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5 Best Exercises for a Flat Tummy that You Should Start Doing Today!

There’s one undeniable fact about each and every one of us (speaking about fitness and appearance that is) – we all desire a flat stomach and abs of steel. Thus, today we’re gonna take a closer look at the best exercises for a flat tummy. Or belly. Or stomach. Or abdominals. Or simply that-middle-section-that-needs-some-thinning. And apart […]

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What is the Best Way to Boost Testosterone?

Let’s face it, the million-dollar question related to men’s primary hormone has always been: what is the best method to boost testosterone? I’m sure this enigmatic question bothers you as well and that’s why I did my fair share and research to provide you with the one-million-dollar answer! The best way to increase your own […]

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What Causes Low Testosterone In Men? You 100% Need to Read THIS!

Arguably one of the most sought-after questions that guys ask is – what causes low testosterone in men? And since low T is undoubtedly one of the worst things that can happen to a man (apart from listening to J. Bieber), we as men absolutely need to know what the reason for that condition is […]

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Do You Lose Testosterone When You Ejaculate? [Science-Based Answwer]

It seems like we men are so obsessed with testosterone nowadays that we are almost paranoid that everything can lower it. And the subject of sex and ejaculation ain’t no different folks. So do you lose testosterone when you ejaculate? No, ejaculation doesn’t directly lower testosterone levels as evidence in scientific works (1). And while […]

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Can You Increase Testosterone Naturally? The Science-Based Answer!

One of the main things that separate us men from women is the fact that we have about x8 more testosterone. Logically, we guys want to be as manlier as we can be and big T is a great starting point. But… can you increase testosterone naturally? Yes, you can increase your testosterone in a […]

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