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5 Things That Lower Testosterone Levels – Based On Science!

Whether you are fanatically obsessed with natural testosterone maximization (that’s a mouthful) or just an average Joe, there are things that lower testosterone levels and you better keep an eye out for them!

After all the extensive research I did on this topic, It seems that the top 5 worst things for your testosterone are:

  • Alcohol
  • Obesity
  • Poor diet
  • Disrupted sleep patterns
  • Testicle injuries

Note that all of these are backed by science.

So we’re going to take a closer look at each and every one of these testosterone lowering factors in the following paragraphs.

The Top 5 Things That Will Destroy Your Testosterone!

I’m sure that many different aspects are taking a chunk from your T levels such as your latest road rage accident or maybe the last time you visited your grandma.

Perhaps even working with a lot of women is feminizing you…

But without wasting our vital life force on the trillions of tiny pieces that may affect your masculinity.

One way or another, we’re going to tackle these BIG antagonists as real MEN! Straight in your face, here it comes:

Things that lower testosterone levels, different alcohol bottles

1. Alcohol

Booze is known to have an almost exclusively negative impact on human physiology, psychology and whatnot.

No shocker then if I tell you in a calm tone that liquor is far from the best thing for your manhood.

This has been shown in academic research, showing the direct effect that alcohol has on your balls, leading to a decrease in serum T levels (1).

Evidence for the relationship between impaired testosterone production and alcohol has been studied for some time now and there’s no doubt that there is a connection indeed.

Hey, even Indian researchers did some studies involving chronic alcoholics and oh my can you guess what they found (2)?

Hypogonadism (impaired testosterone production) is best friends with booze or in other words, alcohol-related intoxication will give you low T!

Does that mean that you should avoid alcohol like the plague?

Not really, drink wisely. If you’re one of these people that simply CANNOT resist a night out every weekend.

Please stay safe and replace the whiskey (whiskey d!ck is a real b!tch) with juice or in a perfect world – pure water!

Things that lower testosterone levels, obese man wearing a hat

2. Obesity

Overweight guys – I’m sorry but the harsh truth is that being overweight is far from optimal for your masculinity.

Everyone is trying to get lean these days, yet many fail and remain in the higher spectrum of body fat percentages.

Why would that be a problem in terms of our primary male hormone levels you might ask?

Maybe because adipose tissue in greater amounts means that you’ll have more estrogen in you (3).

As simple as that!

The enzyme called aromatase (nothing aroma about it) becomes more active, the more lard you have on your frame.

More of that enzyme translates to less testosterone because it DOES convert it to estrogen.

Even some supplements are including ingredients that are labeled is “aromatase inhibitors” in order to help bigger folks with their androgen profile.

But I’d say the better option would always be to simply lose fat and get leaner, period!

Not only that, but more academic research highlights the fact that the more visceral (internal fat, the one surrounding your organs) you have, the LESS testosterone your body will be producing (4).

And that actually makes a lot of sense, because obese people are obese everywhere – both inside and outside!

Things that lower testosterone levels, unhealthy foods

3. Bad Nutrition

It’s not like you DID NOT possibly expect this to be a part of this list, right?

Food either makes or breaks you – don’t you all agree?

I know I do!

And when it comes to elements that downplay our manhood, what enters our mouths (ladies are a different story) is VITAL!

Certain foods will screw up your natural T production and you’ll start wearing pink clothes, going to One Direction concerts and Lord knows what else!

Here are 3 of them that you better avoid:

  • Soy – It’s been scientifically validated that soy products are related to low T and erectile dysfunction (5).

  • Flaxseed – Forget about flaxseeds, unless you want to lower your primary male hormone levels by 20% (6)!

  • Licorice – Researchers claim that consuming licorice will lower your total testosterone levels, so I’m personally staying away from candies (7).

You can also read more about the 5 foods that lower your testosterone.

Keep in mind that I did spend quite some time on creating this article so make sure to check it out!

Still, who doesn’t like eating.

Especially when we are bombarded with affordable, artificially-enhanced food that tastes amazing.

But the consequences to our mojo will be noticeable! Better think twice before you hit the drive-through next time mate.

There’s still hope though since certain foods like pomegranates, olive oil, coconut oil etc. are actually super-friendly to our testosterone production and DO boost it!

I even have dedicated an entire post to these T-friendly foods, so feel free to check it out if you’d like to learn more about them.

So not all is lost as you can see.

You’d be wise to incorporate most if not ALL of these into your diet so that you start to feel like a real MAN!

Not only that but some of these are mega tasty as well – take olive oil for example.

You can do all KINDS of magic in the kitchen with it.

Whether you add it to salads or seafood (fish etc.) it’ll always be an amazing addition and of course with the superb bonus of upping your manliness!

Things that lower testosterone levels, a man sleeping at work

4. Disrupted Sleep Patterns

How I cherish sleep, oh how I adore that feeling when my head hits the pillow and I go lights out!

EVERY single time I intentionally (or not) cannibalize some of my sleep, even if it’s only for a day or two, I end up being 100% miserable.

Relevant studies show that sleep and testosterone are related and most importantly sleep duration is connected to androgen concentrations (i.e. testosterone) (8).

So make sure that you DO sleep more if you want to boost your androgen concentrations!

Sleep duration is directly related to our optimal male hormone environment, so it’s in our best interest to make the most of our time spent in the bedroom (yeah I know what you’re thinking about!).

You know the saying that goes like this: “less is more”, yeah? In the case of sleep, we can rearrange it into something along the lines of “MORE is MORE”!

The uber cliche of 8 hours of sleep is the golden standard and what EACH and EVERYONE of us should go for, as a minimum of course!

Things that lower testosterone levels, athlete in pain

5. Testicular Injuries

Don’t tell me you’ve never been hit in the ballsack in your ENTIRE life!

If you haven’t, then you’re blessed because honestly, this is undoubtedly the worst pain a man can endure.

I still remember playing soccer as a kid and getting whacked in my testicles with the ball – ouch, the pain is completely embedded in my memory!

Perhaps I’ll bore you to death if I suggest that damage to your gonads could impair their ability to produce our beautiful hormone – testosterone.

Nevertheless, this is a conclusion that any human being with LOGIC can come up with!


Obviously, the severity of a given impact on your nuts will determine how bad the injury is and the possible outcome, but as a general rule of thumb testicular injuries DO affect the T production.

Your gonads won’t operate so well when they’ve received a blow and this might very well lead to hypogonadism.

And research shows that damage to your nuts could lead to hypogonadism (9).

Hypogonadism is when your testicles don’t produce enough of our manly hormone or big T.

In the case of an injury to the balls, we’re talking about PRIMARY hypogonadism, as this one originates from a problem with the testes, a.k.a. primary testicular failure.

So please, protect your valuables AT ALL COSTS!

Things that lower testosterone levels, man in a hoodie looking down

How Do You Figure Out How Much Testosterone You Have Though?

By doing a test, obviously.

There are three ways to get your primary male hormone values tested:

  • Blood

  • Saliva

  • Urine

Blood tests are hands down the most accurate ones out there, so if you really want to see exactly how much T is in your body, then just get your blood drawn at your local lab.

Saliva and urine tests are certainly less effective, so be cautious if you opt for any of these, because the results might be off, and you don’t want that!

I’ve dedicated an entire article on what the normal testosterone levels for men are and this is the perfect time to head over to that article and read it!

And after you get your T levels tested, don’t forget that doctors are doctors and they always prefer prescription drugs above everything else, so hold on before jumping to conclusions.


After bombarding you with antagonists that minimize our masculinity, it’s time to make sure you’ve learned your lesson well!

Keep in mind that some (or all) of these DO contribute to conditions such as low testosterone.

But if you’re particularly interested in what causes low T, then you’d be happy to find out that I’ve written a post about what causes low testosterone in us guys that took me hours to write, so do give it a read!

So, once again – watch out for these testosterone draining monsters:

  • Alcohol

  • Obesity

  • Bad food

  • Screwed up sleep

  • Damage to your testes

Would it be reasonable to push yourself and try to adjust each of these?


Even though you might not be able to instantly reverse your damaged nut sack or how fat you are – don’t get discouraged.

ood things take time to happen!

Roll up your sleeves and get to work with the help of this website.

Your manhood as at your own hands (sometimes literally…)!

If you set realistic goals and try to become the man you were originally designed to be, then you’ll get there eventually!

But hey, enough wisdom sharing and high-end philosophy for you guys.

Get busy now and off you go to your awesome new macho-style, testosterone-optimized self!

Got anything else on your mind?

Is something troubling you?

Do you want to share your testimony about how well you deal with these aspects that decrease your testosterone?

I’m awaiting your questions in the comment section!

What Causes Low Testosterone In Men? Read This At All Costs!

Arguably one of the most sought-after questions that guys ask is – what causes low testosterone in men? And since low T is undoubtedly one of the worst things that can happen to a man (apart from listening to J. Bieber), we as men absolutely need to know what the reason for that condition is in the first place.

Thankfully though, I’ll give you an answer to this question and more.

This includes what the signs of low testosterone are and how to give it a boost, so don’t go anywhere!

What Could Actually Cause Low T In The First Place?

It’s called hypogonadism and this term stands for the decreased function of your gonads i.e. testicles.

Or in other words, this is when your balls decide to call it a day and pretty much give you the finger in terms of producing sufficient amounts of testosterone.

When your nuts are under hypogonadism’s spell they tend to produce unsatisfactory amounts of our favorite hormone.

Unsatisfactory in every possible meaning, because of neither you nor your girlfriend/lover/wife/sister/pet/etc. would be satisfied with the end product!

Now that you have an idea what this condition is, let me dig further and explore the kinds of hypogonadism:

  1. Primary hypogonadism

  2. Secondary hypogonadism

You can look at them as two sides of the same coin.

Doesn’t really matter which side you’re given, you’ll be pretty much screwed anyway!

But hey it’s getting more and more interesting and I don’t want to leave you on a low note… Do I?

What causes low testosterone in men, man writing on a board

Types of Hypogonadism Explained!

There’s a sequence to everything and our arch-enemy here, knows that all too well.

For this reason, the hypo condition can be split into two main sections or parts, whichever you prefer fellows!

1. Primary Hypogonadism

Primary hypogonadism basically means faulty testicles.

This quite clearly translates to your testosterone production being boned, like totally boned!

This situation can be BOTH inherited or acquired.

Perplexed by what I mean by that? Let me further elaborate!

Inherited hypogonadism is when:

  • You have the Klinefelter syndrome

  • You have cryptorchidism

  • You have hemochromatosis

The Klinefelter thing is not a positive feature to have, for sure!

It’s when you have an extra X chromosome.

And that my friends mean that you MIGHT possess some not-so-manly attributes such as wider hips, enlarged boobs, narrower shoulders and whatnot.

Cryptorchidism‘s a fancy, sophisticated in an unwanted manner kind of word, don’t you think?

It stands for testicles that haven’t descended…

From your abdomen that is when you were inside your mother’s belly!

While undescended balls may sound harmless and hilarious – trust me, it’s the polar opposite of that.

As for the last of the bunch, hemochromatosis (another overly complicated word) is not your friend, nor it needs to be.

It’s responsible for your body utilizing more Iron (the mineral, of course!) than it needs from the stuff you consume.

What does that mean?

Too much of this mineral can brutalize your nuts and/or mess with your pituitary gland!

This is an artistic representation of… gonads (testes)!

What causes low testosterone in men, pair of nuts

This is an artistic representation of… gonads (testes)!

As unfortunate as all of this is, the primary variation of this condition is a great excuse to blame your genetics (didn’t want to say, parents, really).

So we’ve got the initial hypogonadism all covered, cheers!

Now it’s time for the more spicy information, it’ll be about:

2. Secondary Hypogonadism

This type of hypogonadism is completely caused by external factors.

Here you can safely blame yourself or someone/something else for your impaired testosterone production.

Yep folks, be it the famous pituitary gland or even the hypothalamus (parts of our brain where T production is controlled).

If you screw up any of these aspects and your in for some TROUBLE!

As I don’t want to sound too pessimistic, let me throw some conditions connected to the function of the pituitary gland and/or the hypothalamus.

These fall under the second-ish hypogonadism problem:

  • Inflammatory processes – sarcoidosis, tuberculosis, and histiocytosis are all rather nasty and have the naughty ability to interfere with the functions of the hypothalamus and the… yes, you know which gland!

  • Immunodeficiency viruses – say hello to HIV (or AIDS) and just keep in mind that this atrocity of a virus could potentially also affect your testicles or the GLAND (not sure how many more times I’ll repeat this word) plus the… aye, h-y-p-o-t-h-a-l-a-m-u-s!

  • Pituitary gland problems – such as caused by kidney malfunction, certain tumorous overgrowth etc. and such issues are able to mess your whole endocrine system up, big time.

You’re probably scared to death now, you probably assume that it’s game over after reading such, how to put it… discouraging info.

But I’m here to save the day and tell you that NO, not all is lost. It’s more than possible to treat low testosterone naturally, without injecting your butt with synthetic crap!

Be A Man, Get The Girl: Testosterone & Success With Women

How Can I Raise Testosterone Levels Then?

You can do that through a number of very effective ways.

But in my opinion (and based on science), the top 5 methods for giving more oomph to your natural T production are:

  • Get more vitamin D – Either by using a supplement or by directly exposing your skin to sunlight e.g. sunbathing (1)

  • Exercise – Weightlifting is your best bet if you want the most bang for your buck when it comes to increasing your testosterone (2)

  • Use testosterone boosting supplements – There are lots of great options out there, like my personal favorite – TestoGen (read more about my experience with it in my TestoGen review)

  • Reduce your alcohol consumption – Consider throwing drinking alcohol out the window, since the intoxication that results from drinking booze will lower your plasma T levels (3)

  • Eat the right foods – Foods like pomegranates, eggs and olive oil are superb for optimizing your primary male hormone levels (check the top 5 testosterone boosting foods)

And while increasing your masculinity in a natural way is both possible and completely harmful (as opposed to using things like steroids).

Doing a blood test is always a sound plan in order to get an accurate reading of the amount of testosterone that’s coursing through your veins.

What causes low testosterone in men, diseases

What Diseases Can Cause Low Testosterone?

These are the most common diseases that may the reason why your T levels are on the lower end:

  • Sarcoidosis, histiocytosis, and tuberculosis – These 3 are inflammatory diseases and they can have a negative impact on T production by affecting the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus.

    And Sarcoidosis seems to be the most unpleasant one with 46.7% of patients (men) who suffer from that disease have decreased T concentrations (4), (5).

  • HIV a.k.a. AIDS – Apparently, having HIV more often than not means that you also have insufficient amounts of testosterone in your body.

    Studies show that the vast majority of men who are infected with AIDS have to deal with low testosterone (6).

And please, if you’re dealing with any of these awful diseases, take my advice:

Go see a doctor, don’t just try to come up with your own ‘unique’ alternative treatment method or something!

What Are The Symptoms Of Low Testosterone In Males?

Here are five of the most prevalent and noticeable symptoms when it comes to low T:

  • Decreased libido and/or sex drive

  • Increased body fat levels

  • Sleep disturbances (e.g. insomnia)

  • Depression

  • Reduced lean muscle mass

Want to read more about the nasty symptoms associated with having insufficient amounts of T:

Then head over to my low testosterone and symptoms article right away!

Are You Sure That You Have Low Testosterone Though?

Just by looking at Arnold in Conan and immediately concluding that you’re a tiny shrimp compared to him is of no use.

Yeah, during the shooting for this movie he was more than likely walking around with 20x the amounts of testosterone that any regular Joe would carry in his system.

Or simply “guessing” that you could very well be one of those unfortunate guys that have been cursed with low T, is plain and simple… unwise (to put it mildly)!

If you catch my drift or if you don’t, to put it super-simply-simple (yay for triple ‘s’):

You need a blood test to determine your testosterone levels!

You need to do a blood test to ACCURATELY determine your testosterone levels!

And no, saliva or urine tests are nowhere near as accurate, so don’t even think about half-assing it bro!

Be a man, stand strong, roll up your sleeves and let the nurse do her job.

I know, there are nurses that you’d prefer to do a different kind of service for you, but come on … we’re using our main heads now!

Before ANY kind of assumptions, please, pretty please – go to a lab in your town/city/village/camp/underground base/whatever, ask for testosterone level test and voila or as the Heineken commercial goes – “and now we wait!”.

So, time to ask a closely related question, no?

The exact range for normal testosterone levels is somewhere in there!

What causes low testosterone in men, tablet and a laptop

The exact range for normal testosterone levels is somewhere in there!

What’s Considered Normal When It Comes To Testosterone?

First and foremost, normal is when something is right between below-normal and above-normal.

It’s the golden standard, the perfect equilibrium, the ideal utopia… you get my point!

As a rule of thumb, it’s been accepted that this is the range that’s considered normal:

280 – 1,100 ng/dl

If you’d like to dive into the subject of what the normal range of T is, then feel free to check my article about the normal testosterone levels for men.

There you’ll find more info that’ll help you figure out whether or not you’re on the lower side of the spectrum!

One thing’s for sure though, it’s a damn WIDE range.

Almost as wide as the cape cod canal (widest in the world, for your info).

Yet, anything below the 300 mark is and even should be considered tiny, miniature, puny… microscopic amounts of testosterone!

This bro looks like he’s wondering whether or not his T levels are within the normal range… just do a bloody BLOOD test mate, doh!

What causes low testosterone in men, a man in a forest

This bro looks like he’s wondering whether or not his T levels are within the normal range… just do a bloody BLOOD test mate, doh!


The main antagonist here goes by the name of hypogonadism –  no more, no less.

In this article, I’ve outlined the main causes of your below-the-norm values of our favorite hormone.

Well, practically not just outlined, because I went deeper (ha-ha) into the subject by giving you a more sophisticated approach.

Remember that going for a blood test is always preferred if you think about doing one.

Excluding all the warning signs of low T, this has to the best option to go for when you’re in doubt of your alpha male status.

And basically always aim to be at the higher end of the spectrum – we want to be as manly as possible, now DON’T WE?

I pray that this post of mine was an eye-opener to you.

Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of which aspects are the true origin of the most dreaded condition for every single man out there.

Got a question or want to tell me how much you enjoyed reading this?

No worries, drop me a comment in the section below this post!

5 Foods That Kill Testosterone – Avoid Them Like The Plague!

We’ve got the words five (5), foods, kill and testosterone. It wouldn’t be a trademark Testosterone Nerd article without a vital question at the very beginning now, would it? So what kind of concoction can we create with these intriguing ingredients? The 5 foods that kill testosterone of course!

You are now going to become one of the guys who are about to be enlightened as to what foods to avoid so that your inner alpha male remains happy.


I’ve also written a more science-based approach with actual studies in relation to the 5 worst foods for testosterone!

But if you’re not into science, then proceed!

As we men are notorious for being able to empty any fridge out there when we are hungry as mofos.

It would be wise to at least use 1% of our brain function so that we can preserve our manliness while filling our bellies, right?

What Foods Are Bad For Testosterone?

Before immersing into the depths of each antagonist, here are the 5 worst foods for your T:

  1. Soy

  2. Junk/fast food

  3. Flaxseeds

  4. Licorice

  5. Mint

I tried to make the order in a descending way, clearly, the soy leading the pack.

Well, it basically turns you into a woman, so no wonder…

While we’re on the subject, in case you missed my Juicing For Your Manhood review that focuses on a book with juicing recipes that boost testosterone.

Now, yours truly designed this article to be more reader-friendly so I’m staying away from scientific data and research here.

Another article, closely related is on its way.

So if you’re keen on finding out any studies to back the claims, then waiting for it would be more appropriate!

Unfortunately, there’s nothing for dinner… Now go hit the drive-through (not)!

Foods that kill testosterone, junk food

1. Junk Food – Greasy Chicken Wings’ Plot Against You Manhood!

No, that’s not part of the script of some far-fetched Sci-Fi program.

This is how evil, crispy and crunchy wings WANT all of your testosterone!

I’m sure a lot of you guys perfectly realize how damaging such crap are for your bodily functions, including hormone production.

What you might not know are some details, details that can very well MURDER your testosterone production, in addition to an array of ugly “bonus” effects.

As most human beings with normal brain function have long known that fast food=BAD for you, it’s easier said than done though!

I know for one that sometimes I turn to one of my guilty pleasures (thank God it’s rare).

This means hitting one of the more famous fast-food chains, notable for its proprietary blend of spices.

I plead you folks not to fall victim to these HORRIBLE foods, for the sake of us being males, just don’t!

Today’s society would probably be a better place if we avoid that scourge.

Foods that kill testosterone, soy

2. Soy – Your Testosterone Hates Anything With Soy!

Are you carnivorous? Do you like to CONSUME flesh (not human obviously)?

Can you even think about only living on plants?

Oh man, just the thought of this makes my stomach sick. If you are not one of those trendy vegan types of guys, great news for you!

I see NO point whatsoever in consuming soy-based products if you are eating meat and enough of it.

Also, I wouldn’t recommend becoming a vegetarian to any men, because there’s almost nothing manlier than handling raw ham with bare hands as the blood’s dripping down… yeah, you got my point!

Soy is notorious for being anti-testosterone as it’s known to stimulate estrogen receptors.

If you, dear reader of this post, by any chance hate eating meat in any form, then your destiny is in your hands!

Go for the soy so that you can at least get sufficient protein in your diet, but don’t be a hater if you have lower T levels than us meat-lovers!

Foods that kill testosterone, flax seeds


3. Flaxseed – Flaxseeding Your Worst Testosterone Boosting Expectations

Boom, the bomb has been dropped!

You didn’t expect your beloved flaxseed here, hm?

A double-edged sword for us men – this is exactly what anything containing flaxseed is.

Yes, taking your flaxseed oil pedantically every single day might be healthy, but think twice if you’re worried about primary male hormone optimization!

Maybe your wife/girlfriend/mom/grandma/random lady etc. loves that stuff and swears by flaxseed being the $hit.

Healthy fatty acids are indeed awesome for both males and females, especially relating to hormones, but with flaxseeds, it’s totally gender-related!

Let them females consume as much as they want from these seeds.

Heck, they can even consume as much as they want from ANY seed out there (pun intended)!

But lignans have been busted for their testosterone-lowering properties and guess what?

Flaxseed’s best friends with lignans, they hang out all the time!

Foods that kill testosterone, licorice candy

4. Licorice – Candies Have Never Been So Emasculating

It’s now official that I’m feeling musically enhanced today as this is my second reference to a song in this post and I don’t believe in coincidences!

In a nutshell, Licorice is something you might be already familiar with.

It’s widely used in all kinds of sweets, candy, chewing gums, teas etc. – even in breath fresheners!

You can probably think of at least one occasion on which you were sitting in front of the tv while munching on some licorice candy?

Fellow men, listen up!

I didn’t include Licorice just for the sake of it being on the list.

It just happens to block your body’s testosterone production as you start banging your head against the wall with all kinds of “why?”.

Of course, it’s not the same type of “blockage” as what steroids do to your system, it’s completely reversible yet still sucks a lot!

Me? I was never a fan of candies and/or sweets no matter what so this doesn’t really bother me, what about you?

Foods that kill testosterone, mint

5. Mint – You In (not so) Mint condition

A true shocker, no?

Now you’ll never look at that smooth peppermint tea, in the same way, this I guarantee!

Honestly, though, any you guys suspected that good old minty herbs can be one of our worst enemies, testosterone-wise?

We’re talking about peppermint and spearmint in particular here since the whole mint family is a bit larger than that.

The idea is more on the complex side, but basically, they induce oxidative stress in your brain’s hypothalamus.

As a result your nuts decide that they won’t be making as much testosterone and you don’t want that!

From my personal view, as I recall every single time I did consume peppermint tea, a very soothing and relaxed feeling was taking hold of me.

I felt almost too relaxed, even lethargic. In my book, this is not manly at all, so to hell with MINT!

Do Bananas Lower Testosterone Though?

No, not by any stretch of the imagination.

There’s ZERO scientific data to even remotely suggest a connection between banana consumption and lowered testosterone levels.

Bananas are a nutritional powerhouse since they’re jam-packed with vital minerals and vitamins that your body needs.

And with only about 90 calories per 100 grams, they won’t make you fat either… unless you eat a gazillion of them of course!

And even better, they can improve your semen quality, support your testosterone levels during vigorous workouts and more.

If you’d like to learn more, then make sure to check my article about whether or not bananas lower testosterone!


Apparently, there are certain foods that you’d want to avoid like the plague when it comes to keeping your testosterone at optimal levels all the time.

And apart from avoiding them, I’ve also found a brilliant way to fight anti-testosterone foods via juicing that can both help your erections and your primary male hormone levels.

By the way, In case you did MISS my other piece of writing about 5 testosterone-destroying foods, make sure to check it out as it’s focused more on the scientific part of how these foods actually make you less masculine.

Want to share your opinion about the foods listed above?

Or you simply want to compare our virtual manliness in the comment section?

Leave a comment below then!