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TestoFuel results, before and after comparison

TestoFuel Results [Are the Official Before & After Pictures Genuine]

How do you judge the effectiveness of a new product that you’ve tried? Easy, by the results that you get from it. Of course, they might vary from person to person for a number of reasons. But still, this is how you measure whether a product is good or not. And testosterone boosters are no different, including the highly popular TestoFuel. That’s why today we’ll be looking at some TestoFuel results, including before & after photos. However, are they genuine?

There’s no way to know with certainty, but I think they are genuine.

My only concern is that some of these official “before & after” photos are somewhat deceiving.

Or in other words, they rely on different angles, poses, shadows etc. to make them look worse in the ‘Before’ pictures and better in the ‘After’ ones.

However, this testosterone booster is quite effective at naturally stimulating testosterone production and I felt great while taking it.

The science-based ingredient profile is spot on and it’ll definitely help you to feel manlier.

Still, this is a natural testosterone boosting supplement.

Yes, you read that right – supplement, not an anabolic steroid.

So don’t expect steroid-like results from this one.

TestoFuel results, 4 boxes and 1 bottle of TestoFuel

My Own TestoFuel Results After A 1-Month Cycle

So, I bought one bottle of this stuff from the official TestoFuel site (the only legitimate source) and started taking it.

Obviously, I followed the recommended 4 capsules per day serving, which meant that this T booster lasted me an entire month.

And it didn’t take long for me to start experiencing the effects of elevated testosterone levels.

Around one week after I started taking TestoFuel, I noticed several great things:

  • Increased strength
  • Better vascularity
  • Improved morning wood and libido as a whole
  • More of that alpha male feeling
  • A more positive outlook

In a nutshell, I was feeling happier, while also being more dominant and confident.

These things can be directly related to having more testosterone coursing through your veins and that’s awesome.

Also, as you might imagine, I was feeling hornier than usual – thank God I have a wife!

Testosteronerd Recommends Testogen for Naturally Boosting T levels

I even managed to gain 4 lb (~2 kg) while I was on TestoFuel and I could tell most of that was muscle mass!

Mind you, I was on a muscle-building training and diet plan so that sure has a lot to do with that increase in my weight.

But I’m sure that the positive impact on my T levels courtesy of this supplement made it easier to gain muscle and lose fat.

Still, don’t expect TestoFuel to magically turn you into the Incredible Hulk!

You need a good nutrition and workout plan to complement that (or vice versa).

Did I Encounter Any Unpleasant Side Effects?

Not really – I didn’t feel any pain, discomfort or anything of the sort.

This product is 100% natural and it doesn’t contain any harmful or illegal substances.

The only caveat is that it contains oyster extract.

So if you’re allergic to seafood, you better avoid taking it.

Nonetheless, the only so-to-speak side effects that I feel while using TestoFuel were:

  • Excessive aggressiveness
  • Being too horny at times

Now, my increased aggressiveness wasn’t roid rage or anything.

It was just that I felt more confident and dominant, thus I become aggressive more easily on certain occasions.

As for elevated horniness that I was dealing with… some may find this to be good.

But when you already have a healthy sex drive, it felt a bit weird at times and that’s why I listed it here.

What About Examples Of The Official TestoFuel Before And After Results And Pictures?

TestoFuel’s website is littered with Before & After comparison photos from supposedly real customers.

Now, I can’t say with certainty whether they’re real or not.

My guess is that they are.

Anyhow, I’ve hand-picked a few of them, which in my opinion, stand out from the rest.


Because no visible progress is evident in some pictures (my opinion), while others are truly spectacular, perhaps too spectacular.

Jamil (Lebanon) – Motivated To Hit The Gym

TestoFuel results, before and after comparison of Jamil
Clever use of lighting on both pics, while the 2nd one is taken inside a gym locker room (meaning he most likely has a pump from training)

Okay, we kick off with a guy called Jamil’s Before & After photos.

The tagline next to his name implies that this supplement motivated him to hit the gym.

Great! I did feel more confident and motivated while on TestoFuel so this seems legit.

However, the poor (or clever) use of lighting in the first image doesn’t do this comparison any justice.

Consider this – on the first image, the light comes behind him, making him look completely flat.

But on the second one, the light comes from above, accentuating his supposed gains.

But he most likely has a pump (just finished working out) on picture #2 so that may explain why he looks bigger.

Whatever the case, TestoFuel can definitely help you get bigger but you need a proper diet and training program to make it count.

Jay (USA) – Add Lean Mass

TestoFuel results, before and after comparison of Jay
Different lighting is used in both pictures and he’s obviously not flexing his abs in pic #1.

Apparently, Jay’s goal or end result was to “add lean mass”.

In my humble opinion, it seems like he didn’t add an ounce of lean mass, judging by his pictures.

If anything, the thing that clearly sticks out is (again) the clever use of lighting and positioning.

The yellowish light in pic #2 improves his muscle definition and he’s also further away from the camera.

And if you haven’t noticed, his abs appear flexed on the After image.

I mean, everything else looks exactly the same, apart from his hair and abs, so he didn’t get bigger or leaner.

In fact, the improved hairstyle in the second image adds a psychological aspect to the whole thing.

The messy hair in pic #1 is meant to reinforce the notion that he was worse before he started his TestoFuel cycle.

So now he has a more sleek hairstyle that makes him look healthier, making him appear in a better light (pun intended) in the second image.

Okay, this might be taking it too far, but you get the point.

I’d even say that Jay probably took him Before and After pics one after another, virtually never really giving TestoFuel a chance!

Pierre (France) – 9-Month Progress

TestoFuel results, before and after comparison of Pierre
It seems that Pierre managed to increase his muscle mass while losing body fat as well. Such huge progress in just 9 months without using anything “extra”? Hmm – I’ll let you decide.

I’ve no idea what Pierre did or took during those 9 months, but I want some of that too!

Jokes aside, this guy became massive in only 9 months, if we’re to believe this info.

Regardless, if he used 9 bottles of TestoFuel that’s quite a lot and all the increased testosterone would certainly help.

Is it possible to achieve such progress in such a short time frame without drugs though?

Probably, if you’re ultra dedicated and have good genetics.

Other than that, if you see someone get too big and ripped too fast – he’s on the juice 99%.

Anabolic steroids are x10 times (if not more) more effective than any testosterone booster out there.

If you’re natural, getting really big while also staying lean and even leaner is almost impossible.

So kudos to Pierre if he achieved this transformation with diet, training and TestoFuel only, although I doubt it.

Anthony (Wales, UK)

TestoFuel results, before and after comparison of Anthony
Mr. Anthony looks huge enough in the first pic so it’s really hard to judge if he got bigger or more ripped on pic #2. What do you think?

What we have here is a guy who’s already quite big.

This guy has huge arms, traps and shoulders in both pictures by the looks of it.

As you might know, intermediate and advanced lifters like this fellow gain muscle at much slower rates than someone who’s just starting out.

So I can’t say if he made any visible progress as strikes the same pose, wears a tank top in both pics and just looks about the same.

However, do you notice the difference in lighting?

He took he “Before” shot outside on what seems like a typical day in the UK – clouds, no sun etc. (no offense).

But the second one is most likely taken inside the gym.

This means that he’s pumped up, thus looking slightly bigger.

Plus, the lighting works in his favor.

On a side note, this had left his Facebook profile as part of his testimony so he seems legit.

TestoFuel results, before and after comparison of Fredrick
Once again, different lighting and poses don’t really help when it comes to judging progress. And I bet pic #2 and #3 were taken back to back lol!

Firstly, Fredrick seems to be below 10% body fat, hands down, even in image #1.

Secondly, I’m almost 100% sure that the supposed Month 1 and Month 2 pics were taken back to back.

He wears the same underwear, shorts and earplugs.

Coincidence? Possibly, but I don’t think so.

Even more astonishingly, he claims to have gained 15 lbs in 3 months while on TestoFuel.

He doesn’t look any heavier in those images.

This means that he must’ve gained this amount between the 2nd and 3rd months.

Otherwise, this makes absolutely no sense.

Can you imagine how much 15 lbs is, even if it’s both muscle and fat (which is what naturally happens when you gain weight)?

To me, this doesn’t add up but it doesn’t mean he didn’t gain anything.

TestoFuel results, before and after comparison of William
Alright, William has definitely put on some meat on those bones. Regardless if the second shot is him in the gym, all pumped up and everything.

Finally, someone who seems to have made some decent and noticeable progress.

His arms and shoulders look way bigger, even if he has a pump on pic #2 I’d imagine.

And this is why 99% of these progress photos totally suck.

If you’re going to track your progress that way, make sure you take pictures the same way each time!

This means you strike the same pose, utilize the same lighting and DO NOT have a muscle pump.

Otherwise, it seems rather deceitful and pretty hard to judge if any real progress was made.

TestoFuel results, before and after comparison of Mal
How can they even include this guy’s “pictures” under their official Testimonials page? The quality is so poor you’d need the sight of an eagle to spot any difference!

Last but not least, we have arguably the worst quality “Before & After” comparison pictures ever.

Seriously, this guy looks so washed up in both of these toilet photos that it makes me cringe.

Now again, he strikes a different pose in pic #2 to accentuate his abs, while also most likely flexing them.

Honestly, the quality is so bad that I’d say he made no progress.

This just looks like yet another “try to look like crap on the Before” and “flex as hard as possible and look awesome on After” kind of scenario.

Here’s Fredrick (one of the guys on the “Before & After” pics) explaining his own experience with TestoFuel.

Should The Dubious TestoFuel Testimonials Discourage You?

Not by any stretch of the imagination.

I decided to give TestoFuel a try without any prejudice and totally loved it.

When you take an in-depth look at the TestoFuel ingredients you’ll quickly realize that it works.

Simple as that.

Sure, some ingredients are underdosed but overall they all work great in synergy to elevate your natural testosterone production.

Although the aforementioned Before & After pictures and the other testimonials on TestoFuel’s site all seem a bit fishy.

Fishy in the sense that these guys do their best to look like crap on the Before image and do their best to look superb on pic #2.

But what I liked in several of those testimonials is that some guys had a link to their Facebook profiles.

That’s great because it injects some genuity into the mix.


Eventually, I do believe that the TestoFuel user testimonials with the “Before & After” pictures are genuine.

However, most seem rather deceiving thanks to the various lighting and poses that these guys use when taking selfies.

Even if the guy seemingly made NO visual progress, the “Before” image also puts him in a bad light (pun intended).

But on the “After” photo they have their hair done, fully flexed and possibly with a muscle pump from weightlifting.

Order TestoFuel Now and See the Results Yourself!

But hey, I’m wondering what your thoughts are concerning the legitimacy of the official TestoFuel before and after pictures?

Do you think they’re genuine or somewhat deceiving?

Drop your answer in the comment section!

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