Saturday, September 22, 2018

Food And Nutrition

Shot of a coconut sliced in half

Coconut Oil Benefits For Men

What do you make when life presents you with two significant words - coconut and men? In an ideal world, you would make an...
Empty plate with a fork and knife

Intermittent Fasting For Men, Any Good?

I wonder how many of you are now accusing me of being a lunatic, maniac... someone suffering from pure insanity? Perhaps you're not far...
Man holding a banana like a gun

Are Bananas Good For Men, Or Not?

You might wonder if I'm out of my mind - dedicating an entire article to... bananas? If I had zero clues about these fruits...
Common fast food chain menu with soda

5 Foods That Lower Testosterone

The never-ending struggle for optimal testosterone levels in our bodies is time-consuming and tiresome, isn't it? What if your everyday nutrition is pulling you...
Fast food menu with some french fries

5 Foods That Kill Testosterone, Literally!

We've got the words five (5), foods, kill and testosterone. It wouldn't be a trademark Testosterone Nerd article without a vital question at the very...
Meal preparation with specific spices and herbs

Top 5 Testosterone Boosting Foods For Men

Testosterone boosting foods for men DO exist fellows, BUT! Every single one of us out there has a deeply rooted desire. To pleasure your...