Supplements For Low Testosterone In Men

FYI: Supplements, NOT steroids!

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Ask ten people how to cure the awful low T condition and chances are, nine out of ten would answer “by injecting yourself with synthetic testosterone”. Low testosterone and injections go hand in hand for the most part, and this is what most men associate this dreaded problem with.

However, since I’m someone who 100% dislikes injecting himself with synthetic crap, what would you say about combining the words low T with supplements? The result is: ‘supplements for low testosterone in men‘!

After this refreshing concoction, now you have an idea about the direction this article of mine will be taking. NO, I ain’t gonna force you to embrace any “awesome-modernly-modern-supplement-guide” or something similar – just the right foundations and the whole concept.

The concept of dealing with insufficient levels of our primary male hormone, but with a twist. What would that be you’d ask? No steroids, no testosterone gels, no patches, no stuff you put in your…, okay, maybe that’s taking it too far, but you catch my drift!

Before we proceed with the real deal, it would be smart to get something straight! In a logical manner, the first thing that should be asked is…

Do you have low testosterone?

Dual color question mark in a circle

*Pleases note that wearing pink and listening to One Direction or Nursery Rhymes doesn’t help with your masculinity!*

Seriously though, do you have low T? Assuming that your manhood is on the lower spectrum (if you’re reading this, chances are that this is indeed the case) and you want a natural alternative to TRT (testosterone replacement therapy), we’re now ready to rock!

First thing’s first – obviously there are symptoms that you could look for when you have been doubting your virility. They are explained in detail in my low T and symptoms piece of writing, but for the sake of convenience, here are the top ones to watch out for:

  • Losing muscle mass plus strength – any gym rat’s worst nightmare
  • ED – erectile dysfunction
  • Carrying more fat
  • Reduced bone mass and density
  • Gyno – gynecomastia a.k.a. man boobs

Some NASTY symptoms, eh? Fear not, because before jumping to conclusions, it’ll be wise to do a blood test (blood tests are the most accurate) to see how much T you have exactly. I’ve written a post entirely focused on normal testosterone levels, with some great graphs which you could use for reference.

After doing that, you’ll know FOR SURE if you need to enhance your masculinity, or not (if your T is on the higher end, you have my respect). In case you’re one of those curious folks and you crave answers about why you might have low testosterone – yours truly has written an article exactly for this!

Now that we’ve got the subject of insufficient manliness covered, it’s time to focus on…


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Supplements that boost testosterone levels

Different kinds of capsules and tablets alike

Notice how I used the word supplements and NOT anabolic steroids? Do you differentiate between these two? Without being sarcastic and arrogant (although that could be manly, sometimes), think of supplements as fresh juice, and steroids as ‘natural’ juice from concentrate.

Both are designed to deliver certain benefits but through very different methods. Was this the best illustration that I could’ve given you? That’ll remain a secret, but to keep it real – steroids could be potentially hazardous to your health. I doubt anyone would find this shocking, mhm?

Supplements are OTC products, while steroids are prescription drugs.

Yep, OTC means over-the-counter, which means that you can buy testosterone boosters freely since they fall under the ‘supplements’ category. This is obviously the exact opposite of medications since they require you to get a doctor to prescribe them for you – hello TRT!

But hey, what on earth are these so-called testosterone boosters you might ask? Have a look at my related article to find out! Since you are here at Testosterone Nerd, I’m obliged to tell you that you can NEVER expect steroid-like results from supplements. N-E-V-E-R!

Does that make them obsolete and useless? From my standpoint – not at all. You should value your health, and unfortunately introducing a synthetic version of your primary androgen (big T) has the potential to cause you harm. Here, let me throw in some examples of how bad TRT or steroids could be for you:

  • They could cause heart attacks and strokes
  • They could cause sleep apnea
  • They could cause gynecomastia
  • They WILL wreck your endocrine system

The last one is going to happen without a doubt! Your nuts will STOP producing testosterone, because you’re receiving it from an external source, around 10x your natural amount. Still, does that mean you’ll 100% die from a heart attack or a stroke when injecting the juice (that cool slang for steroids) into your butt? Only the Lord knows bro!

What I DO know is that I’d prefer to make adjustments to my lifestyle and with the help of natural products, reach my hormonal goals! This reminds of the next topic that I’d like to cover with you fellows:

Can you fight low T with supplements?

Road sign that says "next big thing"

This might sound like a fairy tale to all those steroid abusers, but we don’t care about them now, do we!? Truth be told, TRT can be effective and it will more than likely bring your levels back to normal. Of course, sometimes this comes at a certain cost – your health!

But since the discussion here is ONLY about natural stuff, supplements and such, I’m not gonna delve deeper into the TRT part. Instead, yours truly will put the focus on good ol’ supps! If you know that your manhood is on the lower end, do you reckon a testosterone boosting supplement would suffice?

Without unwanted drama, it’s perfectly safe to say that YES, they could assist in your ongoing battle with not enough of your main androgen. T-boosting supps are even more compelling for folks with such conditions. Think of it this way – low testosterone can magnify the effectiveness of these supplements.

Low testosterone has the ability to be a potent amplifier of the efficiency of a testosterone boosting supplement.

Same goes for older gents, who in general report greater achievements in terms of more energy, libido, muscle tone etc. It all makes PERFECT sense if you think about it (come on, use that brain of yours for a little bit).

The increase in natural T production associated with these products correlates with elements like current testosterone levels of the particular man, who is taking them. In a nutshell – if you have less masculinity, chances are that the T booster will be your new best friend!

However, we shall now move on to a critical query:

Are all testosterone boosters made equal?

Road sign with a yes and no

Are all cars the same in terms of performance, luxury, practicality etc.? You have your answers now, nothing more to read here! If, by any chance you still find yourself reading this, congrats! I come with the exotic and refreshing news that NO, some are better than the others.

Sure, while most T boosters share similar formulas, there’s the human factor that sets them apart. What do I mean? Personal experience! An awful LOT of guys on the internet like to promote products that they’ve never tried themselves. Even worse, they are writing bloody REVIEWS for them… talk about hypocrisy.

Speaking of reviews, you can find my fair share of reviews on the ‘Reviews‘ page (who would’ve thought…). Each and every product that I’ve written a review for was one that I had used MYSELF. It’s all about my personal opinion and experience about a particular supplement, book or whatever it is that I have reviewed.

Now, I did my best to highlight the most used compounds in testosterone enhancing supplements, which you can find here. Like I told you guys already, most of the ingredients mentioned in my article are what most of these supplements consist of. But once again, quantity and quality come into play!

Time to proceed now, shall we? Continuing with more insight, I’d like to shed light on…

Which T boosters should you go for then?

Opened supplement bottle with capsules spilled out

The ones that make your missus happy, your wallet heavy and your androgens stimulated. Ha, sounds dead easy on paper, but a reality check is always welcomed! You wouldn’t be buying a Ford (not even a might Mustang) and expect it to behave like a Bugatti… or would you?

Well, it’s the same with testosterone boosting supplements. You get what you pay for, generally speaking. Going for the cheapest option available will bring you… guess what? The cheapest results available!

That’s not to say that you should sell your house in order to acquire a decent T boosters, but money well spent will ensure you’ll have better chances of dealing with low T naturally. Without further ado, let’s dive in and inspect the elements that make a booster good:

  • Transparent label – not hiding behind ‘modern‘ proprietary blends
  • Efficient ingredient profile
  • No banned substances or anything illegal inside
  • Adequate dosing
  • Each bottle lasts at least one month

Know what though? This is just an advice – you are completely free to go out and buy average, below average or even total-garbage-boosters if you want to prove a point. Who knows, they could’ve been designed just for you and actually exceed your expectations!

Still, unless you’re a WWII veteran (no disrespect, but that means you should be around 100 years of age) or just straight up eunuch, you better follow my advice boy (or more appropriately – man)!

Basically – the lower your T is, the more effective a testosterone boosting would be!

Conclusive words (or thoughts)

Can you be the knight in shining armor that does all the fighting for glorious testosterone levels, by yourself? Without introducing foreign substances in the form of lab-made hormones to your system? Ask yourself these crucial questions!

Health-related concerns will always haunt you if you decide to dabble in TRT (testosterone replacement therapy). Especially after reading a good part of my articles (thank me beforehand), and my “praise” for injections, syringes and anything of the sort.

Can I promise you that utilizing testosterone enhancing supplements will redeem your masculinity and bring back your normal testosterone levels? Not by ANY stretch of the imagination! Only the Lord knows if it will be enough for your situation.

What’s certain is that there ARE effective testosterone boosters, like my current favorite Testogen (you can check my own review of it here). You can only gain an advantage from taking such supplements and I’d say it’s totally worth preserving your health by avoiding injections as much as possible.

And if you’re interested in how a testosterone booster looks like or some general options over at Amazon – check some of the so-called testosterone boosters


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If there’s something else you’d like to know about the possibility of treating low T with supplements or you just want to share your testimony – give me a shout in the comment section below!

Yours truly,

Founder of Testosterone Nerd



  1. Hey Simon, Cool website man very informative and good suggestions about things to take and what helps.

    I use these natural supplements called metagenics, and these days people love all natural stuff! So maybe you could add some of those products to your page for people who are looking for a natural thing.

    cheers, Dillon.

    • Welcome, Dillon!

      Merci beaucoup for the kind words mister – it means a lot to me!

      So I did take a look at this supplement brand called Metagenics and yeah, they do seem cool. Non-GMO products with statements for quality and purity – they’re onto something. Might definitely consider trying something from their arsenal in the future!

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

    • Hello there Susan!

      Glad you liked it, high five.

      ZMA is the best according to who? There are millions if not trillions of studies out there, would appreciate more insight on this one, really! I’m not making fun of the awesome combination of Zinc, Magnesium and B6, by any means.

      There’s virtually no doubt that ZMA is an amazing and super effective compound, but I wouldn’t say it’s the best for boosting your testosterone if that’s what you meant. It can definitely HELP, but proper T boosting supplements are better in general.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  2. I recently tried a testosterone supplement and was disappointed. Definitely, nothing to write home about.But after reading the info you had on testogen I think I might give it another try.
    Also, I want to thank you for the diet and exercise info you had.My diet among other things does include quite a bit of egg and olive oil.
    I also agree with you on the importance of exercise.I have been very physical my entire 64 years. Sports and heavy construction, and exercise. I am sure that is the reason I don’t have man boobs. Lol. Sorry I couldn’t resist. For some anal reason, I always laugh when I see that phrase. But I am sure I wouldn’t think it was if I had that problem.
    Very good job on giving lots of info on the problem of low testosterone. Thank you.

    • Welcome David!

      Kudos for being active and staying fit at 64! So many younger folks are sitting on their butts all day long, not doing anything physical – it’s a shame.

      And yeah, man boobs are funny but I’d imagine it won’t be a fun experience to have them. That’s something that I’m trying to help folks with.

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  3. I like what you have to say and you make a lot of very good factual points. I have been out of the gym for almost 4 years and have never been less confident, depressed or solitary than now. My reason for my decline was a career, stable relationship and a sense of security which has all been lost. I believe I have always been the best man I can be by working out and living right but I lack the motivation. I have shoulder injuries, two torn biceps which hinder my bodybuilding goals. And there’s the excess body fat which you know blocks the metabolizing of testosterone. And then there’s my age. I’m 41 and no matter what you say, there’s no way I can produce the same testosterone as when I was 23 because production declines with age. What info can you give me to motivate my aspirations of getting my life back with testosterone the right way? Thank you for the good read, I look forward to your response.



    • Welcome, Karl!

      It’s unfortunate indeed, but we all age and that’s only a normal physiological process. Sorry to hear about the shoulder injury holding you back and also the unpleasant events that took place in your personal life. I’ll pray to the Lord things get better for you man!

      In terms of giving you a push or fresh motivation, I’ll keep it tight and composed. Start from adjusting your lifestyle – nutrition, sleep, eliminating bad habits etc. Build on from there and remember – being 41 does NOT mean you have to live with low T for the rest of your life. In fact, be an exception to the rule, make yourself proud and be a good role model for other folks.

      There’s lots of stuff to read here on T.N. so roll up your sleeves and get enlightened.

      All the best buddy, cheers!

      God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd


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