune system and bone health.

However you can even obtain it through nutrition – fish and eggs are a decent source of Vit. D.

Oh, it’s superb for your manliness as well. Here’s the scientific proof:

  • Taking Vitamin D (3332 UI) for an entire year results in an average increase in testosterone of 25% (9). Even more astonishingly, the guys who did that saw an increase in pretty much all forms of testosterone – bioactive, free and total.
  • Having enough Vitamin D levels in your system means that you’ll have more T than people with insufficient amounts of this vitamin (10). It also seems like testosterone levels peak in August – guess why? Sunshine!

So, this ingredient is top-notch, nothing else to add here.

The 5k UI dosage is also spot on, so kudos to TestoFuel.

TestoFuel ingredients, vitamin K2
Natto (fermented soy) is a Japanese dish and it has lots of Vitamin K2!

6. Vitamin K2 (18 mcg)

This is another fat-soluble vitamin with intriguing health benefits.

Vitamin K2 triggers certain proteins that help with the metabolism of calcium and blood clotting, among other things.

In terms of optimizing our masculinity, this is what researchers have found thus far:

  • Taking 75 mg/kg bodyweight of Menaquinone-4 (one form of Vitamin K2) is able to nearly double the amount of testosterone in test subjects (11). The same research also suggests that this vitamin might even fight the age-related decline in T production. Unfortunately, the tests were conducted on rats, not humans.

This ingredient looks pretty solid on paper, there’s just a tiny, little problem.

The studies were done on rats, so take any claims about Vitamin K2 significantly boosting testosterone with a grain of salt.

TestoFuel ingredients, Vitamin B6
Milk is a great source of Vitamin B6 – don’t forget that.

7. Vitamin B6 (5 mg)

Vitamins from the B group are essential for our health and B6 is no exception.

This water-soluble vitamin takes part in a plethora of bodily processes.

From synthesizing protein to the production of melanin (the sleep hormone), it’s involved in a lot of stuff.

And now, let’s see if it’s any testosterone-friendly:

  • Supplementing with ZMA (Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6) for 8 weeks has been shown to boost testosterone levels (12). Even though the test subjects were young amateur American football players, this nutrient combo obviously works.

Although Vitamin B6 plays a role in so many bodily processes, it seems like it doesn’t have a direct androgen impact.

But since TestoFuel contains both Zinc and Magnesium in addition to B6, you can say that the findings in the research above most likely apply.

8. Magnesium (200 mg)

It’s safe to say that Magnesium is a crucial vitamin that many people are deficient of.

In fact, you might have Magnesium deficiency yourself – it’s that prevalent.

Our bodies need this mineral for a plethora of functions including insulin sensitivity, blood and heart health.

But it also happens to be great for your masculinity as well – see for yourself:

  • Supplementing with Magnesium increases both total and free testosterone levels in active and sedentary men alike (13). What’s even better is that these effects were achieved with doses of 10 mg of Magnesium per kg body weight. This isn’t all that much because if you weight 80 kg that’s only 80 mg of Mag daily!
  • Other studies irrevocably state that Magnesium levels are directly related to our anabolic hormones (14). This seems to be especially true for older gents (65+) as such men were used as test subjects in this research.

And like I already said – Magnesium deficiency is rampant these days.

Especially in countries like the US.

So make sure to either take a Magnesium supplement or eat more nuts and leafy green veggies.

Oh, and TestoFuel’s 200 mg daily dose of Magnesium is decent enough.

It’s actually half (50%) of the daily value for this mineral.

TestoFuel ingredients, Zinc
Apart from oysters, red meat is loaded with Zinc.

9. Zinc (10 mg)

Zinc is included in just about any testosterone booster on the market.

Coincidence? Nope.

Zinc not only fights inflammation, but it’s also great at helping wounds heal faster.

Basically, this amazing mineral is a must-have for every man and you’ll now learn why:

  • Taking Zinc can lower the exercise-induced testosterone reduction in sedentary men (15). The idea is that immediately post-exercise T levels drop, according to this study. And this is where Zinc comes in.
  • Another study published by the same magazine shows that 3 mg of Zinc per kg of body weight, each day for 4 weeks straight boosts testosterone (16). The results were significant and we’re talking about an increase in both free and total T levels here.

Now, TestoFuel comes with 10 mg of Zinc (or 67% of the daily value), which is alright.

Keep in mind that you loose skin by sweating.

So if it’s too hot and you’re sweating like a pig it means that you’re losing precious Zinc!

TestoFuel ingredients, side effects
TestoFuel is perfectly safe so it’s HIGHLY unlikely you’ll experience any side effects.

Does TestoFuel Have Any Side Effects?

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll experience any adverse reactions while on this T booster.

It’s safe, natural and I’ve personally tried it for an entire month without any problems whatsoever.

Just make sure to read the label carefully before you start taking it.

It contains oyster extract and that’s a no-no if you’re allergic to seafood.

Besides, none of the ingredients are overdosed in any way.

Actually, some are underdosed if anything.

Still, if you’re just curious about some potential side effects related to overdosing some of the ingredients in TestoFuel, here you go:

D-Aspartic Acid

  • Gynecomastia
  • Hair loss
  • Bloating
  • Acne

Oyster Extract

  • Metallic taste
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting


  • Gas
  • Diarrhea
  • Bloating
  • Coughing
  • Upset stomach

Asian Red Panax Ginseng

  • Dizziness
  • Trouble falling asleep
  • Upset stomach
  • Headache

Again, the chances of you feeling any of these adverse effects is pretty bloody slim.

If you don’t suffer from any food allergies or simply aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients, you’d be good to go.


There’s no doubt that TestoFuel’s got a superb formula with plenty of scientifically proven ingredients.

Honestly, I’d say that the TestoFuel ingredients definitely put it out there among the best of the best.

This is still in my top 3 testosterone boosters ever and it’s easy to see why.

Click Here to Try TestoFuel Risk-Free for 90 Days Now!

Now, I’d like to know what YOU think about the ingredient profile of this mighty test booster!

Are you a fan or you have your doubts about the dosages of some ingredients?

Leave a comment below with your answer!

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