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The TestoGen Scam – A Legit Testosterone Booster… or Not?

Testosterone is perhaps the most important hormone for us men. We need it to stay healthy, to maintain our libido and to be masculine. It’s what makes a man manly. That’s why we love using quality testosterone boosting products, such as TestoGen. And this brings us to the TestoGen scam dilemma – is it a legit T booster or not?

Yes, TestoGen is a 100% legit testosterone boosting supplement that simply works.

I’ve personally tried it and after finishing an entire bottle I was blown away by the results.

My libido went through the roof, I got stronger, my muscles were more defined etc.

Overall, I simply had that ‘alpha male’ attitude and I felt great.

Besides, this T booster relies only on science-backed ingredients so it’s no wonder it works so well.

TestoGen scam, TestoGen offer

7 Indisputable Reasons Why TestoGen Is Totally Legit!

Now, let’s have a look at some bulletproof reasons as to why TestoGen is totally legit and why it’s NOT a scam product.

On a side note, I’ll always be somewhat biased towards this T booster as it’s my all-time favorite. It’s that good.

1. This Testosterone Booster Doesn’t Hide Behind Proprietary Blends

TestoGen’s ingredient profile is 100% transparent and fully disclosed on the back of each bottle.

Thus, you know the precise amount of each ingredient that you’re getting per serving.

To me, this means one thing – the manufacturer has nothing to hide.

It’s quite modern for T boosters and other supplements to have the so-called ‘proprietary blend’.

This term stands for a non-transparent ingredient label.

Or in short, you’re only shown the total amount of all ingredients in grams or milligrams.

With TestoGen you know the exact amount (per serving) of every single ingredient listed. Talk about transparency!

This can be quite problematic as you have virtually no idea exactly how much you’re getting from ingredient X and ingredient Y.

For example, only one of the ingredients may be adequately dosed, while all the other ones are underdosed.

You can never really know.

TestoGen scam, fully transparent ingredient profile

2. It Relies On Scientifically-Validated Ingredients Only

The unique formula of this product consists of 11 tested and proven TestoGen ingredients that are backed by science.

Each of these ingredients works in a direct or indirect way for two primary reasons:

  1. To stimulate your testosterone production
  2. To enhance your libido.

Also, the formulation utilizes some clever features to make the big hitters like D-Aspartic Acid, Fenugreek and Red Ginseng even more effective.

This is especially true when it comes to the Bioperine extract included in the formula.

Bioperine is a patented black pepper extract that increases the absorption rates of other ingredients (1).

This means that your body will be able to absorb more of the key ingredients. And that’s crucial.

Who cares if you’re getting optimal doses if your body cannot absorb them.

3. There Are No Banned Or Illegal Substances In TestoGen

Another reason that proves this product’s genuineness is the fact that it’s free of any harmful substances.

This means nothing banned or illegal such as anabolic steroids.

It utilizes only natural compounds, nothing else.

Testogen is free of any fillers, preservatives and banned or illegal substances!

Sure, some people might automatically assume that this is the case with every other supplement out there.

That’s what US swimmer Jessica Hardy assumed before 2008 Olympics.

She started taking a muscle-building supplement prior to the event.

Long story short, she got banned because they found Clenbuterol in her system.

And In case you didn’t know, Clenbuterol is on WADA’s (World Anti-Doping Agency) list of banned substances.

Eventually, the Court of Arbitration for Sport dismissed her 1-year ban issued by WADA so Mrs.

Hardy’s situation wasn’t all bad. But it just shows how important using a banned substance-free supplement is.

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4. There Are No Known Or Reported Side Effects

While I was on TestoGen I didn’t experience any adverse reactions and that seems to be the rule, not the exception.

After going over various online reviews I realized that I wasn’t an isolated case.

TestoGen is indeed perfectly safe and virtually side-effect free.

So if you’re concerned about any potential TestoGen side effects – don’t be.

This supplement is totally safe to use. It doesn’t contain anything harmful or particular compounds that result in more frequent side effects.

Still, if you’re overly curious – some potential side effects of TestoGen might include:

  • Irritability
  • Nervousness
  • Aggression
  • Headaches

But it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll feel any of these or any adverse effects at all for that matter.

It’s all smooth sailing while taking TestoGen so relax.

I’m yet to come across someone who felt unwanted and unpleasant reactions with this product.

TestoGen scam, several bottles of TestoGen next to a dumbbell

5. Almost All Of The TestoGen Reviews And Client Feedback Are Positive

Indeed – it’s almost impossible to stumble upon a negative review of TestoGen.

In fact, I challenge you to show me one.

I’ve been trying to find a review or just some client feedback that bashes the product and I couldn’t find any.

This can mean only two things.

Either TestoGen is truly a sensational testosterone booster or everyone is paid to endorse this supplement.

While there’s no doubt that option 2 is valid, it’s still impossible for everyone to be THAT biased.

Thus, it’s safe to say that TestoGen simply works and men are genuinely happy with the results. Including me.

6. There’s An Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee

That’s right, the manufacturer is so confident in their product that they’re willing to offer you a complete refund if for some reason you’re unhappy with TestoGen.

You can request a 100% refund within 67 days from the moment you ordered your TestoGen.

TestoGen comes with a 60-day trial + 7 extra days for return shipping or 67 risk-free days in total!

All that you’ll need to do is email them and they’ll give you further instructions on how to get refunded.

On their page, it says that you’ll simply have to send them your TestoGen bottles and any additional unopened ones.

However, this implies that you’ve bought 2 bottles of this supplement.

That’s because each bottle lasts exactly 30 days so you’ll need 2 for a 60-day cycle.

Nonetheless, I highly doubt you’ll ever need to use their money-back guarantee.

Why? Because you’ll love the results!

TestoGen scam, a hand holding a bottle of TestoGen

7. TestoGen Is Manufactured In FDA-Approved Facilities

TestoGen not only relies on high-quality ingredients, but it also utilizes cutting-edge manufacturing practices.

More specifically, this T booster is made in FDA-approved facilities on US soil.

Apparently, the company that manufactures this supplement (Wolfson Berg) is all about quality.

They don’t cut corners when it comes to creating supplements of the highest quality.

And it shows since their TestoGen continues to help men across all ages throughout the globe.


Even though TestoGen has now been around for several years, it’s still as relevant and effective as it ever was.

It’s crystal clear that this testosterone boosting formula is anything but a scam.

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All the positive reviews and user testimonials point to the fact that this is genuinely among the very best T boosters on the market.

And I can totally attest to that as I’ve personally tried it.

This product is awesome, it works and it doesn’t come with any adverse reactions.

Now, after all of this – do you think that TestoGen is legit or not?

Let me know by dropping a comment in the comment section below!

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