TestoGen Review – Is It One Of The Best?

Or is it one of the worst?

Professional shot of the testosterone booster Testogen

Product: TestoGen
Price: 54.95$ (special savings when buying more than one bottle)
Buy it here: www.testogen.com
Servings per container: 30 (120 capsules)
Guarantee: 60-day money back (if you buy two or more bottles)

Gaining an advantage in the hunt for more natural testosterone is a tricky task. You can adjust your nutrition, sleep, and exercises accordingly in order to optimize your masculinity, but there’s more to it. Apart from challenging Anthony Joshua to a boxing match (it might be counterproductive though), there are other ways that could boost your T and my TestoGen review will help you in that direction!

I’ve tried TestoGen personally and to be perfectly honest with you, it simply delivers. It’s a strong competitor for the “best testosterone boosting supplement” title and just a quick look at its ingredient profile is enough to cement its place among the best.

28 Feb. 2018 UPDATE: TestoGen’s formula has been improved and it now features new ingredients, more absorbable versions of the current ones and some ingredients like Tribulus have been removed!

It’s been on the market for a few years now and its reputation is rather stunning. So hey, let’s dive into the action… NOW!

What Exactly Is TestoGen Though?

TestoGen is a modern testosterone boosting supplement that’s designed to naturally increase your T production. It has nothing to do with anabolic steroids and there’s nothing banned inside!

Truth be told, I’m personally skeptical towards too many bells and whistles these days. If anything sounds too good to be true, be SURE that it damn is! When a supplement promises you Mr. Olympia-kind of gains, Arnold’s deep voice or beard that can cut through diamonds, it’s just a bit too much.

Let’s cut to the chase now and take a look at what Testogen has in store for us, according to the manufacturer:

  • Improved muscle mass plus an increase in lean muscle
  • Better libido and more motivation
  • Heightened performance (mentally and physically)
  • Lower BF (body fat), mainly around your waistline and even a reduction in cholesterol levels plus lowered blood pressure

On paper, this sounds amazing, stunning, breath-taking. In a minute I’ll share my own take on whether there’s any truth to these claims. For now, we can just conclude that this one has a lot to prove!

Time to check who is a fit candidate for TestoGen, rock on!

Two bottles of Testogen on a table

Who Can Benefit From TestoGen?

Anyone who’s looking to optimize their manhood in a natural manner. To make sure that no one feels left out, let me give you a quick list of the guys who can utilize TestoGen:

  • Men seeking to increase their testosterone levels naturally
  • Men who struggle with low testosterone
  • Men who want to make the most of their training regime
  • Men with libido issues
  • Men looking to gain control over their body fat levels

I’m not implying that this T-booster is a fat burner, by mentioning folks with more fat looking to trim down. The main point here is that the more lard you carry, the more estrogen you are going to have a NASTY adverse effect of that. Increasing your testosterone can reverse that – got it?

Also, TestoGen is a supplement and supplements are 100% OTC (over-the-counter) products, they’re safe and they are NOT the same as anabolic steroids. If you’re still bewildered, take a look at my article related to the safety aspect of T boosting supplements.

All in all, nothing fancy here – if you crave more of our primary male hormone, then yes, TestoGen and you are made for each other. And please, don’t mistake this TestoGen for Ronnie Coleman’s Testogen-XR, which is an entirely different animal (although it also contains D-Aspartic Acid).

Don’t mistake TestoGen with Ronnie Colneman’s Testogen XR – that’s a different testosterone booster!

Know what? It’s that time again – the time for me to lift up the curtain and share my OWN experience with TestoGen, with YOU guys!

My Personal Experience With TestoGen

First thing’s first, let’s praise the fact that TestoGen now comes with a new and improved formula that’s bound to optimize your testosterone levels even further! And yes, they’ve removed Tribulus (thank God).

So, my dosing protocol was the common one – 4 capsules per day. Nothing crazy here, each bottle (I did two bottles, back to back) lasted me exactly 30 days. I chugged down the whole 4 caps dose all at once, but you’re free to spread the doses throughout the day if that suits you. You know what the Hodge twins say – “you can do whatever the F#%& you wanna do

While I didn’t become the new Incredible Hulk (who expects that from a supplement, really), these are the things that are worth mentioning:

  • Superb erections (some of my all-time best, no BS)
  • Libido and sex drive through the roof
  • Better muscular strength
  • Less body fat
  • More defined muscles (as a result of less BF)
  • Determination for success (directly correlated to more T)

One of the things that put the biggest smile on my face as a result of being on TestoGen was actually looking better naked. As summer is approaching faster than ever, the timing just couldn’t have been better for me! Aside from that, less fat means there was less of it to be turned into estrogen by the aromatase enzyme, so hooray for that.

Fat comes with the “bonus” of having the aromatase enzyme, which helps to convert testosterone to estrogen.

But boy, oh boy, the true beauty of TestoGen could very well be its libido-boosting capabilities! I mean, I haven’t had such dense, rock-solid erections since I was 14 perhaps (I’m married, so I’m not afraid to admit it… no shame whatsoever). Honestly, guys, if you don’t share similar results, something has to wrong with you (or you have to be 14 yo).

As a whole, the only aspect that could be deemed as negative has to be:

  • Excess aggression at times

Yet this is completely controllable so don’t panic! Don’t think of it as a sort of an uncontrollable rage or bloodlust. It’s just that when something (or someone) pushed my buttons too much, I had a tiny bit more aggression at my disposal. No one was hurt during the use of this product.

I’ll get into MORE detail about ‘the good’ and ‘the bad’ of TestoGen further down this review. But for now, as you already have a sense of my positive vibe towards it, maybe it’s a good idea to check the formulation behind this testosterone booster? Come on!


  • D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) — 2352 mg
  • Fenugreek Extract 4:1 — 40 mg
  • Ginseng Extract — 40 mg
  • Magnesium — 200 mg
  • Vitamin K1 — 20 mcg
  • Selenium — 45.2 mcg
  • Vitamin B6 — 20 mg
  • Vitamin D3 — 50 mcg
  • Nettle Leaf Extract — 40 mg
  • Zinc (Citrate) — 10 mg
  • Boron — 20 mg
  • Bioperine — 5 mg

It’s plain as day that TestoGen means real business if you just glance at the ingredient label (and if you know what to look for, obviously). Every ingredient is proven, solid and dosed accordingly – there’s not much room for criticism here.

120 capsules, 30 servings, full month supply. Let’s hit the gong and dive deeper into the formula of this one:

  • D-Aspartic Acid (Now 15% more per serving)

Is there anyone out there that’s not familiar with DAA, honestly? This HAS to be the most used substances in T boosting supplements. There’s a good reason for that folks – I personally adore it! Here in TestoGen, it comes at a neat 2000mg dose per serving, which is superb.

It’s been proven to play a vital role in the synthesis of testosterone and LH (luteinizing hormone). I’ve covered this amino acid more in-depth in my ‘What is in a T booster‘ article. Oh, just in case – the main perk of DAA is its ability to help turn cholesterol into testosterone. Cool, eh?

  • Fenugreek

This plant has a weird name, but it’s not Greek, really! However, it HAS to be one of the most potent ingredients to give your manliness a boost to date. The Fenugreek extract from the seeds of the plant, are 200mg here, which is more than many other testosterone boosters on the market.

As a matter of fact, this little fellow has libido-enhancing properties as well. So in addition to giving your natural T a lift, you could benefit from more oomph below your belly, if you catch my drift…

  • Ginseng Extract

Typical ginseng plant with lots of roots

Eastern cultures know a thing or two about natural remedies to low T or just something to spark your sex life. In this regard, the guys behind TestoGen decided to add a hefty 250mgs of Panax Ginseng (root extract)  and guys, this is the sh!t when it comes to different variations of ginseng.

Hailing from Korea, this plant is known as the ‘man root for a reason! Ginseng safeguards your nuts from dioxins which in return means improved libido with some rock-solid erections. Overall it’s a tool to deliver the goods in terms of more stamina, energy, virility etc… the lot!

  • Magnesium (New Ingredient)

This is the first brand new addition to TestoGen’s formula and it’s a must-have for every great T booster. Magnesium is a vital mineral that plays a crucial role in the creation of our favorite hormone and it also promotes better sleep.

But as far as testosterone goes, a relevant study from 2011 found that individuals who supplement with Magnesium and work out, experience an increase in their free testosterone by almost 25% (1)!

  • Vitamin K1 (New Ingredient)

This is a water-soluble vitamin that provides a plethora of benefits. Apart from helping with blood clotting, Vitamin K1 is also responsible for maintaining healthy bone tissue and even teeth, due to it transporting Calcium to your teeth and bones.

But also, this vitamin works in synergy with Vitamin D (it actually increases its absorption rates), thus providing an even more powerful T-enhancing effect.

  • Selenium

Peeled brazil nuts on a wooden table
Brazil nuts are jam-packed with Selenium

The one we’re looking at here is the sodium selenite form, which is found in some foods such as plants, meat, seafood etc. Basically, the whole idea is that you’re bound to be detoxified by Selenium, because… well, maybe because it’s a bloody, powerful antioxidant!

As we all know (do we?), toxins can mess up our whole endocrine system. Actually, they can cause chaos in our bodies as a whole, so it’s always a big PLUS to consume things that act as antioxidants.

  • Vitamin B6 (New more absorbable form)

Can’t go wrong with the addition of any vitamin from the B group, especially B6. Many manufacturers are accepting this idea and it’s a common sight to see a T booster with B vitamins in it.

TestoGen is boat loaded with B6 and that’s absolutely brilliant. B6 is involved in more than 100 unique processes in the body, plus it also aids in the assimilation of amino acids by your system and even helps with testosterone production.


  • Vitamin D3 (Now with 500% more Vit. D3 per serving)

Image of the sun rising above clouds
Sunshine is naturally what triggers Vitamin D synthesis

If you live somewhere in the cold north, where enjoying the sunshine is as rare as a decent song by JB (you know who I’m referring to), then I’ve got some BAD news for you bro!

Vitamin D synthesized when your skin is directly exposed to sunlight. What does that mean? If you live in a region with crap weather (it’s ok, I won’t be mentioning anything specific), chances are you could very well be Vit D deficient.

Good news is that TestoGen offers Vitamin D as part of its formula, so you’re in safe hands. And I guess there’s no need to mention that this AWESOME vitamin plays a role in testosterone production?

  • Nettle Leaf Extract (New Ingredient)

This plant is known to be a potent diuretic since ancient times and it also helps with urinary problems (logically), while also being a potent tool against osteoarthritis and joint pain in general.

However, it’s also a great testosterone-boosting ingredient! That’s due to its SHGB (sex hormone-binding globulin) binding properties.

Since testosterone tends to bind to this protein that makes it less potent as a result, when the nettle leaf extract binds to SHGB it actually leaves more T alone, thus making it flow through your bloodstream freely, while you enjoy all the benefits of increased testosterone levels!

  • Zinc (New more absorbable form – Citrate)

Yet another staple amongst an awful lot of similar products. For the 1000th time, it’s worth mentioning that Zinc is actually a PROVEN testosterone-boosting ingredient, according to relevant scientific data (2).

Add the stunning bonus of an increased sperm count and you’re in for a treat. The dose here is 72mg which at first glance is beautiful, unfortunately, they’ve put Zinc in its Gluconate form, and this one isn’t one of the best forms when it comes to absorption rates.

  • Boron (New Ingredient)

Boron is a trace mineral that can be found either in the soil or in particular fruits and veggies. You might be wondering what does this mineral has to do with testosterone, but it actually has A LOT to do with it!

You see a study from 2011 conducted by the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology provides the answers. They gave around 10 mg of Boron to test subjects over the course of one week (seven days) and this is what they found:

  • The free T levels of the test subjects increased by 28%
  • And their estrogen levels were lowered by a whopping 39%

Essentially, Boron not only boosts your testosterone levels – it even decreases your estrogen at the same time!

  • Bioperine (New Ingredient)

In essence, this is a black pepper extract. While it doesn’t directly boost male hormone levels, what it does is it increases the absorption rates of all other ingredients that are part of TestoGen’s formula.

And that’s great news since Bioperine essentially makes every single ingredient in this product more effective and more potent, leading to better results for you.

ENOUGH with the ingredient profile though, time to fasten your seatbelts as we’re entering the zone of The Good and The Bad!

TestoGen – The Good

Thumbs up vector image in green color

I can say a lot of good things about Testogen, honestly. We’ll get to the negative aspects in a moment, but for now, it’ll be nothing but praise!

Keep in mind that I have personal experience using this one, so I’m confident in how I weight the pros and cons of this supplement. Without further ado, the GOOD of TestoGen:

  • No proprietary blends – you see the exact amount of each ingredient
  • Natural and safe to use – nothing banned or illegal inside
  • International shipping
  • Proven and efficient ingredient profile
  • One bottle lasts you the whole month
  • Super-fast delivery and awesome customer support (they really are helpful)
  • Small caps, no problem to swallow
  • 60-day guarantee (only when you buy 2 or more bottles though)
  • Decently priced

These are the things that impressed me the most so I decided to include them under my ‘The Good’ section. I should point out that delivery was super fast – arrived at my address after just a few days and it generally takes longer with other stuff I purchase online.

Can you conclude that TestoGen is flawless then, judging by my praise? Ha-ha-ha… not even Megan Fox is flawless fellows! Time for…

TetoGen – The Bad

Thumbs down vector image in red color

There are two sides to every coin – this is when we turn out attention to the uglier one (do coins have ugly sides?). This booster is fabulous, hands down, but I’m obliged to share the unpleasant side with you guys – that’s how Testosterone Nerd rolls!

Ready for it? Really? Honestly? Here we go:

  • The guarantee only applies if you order two or more bottles (there are T boosters with better guarantee conditions out there)
  • Can’t buy in a supplement store – you can only order it from the official TestoGen website

It’s all about increasing the natural output of our primary male hormone and if it does the trick, I wouldn’t mind having something with a dubious reputation. If it doesn’t affect my health in any way shape or form, It’s all good!

Alright, I’m about to bring down my judge’s gravel (I don’t work in a court, chill)!


Wooden judges gavel on pure white background

Would I conclude this review with a happy end, or would TestoGen suffer T.N.’s renounce? With a hand on my heart, I’m glad to announce that TestoGen delivers – it’s certainly a top contender for the best testosterone boosting supplement title!

Without being too picky or judgemental (who am I to judge anyone/anything though, only God can), this is one fine product for any guy looking to give his manhood a well-deserved lift. Can I guarantee you the same results that I had? Not, by any stretch of the imagination!

“Don’t tell people about your plans, show them your results”

– Unknown

Get yourself a bottle and only then can you compare your experience to mine – we’re all different and our bodies (obviously) are too. I’m just sharing my intake with you guys on the internet. My intention is to put out valuable reviews (this is a review after all) with no added bullcrap and with 100% honesty.

In conclusion – Testogen is legit. It’s a legit supplement designed to enhance one’s masculinity. Would it increase yours? Wish I could tell you, but you’re the only one that could answer this question!

Yours truly,

Founder of Testosterone Nerd
E-mail: simon@testosteronerd.com





One of the best T boosters, without a shadow of a doubt
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  1. Awesome review man. I’m bookmarking your page because I saw a couple of other supplements that I tried and I want to see your take on it. You’ve listed each ingredient and it’s effectiveness (or lack thereof). You’ve also shown me that in order to do a true product review, you have to try the product for yourself. Great post my friend

    • Hey!

      I appreciate your appreciation (a lot of appreciation going on) mate!

      That’s MY way of doing reviews, really. Taking a closer look at all the different ingredients is just one of the elements of the puzzle.

      Giving my two cents about a particular product that I have PERSONAL experience with, is the main and most vital aspect. A dull review that just mentions the obvious and when the author had never even tried the product would be phony as… yeah!

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  2. It seems like this supplement can help man kick some serious butt. At first it sounds like any regular supplement that claims to boost testosterone. However, the moment you mentioned the libido, you have me convinced. I mean, who doesn’t want to feel like they are fourteen again? Thanks for telling me about the fat. I had no idea that it can convert testosterone to estrogen. I better work hard to lose that belly too. How long have you tried testogen so far?

    • Hey man!

      Haha, good point on the libido part – indeed, who wouldn’t want to feel like they’re 14 again? Excluding doing homework that is!

      Anyway, I’ve been taking Testogen for a while now. I’m currently on my third bottle and I’m still loving it as much as I was when I started. It really DOES kick some serious butt!

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  3. Really great website with a unique topic!
    I also checked your page titled can you increase testosterone naturally

    Super, and great information but the only thing I can see is the direction solely towards men.. Nothing relating to women’s test levels- Would of been interesting to hear about that as well. Unless your sit was strictly directed towards men only. Otherwise i really enjoyed reading it.
    Keep it up!

    • Hi, Jessica.

      As testosterone is the primary hormone for us men, it’d only be logical for me to target… males, right?

      Sure, women produce T as well (although in much smaller quantities) and this topic is interesting indeed. But I don’t really think a lady would be interested in something like “can you increase your testosterone, naturally“. Don’t you agree?

      We want to keep our women feminine – so let me put it this way: more E and less T for you!

      P.S. Although testosterone is important for women’s libido, in this regard – please keep some of it for good measure!

      Cheers and God bless,
      Simon | Author of Testosterone Nerd

  4. Hi there! I can see that your are helping people to boosting their physical status and help them get the most wanted body. I have read some articles about that before and now i am wondering if taking this testosterone supplement (Testogen) is safe. I mean does it have any other side effects?


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