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Top 5 Testosterone Boosting Exercises Without Weights

It’s a well-known fact that being physically active has a plethora of benefits. And one of them is that working out increases testosterone levels. But if weightlifting isn’t your thing or if you simply want to do bodyweight movements? Then you’ll totally love the top 5 testosterone boosting exercises without weights: Pull-ups Squats Split jumps […]

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5 Best Chest Exercises For Men To Really Grow Your Pecs!

Let’s get one thing straight – for us, men, a strong and ripped chest is a symbol of power and dominance. That should explain why every single one of us desires a bigger and more muscular chest! Anyway, give yourself a pat on your back folks, because we’re taking a closer look at the 5 best […]

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5 Best Exercises For A Flat Tummy That You Should Start Doing Today!

There’s one undeniable fact about each and every one of us (speaking about fitness and appearance that is) – we all desire a flat stomach and abs of steel. Thus, today we’re gonna take a closer look at the best exercises for a flat tummy. Or belly. Or stomach. Or abdominals. Or simply that-middle-section-that-needs-some-thinning. And apart […]

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Does Working Out Increase Testosterone? [The Evidence-Based Answer]

You’re inside the gym, sweating and grunting like an orc (no offense to orcs). You’re there for a reason – you want to be more muscular, manlier and to have more testosterone. But does working out increase testosterone? In short – yes, training will elevate your natural T levels. After doing plenty of research, I […]

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This is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Workout Routine! [Finally Revealed]

Arnie has been synonymous with lifting heavy weights and pumping iron in general for decades now. What about the Arnold Schwarzenegger’s workout routine – is it as epic and legendary as Mr. Schwarzenegger himself? Well, in today’s post you’ll have the chance to see the authentic workout that Arnie’s been using himself. Since his legacy […]

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What is the Best Way to Boost Testosterone?

Let’s face it, the million-dollar question related to men’s primary hormone has always been: what is the best method to boost testosterone? I’m sure this enigmatic question bothers you as well and that’s why I did my fair share and research to provide you with the one million-dollar answer! The best way to increase your […]

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